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Cancer’s Worst Match

Cancer can be a very likable sign. They are nurturing and compassionate, and they seem to anticipate your needs. They are down-to-earth but they know how to handle emotions in a healthy way, too. They are dependable partners who put their family first and who are consistent in their core values.

However, Cancer is not everyone’s cup of tea. Zodiac signs that thrive when they feel like they’re absolutely free and that they don’t need to be kept accountable by anyone are not good matches for Cancer.

Cancers expect to receive what they give. If you date a Cancer, be prepared to keep them in the loop for every single thing you do. They are the kind of partners that want to know it all. What friends you are seeing for the weekend, what’s on your mind, where you are now. This can be suffocating for some Zodiac signs.

Cancers can also be moody. Some Zodiac signs that are more on the abrasive side can find them too sensitive for their taste. Others might find their changing moods a bit too much. Or, if they are more on the logical and rational side, they may find it annoying that they are so focused on emotions. Objectively, it’s not that Cancer feels too much, it’s that it may speak a different language than the one natives of other signs use.

Worst Matches: Star Signs Incompatible with Cancer

Without further ado, here are some of Cancer’s worst matches in love and in business: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Aries, and Gemini.

1. Aquarius

Aquarius is a sign that needs as much freedom as they can get. When it comes to love, they tend to treat their lovers as friends, which can confuse Cancers to no end. This is one of the reasons why Aquarius is such a bad match for Cancer.

Aquarius will resent Cancer’s needs to constantly check in with each other and see what they are doing. Cancer will, in turn, grow wary of Aquarius because of how much they dislike sharing information about their personal lives and how they are feeling.

Aquarius’s more rational nature will also not mix well with Cancer’s more emotional approach. It’s like they speak very different languages, and they’ll soon get lost in translation. Cancer will struggle to understand why Aquarians place so much stock in logic, and Aquarians will think that Cancer’s priorities are all over the place. It’s a recipe for disaster.

That said, though, I think this pair can work well as friends. They have different perspectives on the world but they can both benefit from being exposed to a different point of view, and they both value honesty and authenticity.

2. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a bad match for Cancer because they are two direct opposites. In some rare cases, they might be able to work together but there isn’t much common ground to be found or compromise to be reached.

Sagittarius is all about freedom, expansion, and adventures. Cancer, on the other hand, is all about commitment, nurturing what they know and love, and keeping to the home. Not only will Sagittarius resent the fact that Cancer stifles their freedom with their need for consistency, but they will also resent them because they push them to stay back home when they are ready to go on an adventure.

Dating Sagittarius will not be a walk in the park for Cancer, either. Sometimes, Sagittarius will use their sense of humor in a way that hurts sensitive Cancer. They will also judge them for avoiding dealing with their problems and being in denial about them. They’ll end up thinking Sagittarius is immature and doesn’t have much emotional literacy.

Finally, there’s intellectual compatibility. Sagittarius is in a never-ending chase to expand their knowledge. Cancer, on the other hand, tends to stick to what they know. Sagittarius will end up thinking that Cancer is narrow-minded, and Cancer will not understand why Sagittarius is always devoting their energy to expanding their knowledge.

3. Aries

Aries is some of the worst matches for stable signs like Cancer. Cancer’s moodiness is even worse when they meet someone with a short temper. And that is Aries. Cancer also needs someone with an even temper who can support them while they have mood swings. Aries is impatient and needs someone patient to counterbalance this. Cancer could be this person, if the match wasn’t so poor for them.

Even though they both recognize their emotions as important, Aries might be a bit too abrasive for Cancer. Aries is also very prone to both intentionally and unintentionally hurting Cancer’s feelings, as they are very impulsive. They may act or talk without thinking.

Overall, this is an explosive combination. Get in a relationship with an Aries at your own risk. It’ll most likely bring about stress and heated arguments.

4. Gemini

Even though their birthdays might be close, these two Zodiac signs don’t have much in common. Cancer can be a bit too introspective for Gemini’s taste, while Gemini’s flaws can be among Cancer’s most hated attributes ever.

Furthermore, brainy, talkative Gemini will butt heads with secretive, private Cancer who prefers to stay silent if they don’t add to the conversation and would rather talk about feelings over thoughts.

Gemini has a youthful spirit, while Cancer is an old soul who sometimes acts a bit like they are a grandparent already, no matter their age. Whereas Gemini is excited to get to know new people and places, Cancer would rather stay home or hang out with their nearest and dearest. We can’t imagine them compromising what truly replenishes their energy in favor of the other.

In short, an explosive combination that can’t end well for any party involved.


While the crab has some great attributes that some Zodiac signs will absolutely love, they are not fit to suit everybody’s needs and wants. They are emotional, nurturing, and supportive. However, they can also be moody, and some Zodiac signs may regard them as overly sensitive.

Some of the more rational signs, like Aquarius, may have a hard time communicating with Cancer, as they value emotion over logic.

Others, like Aries, don’t mix well with Cancer precisely because of their own emotionality and how it tends to manifest. Aries’s anger can get the best of them at times, which can result in fights and heated arguments with moody Aries.

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