Worst Matches for Sagittarius

These are the worst-matching zodiac signs for Sagittarius. In this astrology article, find out the identity of these star signs and the reasons why they’re such terrible matches for the sign of the archer—Sagittarius. This guide is mainly applicable to love, romance, and marriage, but it can also be used to predict work, business, and other forms of partnership.

Sagittarius & Relationship

Sagittarius can be a very attractive zodiac sign indeed. They are bold, passionate, and they have a killer sense of humor. They are adventurous and they don’t mind taking risks. This can make them seem like very fun, desirable partners.

However, in practice, Sagittarius doesn’t make a good match for everybody. Some zodiac signs need someone who is more stable and reassuring. Sagittarius has too much of a need for adventure for some people, and their wit can be misinterpreted as inconsiderate by some people.

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4 Sagittarius Worst Matches: The Archer’s Incompatible Star Signs

Some zodiac signs make naturally more harmonious pairs for Sagittarius, while others are simply a recipe for disaster. Here are some zodiac signs that are poor matches for Sagittarius:

1. Cancer

Individuals born under the sign of Cancer are said to be gentle and considerate. Unfortunately, they are a bad match for Sagittarius.

Cancer is a homebody who’s all about being considerate of other people’s feelings. On the other hand, Sagittarius would pick a nomadic lifestyle if it were up to them. They can completely forego the concept of home without a second thought. This would horrify any Cancer.

Sagittarius also knows no bounds when it comes to humor. They don’t mind being a little unkind to make a good joke. An inconsiderate joke like this could easily make a Cancer lose all respect for them.

Cancer also needs a stable partner who doesn’t change in fundamental ways. Sagittarius, with their constant need for adventure, doesn’t make a great fit for Cancer in this way. In turn, Sagittarius can grow to resent Cancer. They’ll feel like they are holding them back with their longings for home.

Overall, these two are too mismatched of a pair to make it. We recommend people who are considering entering into a relationship made up of these two signs to reconsider. It may bring about more headaches than anything else.

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2. Scorpio

What happens when you combine happy-go-lucky, fearless Sagittarius and dark, sarcastic Scorpio? Nothing good.

Sure, they both share an appreciation for dark humor and they don’t mind discussing taboo topics, but that’s where the similarities end. Scorpio is a pessimist, while Sagittarius is an incurable optimist. Scorpio is all about forming deep and meaningful connections, while Sagittarius is only there for the fun times and the laughs.

While these two may share some fun times together at first, they don’t make a good pair long-term. They just don’t speak the same language. Scorpio is all about finding the good in the darker parts of life, while Sagittarius thrives in the colorful and the pleasant.

Give them more than a couple of months as lovers and they’ll be soon having heated arguments. Both of them feel their anger very deeply and are very outspoken about it, so it doesn’t bode well for the relationship.

One area in which they may work well together is as colleagues or business associates. Without as much emotion in the equation, they can complement each other nicely and bring out each other’s strengths.

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3. Virgo

Another terrible match for Sagittarius based on astrology is the sign of the Maiden—Virgo.

The only way to soothe Virgo’s anxiety is for Virgo to know exactly what the day ahead will be like. This sounds like a nightmare for spontaneous, easily bored Sagittarius. These two will rarely see eye to eye when it comes to making fun plans.

Not only do they have this difference, but also there’s the matter of optimism. Virgos like to call themselves realistic, but in reality, they are among the most pessimistic of the zodiac signs. Assuming the absolute worst allows them to be prepared in advance for all possible contingencies and act calmly if the worst becomes a reality.

On the other hand, Sagittarius is an optimist, to the point of delusion. Assuming the very best is something they’re very skilled at. They’ll find Virgos to be way too negative for their taste. Virgos, on the flip side, will think that Sagittarius is delusional and needs to get in touch with reality.

There’s also the issue of communication. Sure, both zodiac signs appreciate honesty above all else. However, this is too similar for comfort. Sagittarius will find Virgo’s detailed honesty a little too nitpicky. On the other hand, Virgo will think Sagittarius is not considerate enough when they are speaking their minds.

These two have too many differences for the couple to work out. They are both better off with a partner who perceives reality in a similar way and who can see where they’re coming from.

4. Libra

Even though Libra is an Air sign and Sagittarius is a Fire sign, and Air and Fire are compatible elements, these two simply make an ill-fated couple.

Sagittarius’s boldness and humor will not go well with Libra. Libra is all about keeping appearances and not making jokes about touchy subjects, whereas Sagittarius is all about honesty, transparency, and poking fun at anything and everything. This is an endless argument waiting to happen.

Libra also has an indirect style of communication that relies on subtlety. Sagittarius, on the other hand, is all about being direct and brutally honest. It’s only natural that these two will end up arguing because they don’t see eye to eye when it comes to conversation.

Sagittarius also has some chaotic energy that won’t sit well with Libra, who are all about organizing everything so that their relationships will always be harmonic. In short, these two are better kept apart to avoid heartache and headaches.

Conclusion: Sagittarius Should Avoid These Signs

Some zodiac signs will find Sagittarius’s need for freedom, spontaneity, and honesty charming. Other zodiac signs will resent Sagittarius’s humor and overly direct communication style.

Other zodiac signs need predictability to be content in a relationship. These zodiac signs need to stay away from Sagittarius, who needs the exact opposite to be happy. Sagittarius craves adventure and the thrill of not knowing what happens next. This will not mix well with some zodiac signs.

If you’ve fallen for a Sagittarius and you’re not a compatible sign, don’t get antsy. There are other elements of the birth chart that come into play, too. While your Sun Signs may clash, perhaps your Moon signs are actually compatible.

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