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Who Are Taurus’s Worst Matches?

These star signs are worst matches for the Taurus sign: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Aries, and Gemini. In the following sections, let’s find out why are these signs incompatible with Taurus.

Taurus & Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

Taurus are usually pretty chill people. As they are ruled by Venus, they are generally well-liked by most. They prefer to keep a low profile but impeccable taste.

However, as they are also a Fixed Earth sign, they can be quite stubborn and struggle with change and spontaneity. This can make them a very poor match for some zodiac signs that really appreciate these qualities.

Others may find them rather materialistic or have spending habits that don’t line up with Taurus’s preference for saving and investing. Other zodiac signs don’t tend to have a good work ethic or don’t view their careers in the same way a Taurus does, which can make Taurus quickly lose their respect for them.

4 Taurus’s Worst-Matched Star Signs

Some zodiac signs value open-mindedness and a good predisposition to change. Taureans don’t have the best track records when it comes to that, so they’ll have a hard time earning the respect of these signs.

These star signs are worst matches for a Taurus: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Aries, and Gemini. In the following sections, let’s find out why are these signs incompatible with Taurus.

1. Aquarius

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Aquarius may be the sign that struggles the most with Taurus’s stubbornness. This is not without a certain irony, as Aquarius is a Fixed sign, too, and they can be stubborn about things like social justice and equality.

Aquarians also require a certain freedom in their relationships. Taurus can have quite a possessive side, which can make them struggle with Aquarius’s need for freedom and Aquarians’ hesitation when it comes to giving an explanation for everything they do.

On top of that, Aquarius may find Taurus rather materialistic. Aquarians don’t tend to value money all that much, so they usually work to live and not the other way around. Taurus may find this attitude unacceptable.

Even though Aquarius and Taurus can make good friends and even colleagues, closer relationships such as being romantic partners won’t end well.

2. Sagittarius

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Sagittarius also has a need for a lot of freedom, especially when it comes to romantic love. This doesn’t mix well with Taurus’s more possessive side. If Sagittarius doesn’t ask for an open relationship, they might need a lot of alone time. If the Taurus person also has a problem with trust, this won’t end well.

Sagittarius will also have a problem with Taurus’s stubbornness because Sagittarius is all about expansion, especially expansion of the mind. They can’t fathom why Taurus isn’t open to learning more about a topic and changing their mind as a result.

Sagittarius is also very adventurous and they are spenders rather than savers. Taurus would rather stick to what they know. It’s hard for them to make the compromise to go on an adventure.

Their different spending habits don’t bode well for a business relationship. Sagittarius has an abundance mentality and they spend a lot because they trust they’ll earn that money back, whereas Taurus is all about budgeting and investments that have the least risk attached possible.

3. Aries

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The stereotypical Aries is just a bad match for Taurus in almost every area. The two neighboring signs can form a productive team but it may not be in Taurus’s best interest.

Although Taurus’s patience can benefit Aries, there aren’t many other things in their favor. Aries values adventure and things done quickly. They are very decisive, as well. Taurus, on the other hand, takes their time completing most tasks and likes to think through their decisions, no matter how long it’ll take them to reach the right conclusion. Taurus is also among the least adventurous signs of the Zodiac.

Even though Taureans are patient, they are also stubborn, and their anger can be something to look out for once awakened. A heated argument between Aries and Taurus will lead to an extended conflict in which neither party will want to compromise.

Aries is also impulsive. Over time, Taurus may grow to resent the actions that Aries has taken in the heat of the moment.

4. Gemini

gemini incompatible with taurus

Gemini is a decent match for Taurus as business partner, coworker, friend, and casual date. But they are incompatible lovers in the long run.

These two Zodiac signs are too different for a close partnership to work out. Where do I even start? Gemini is Mutable Air, which means it’s constantly flowing. Taurus, on the other hand, is Fixed Earth, which makes it very rigid.

Their way of living life is just different. Gemini embraces change, spontaneity, and going with the flow. Taurus, on the other hand, thrives in routine and what’s expected. It’s very rare that they’ll be able to meet in the middle.

Taurus will also think that Gemini is fickle and lacks commitment, which will drive them to think they have a weak character. Gemini, on the other hand, will make fun of Taurus for being so rigid. This can lead to resentment, especially on Taurus’s side.

Gemini can feel stifled in a relationship with a Taurus, who demands a sense of routine and who can be quite possessive of them.

In business, however, they can see eye to eye. Taurus will appreciate Gemini’s logical nature and Gemini will love Taurus’s budgeting ability and business acumen. While they would be a disaster as lovers, it’s not such a bad idea for them to do business together.


While Taurus has great taste and loves the finer things in life, as well as being patient and chill, there are some Zodiac signs that will find their flaws a deal breaker. Because they are possessive and they need a routine, they can stifle people who need more freedom and spontaneity.

Their stubbornness and the strength of their anger, though the anger itself is rare, can drive them to burn bridges with people who have an explosive temper, like Aries. There’s nothing worse than a stubborn person in a heated argument, and Taurus will hold a grudge later for a long time.

Taurus’s desire to stick to what they know and their reticence to go on adventures can drive them away from people who crave a new adventure every day.

It’s also rare for Taurus to compromise and meet in the middle. They know exactly what they want, which some people will love, but others will resent the fact that they aren’t willing to compromise.

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