What are the defining personality traits for Scorpio that set them apart from other zodiac signs? What makes Scorpio the way they are? Learn more about the sign of the Scorpion, Scorpio, in this astrology guide.


20 Scorpio Traits

The zodiac sign of Scorpio, which falls between 23 October and 21 November, is well known as being sensual, seductive and sensitive with a love of ferreting out secrets.

But there is a lot more to Scorpio than being saucy secret agents, so let’s dive on in and find out 20 traits of Scorpio that make them truly unique.

1. They are deep.

As a water sign, Scorpio’s emotions run very deep. They are deeply in tune with the rhythms of life and they understand the concept of endings, letting go and transformation.

They know life can get messy at times.

2. They are loyal.

Loyalty is particularly important to Scorpios. They are very careful about who they let close to them.

Only time and the utmost sincerity will encourage them to let their guard down and allow you into their selective inner circle. Even then, they may continue to test you.

Once you have broken a Scorpio’s trust and loyalty, there isn’t really any way back.

3. They are passionate.

Scorpios are passionate, being ruled by Mars, and they throw themselves body and soul into every experience, which means there are no half measures in how they express their love and care for their partner. They love to feel wanted and desired and will give the same devotion in return.

Wishy washy, insincere or flaky partners need not apply.

4. Scorpios are dynamic.

Scorpios live life to the full and they are enigmatic and alluring. They are interesting conversationists and have hypnotic, magnetic personalities that easily draw others in.

5. They are observant.

Scorpios have an x-ray vision that can see into your very soul. They quickly size up new people and can assess their true character with just one penetrating glance.

They don’t miss anything, really. You will never, ever get one over on them. They are shrewd, wise and sometimes even cynical about people’s motives. They can often act guarded until they really trust. Until then, they will be watching, with their sharp instincts trained on your every move and every thought to understand your true intentions, probably better than you do.

6. They are intense.

Scorpios have a probing gaze and intensely powerful persona. They are determined, dynamic and direct and not afraid to go after what they want.

They may appear calm and serene but underneath the surface they have a deep tsunami of emotions.

7. They like dark stuff.

Scorpios like anything that is taboo, mysterious, creepy or in any way controversial. Associated with the eighth house of death, sex, taxes and the fundamentals of life, there is no topic that is off limit.

They especially love discussing anything that is unmentionable in polite society. They may also develop macabre, morbid fascinations and enjoy sinister, spine-chilling horrors or dark, menacing psychological thrillers.

8. They like secrets.

Whilst they are intensely private with their own information, Scorpios love nothing more than to ferret out other people’s secrets. They love digging about in other’s business, especially if it concerns figuring out their hidden, unconscious motives or unearthing any dark skeletons they are hiding.

9. They are mysterious.

Scorpios are difficult to analyze because they have so many facets to their personalities. Their emotions run deep and they don’t wear their heart on their sleeves like other water signs. They can be difficult to read and can appear aloof and mystical.

Their association with the 8th house gives them a special status as guarding the gateway between the physical and non-physical realms. They understand that this veil is thin and there is much more to the wonders of the universe than that which is understood.

10. Scorpios are stubborn.

As a fixed sign, Scorpios are often rigid and obstinate in their thinking. They like security, routines and a stable home life. They can get fixated, even obsessive, about things they care about.

11. Did someone say sexy?

Scorpios are sexy because they exude sultry charisma and passion, a dangerous combination.

12. They can be uncompromising.

As a fixed sign, Scorpio can be very ruthless and determined in getting what they want in a particular moment. Once they set their mind on something, they will ruthlessly pursue it and never give up.

13. They have a strong presence.

Scorpios are powerful beings. They can even be intimidating. They are not afraid to peel back the surface layers of polite exchange or lift up the rug that everyone has been sweeping stuff under. This strength, courage and conviction can be off putting to lesser mortals and leave them quivering in fear. Especially if they have something to hide.

Scorpio’s mission is to discover the raw truth and awaken others to it.

14. They are independent.

Scorpios are capable of looking after themselves and are selective about who they allow close to them. They are natural leaders and capable of achieving great success.

15. They don’t forget easily.

Scorpio may forgive you, in time. for your misdemeanor but they will never forget it. They can hold onto grudges for a long time.

16. They make an excellent counsellor.

Scorpios make excellent counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, investigators and advisors. They are not afraid to help others peel back the layers of their deepest traumas and pain and their natural empathy can provide support and guidance to help people move forward.

People will often seek them out for guidance.

17. They are daredevils.

Fancy a night in a haunted house? Scorpio would be up for that. They love anything that challenges them or which forces them to confront their deepest fears and overcome them. Ruled by Pluto in modern astrology, they are true warriors and unafraid to step up and undergo deep transformation and intense experiences that help them face their shadow side and grow.

18. They have a sting in their tails.

Scorpios are famous for having a certain cut off point, which when they move beyond, their sharp scorpion pincers come out and they draw blood of their victim. They can attack their opponent’s weakest area and will not hold back in their quest for victory in a fight.

19. They are unforgettable.

With their mix of sensual intensity, mysterious allure and personal power, Scorpios are simply unforgettable.


So, there you have it! Get you a Scorpio for an intense and passionate ride and a deep, powerful connection that will touch your very soul.

Does this sound like the Scorpio in your life?

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