Photo: Cross section of malachite rock. Credit: malachit-obchod @ Pixabay.

What are Capricorn’s Birthstones?

Capricorn’s birthstones are garnet, onyx, and malachite. In this guide, we’ll discover these gemstones together. What are their meaning and symbolism? Are they actually worthy of being the stones of the Capricorn star sign?

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But first, let’s do a quick take on what does it mean to be a Capricorn.

Capricorn ♑ – The Sea Goat

Capricorn, the sign of the Sea Goat, is the tenth astrological sign in the zodiac. This sign originates from the strikingly beautiful constellation of Capricornus–the horned goat. To be a Capricorn, you must be born between December 22 and January 19.

From its symbol the Sea Goat, one might guess that Capricorn is a water sign. However, Capricorn is actually an earth sign. This surprise is similar to Aquarius, the Water Bearer, being an air sign instead of a water sign.

Yes, the Sea Goat is ruled by the earth element. That means they are practical, methodical, and supremely disciplined. One of the most defining traits of Capricorn individuals is their unwavering ambition. These people are dedicated to their work and they tread towards their goals with determination and persistence. Besides that, they are also sensitive, loyal, and honest. These honest traits are what make them known for being ‘pure souls.’

In many cases, they’re excellent people to have around. However, like you and me, they’re just human and humans are never perfect. Capricornians, too, have flaws. For instance, they can often become obsessed with their grudges and cannot find it in themselves to forgive. They also have the tendency to be depressingly pessimistic.

The Stones of Capricorn

Capricorn birthstones are gemstones whose vibrations are perfectly aligned with this zodiac sign. These gemstones enhance and improve many different aspects of Capricorn’s life.

Below is the list of Capricorn birthstones; these stones will strengthen you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

1. Garnet

Photo: Faceted garnet. Credit: Amila Tennakoon from the Gems of Sri Lanka album.

The bewitching stone of Garnet has a deep red luster and it symbolizes the very thing that Capricorns often seems to be missing from their lives: passion.

With your ongoing work/studies and busy schedules, sometimes inspiration and creativity take a back seat and you may find yourself stuck and incapable of moving forward. This is where the Garnet gemstone can help you. It helps you unlock new possibilities within yourself. With its energies, you can uncover your potential and unblock creativity in your life.

This stone also inspires self-confidence and optimism, so it especially helps with the typical despairing thoughts that have slipped through the cracks. Besides, this wondrous stone is also known as a symbol of hope and luck.

There is another interesting property to this richly healing stone. The Garnet gemstone brings a surge of energy to your sexual life and helps you increase your low sexual appetite. With its glorious red sheen, this stone is a powerful sexual stone and takes care of problems regarding physical intimacy.

Since ancient times, the garnet has been used as a multipurpose stone. It earned a name as the stone used in religious sacrifices because of its red color. It marked the end of suffering. Moreover, it was also used to prevent arguments and conflicts.

Garnet is also a January birthstone.

2. Onyx

Photo: Onyx rock cross section. Credit: Robert M. Lavinsky @ Wikimedia

The mysterious Onyx stone is a major Capricorn birthstone. This stone will regulate your energies and increase stamina. Particularly, if you are facing a lack of energy or if you are just feeling down, you can use this stone to boost strength and vigor.

It imparts great emotional assistance, especially when you are going through a period of grief. It helps you keep balance and control. As the stone of karma, the stunning Onyx helps you let go of past grudges that have been wearing you down.

Onyx is a December birthstone as well.

3. Malachite

Photo: Malachite cabochon Credit: Mauro Cateb @ Wikimedia.

Malachite is a great healing stone for Capricorns.

The green stone comes with multiple benefits. First, its soothing green color can open and activate your chakras, causing the wound-up energy to flow out. This stone has a way of making you feel lighthearted and peaceful. For Capricorn people, this stone will inspire a balanced routine, especially if you are a workaholic.

Malachite was a “merchant’s stone” in ancient civilizations. In those days when traders sailed the treacherous sea and walked the silk road in pursuit of wealth, malachite was their lucky stone. It represented wealth, money, and offered protection from bandits and robbers. Superstition or not, the green gemstone offered peace of mind.

While the color green is used to refer to money in modern-day America, today Malachite mostly symbolizes nature, energy, life force, birth, spring, and fertility. This stone is all about different aspects of your development. As a green stone, it heals on all levels. Moreover, it helps you break off unwanted ties and to embrace change. If you wear a Malachite stone on a regular basis, it will provide protection from negativity and stressful thoughts.

Capricorn individuals are usually pretty chill, but as mentioned earlier, negative thoughts do get to them sometimes and they’re kind of known for holding grudges. Malachite’s purported spiritual and psychological power could help them take better control of their thoughts and be more forgiving.


In this article, we’ve discussed the three birthstones of Capricorn: garnet, onyx, and malachite. These three gemstones are vastly different from one another in terms of both appearance and what they represent. Capricorns are lucky to have such a diverse list of stones to represent them as their birthstones.

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