How can you tell if a Sagittarius man is into you? Perhaps you’re having a crush on a guy whose zodiac sign is Sagittarius and you are interested to know if he likes you. And if he does like you, does he like you as a friend (friendzoned!) or there’s more? Find out the answers to your questions in this article.

Signs A Sagittarius Man Show When He Likes You

The guy that you have your eyes on seems to be a pleasure and an adventure-seeker and sees the glass half-full, always, and you like that aspect of him. In fact, you are hoping that he feels the same way about you as you do about him. He is a Sagittarius, and you are wondering if he likes you based on the way he responds to you. Before getting into that, you will want to know more about the sign Sagittarius and what it represents.

Signs Sagittarius Men Show When They Like You More Than As A Friend

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac, and it is a fire sign. The main traits of Sagittarius are the need to explore, to learn, to learn about different cultures, to travel, to learn new languages, and they always see the bright side to everything. Those who have this sun sign are the ultimate optimists. And, if you are wondering if the Sagittarius guy that you have your eyes on likes you the way that you hope he does, let’s look at 7 signs the Sagittarius man likes you as a friend or more than that!

1. He Will Be Blunt With You

Sagittarians are known to be extremely honest, to a fault If he is extremely blunt with you to the point that your feelings are hurt, don’t take that as a bad thing.

The truth hurts, but it also heals. And he is blunt with you because he cares. For instance, if you are overweight, he will say something but not out of being mean. He will say it because he genuinely cares about your health, unlike the internet trolls that fat shame others online pretending that they do it out of concern.

He genuinely says it because he is concerned. He likes you more than a friend and wants you to be healthy so he can spend the rest of his life with you. He would not comment on it if he only thought of you as a friend. However, if you asked him if you look good wearing a particular outfit and you really don’t, he will be honest about that as well whether he likes you as a friend or something more!

2. He Will Want To Travel The World Only With You

Sagittarians have a need to travel far away and the Sagittarian guy that likes you wants to travel the world with you to explore different places and cultures.

He will want to do this fast, and he will also find a way to pay for the trip. If he likes you only as a friend, he would only want to travel with you if his other friends come along. He would be happy to travel in a group with you, but if he wants to be with you, he will only want to travel alone – with you. That is a big difference right there that will be the telltale sign whether he likes you more than a friend or not.

3. He Will Want To Go Out Spontaneously With You

Sagittarians are not planners. They are the impromptu type.

He will show up at your door to take you out, you will go downtown with him and have dinner, and go dancing after. That a positive sign that a Sagittarian guy likes you more than a friend if he only wants to take you alone. If he likes you only as a friend, he will still ask you out of nowhere if you want to hang out with him and his other friends as well. If he doesn’t want to spend time with you alone, then he only likes you as a friend.

4. He Will Make You Laugh

Sagittarians are jovial by nature, and he will most definitely make you laugh.

He will be funny, and he will succeed. If he only liked you as a friend he may do the same thing because he wants his friends to laugh at his jokes, and he will make them laugh-worthy. But if he is constantly making you laugh on a consistent basis, then you know he really does care if you think he is funny and he wants you to be happy. Laughter is medicine for the soul after all.

5. He Will Try New Foods With You

If you have never tried a certain cuisine, and he hasn’t either, he will want to explore that only with you.

Even if he has tried the food of a certain cuisine but you haven’t yet, he will take you to the restaurant that is serving that type of food. If he only likes you as a friend, he will want to try new foods with you and his other friends. But if he only wants to try it with you, then that means you have a special place in his heart.

6. He Will Be Casual With You

Sagittarians are easy-go-lucky people, and if he really is comfortable around you, then he likes you and will be very relaxed and casual.

He may not be as relaxed with you if he only likes you as a friend. As easy-going as they are, they still refuse to show any vulnerabilities to those who he doesn’t have intense feelings for.

7. He Will Comment On How Smart You Are

Sagittarians love intellect and the Sagittarius guy that likes you will be the first to comment on your smarts.

He will do the same as a friend if you had figured something out that he hasn’t. But not on an ongoing basis. The guy that really likes you will constantly remind you how smart you are.

Now you know what signs to look for in a Sagittarius man to see if he’s interested in you.

Now you know of these 7 signs of whether he likes you as a friend or as something more. If you only see that he likes you as a friend, then you will need to let him go as there is someone out there for you who is meant to be with you. And, you never know – it may be another Sagittarius!

Signs He Is into You

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