What are the defining personality traits for Virgo that set them apart from other zodiac signs? What makes Virgo the way they are? Learn more about the sign of the Maiden, Virgo, in this astrology guide.

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20 Virgo Traits

The zodiac sign of Virgo, which falls between 23 August and 22 September, is well known as being practical, pedantic and very particular about everything they get involved in.

But there is a lot more to Virgo than simply being deeply rooted in their ways, so let’s dive on in and find out 20 traits of Virgo that make them truly unique.

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1. They are analytical.

Virgo season is associated with harvest-time and making decisions about when to harvest and when to wait a while longer. This gives them their excellent analytical and reasoning skills and also their enhanced powers of discrimination. When important decisions have to be taken, Virgo is logical, thorough and practical and will ensure that all angles are considered.

Virgos have tremendous timing and impeccable insight.

2. They are observant.

Virgos have highly developed powers of discernment and critical reasoning. They are careful and detailed in their approach to any task, decision or move they are considering and they will always consider the repercussions at length.

They have a special kind of X-ray vision.

3. They are helpful.

Virgo is associated with service and caring for others and striving to make the world a better place for everyone. They are sociable, amenable and sympathetic people, no matter who they are with. They are always willing to see the best in people. They are patient with others and have great reserves of compassion, understanding and reason.

Virgos are always willing to do what they can to help others. However, they can wage an endless inner battle between the desire to serve others and the desire to pursue their own passions.

4. Virgos are meticulous (did someone say pedantic).

Because Virgo considers things from every possible angle, they are careful, meticulous and incredibly methodical. They have a sharp intellect and like to take their time. They deal with things almost like their brain is a computer, transforming even the most jumbled mess into organized, structured and clear concepts they can work with.

5. They are erratic.

Virgos have an air of being restrained, controlled and sensible but scratch below the surface and you will find a wild, chaotic and sensual spirit hidden behind their cool, calm and careful façade.

However, they are always careful to do the right thing, and will even deny themselves freedom and pleasure in their endless quest for righteousness.

6. They can be fussy.

Virgo is renowned for being a perfectionist and holding themselves and others to high standards. They are single minded and determined and they can also be highly critical. They like to think that they know best in situations, (usually because they do). They overthink situations however and may become stubborn and obstinate.

7. They like order.

Virgo has a reputation for obsessive cleanliness, which may or may not be true, however they do like to arrange things in an organized fashion and they definitely believe there is a place for everything, although the piles, stacks and bundles around may only make sense to them.

8. They are precise.

Virgos have deadly powers of precision and they are highly intelligent beings.

9. They have an eye for details.

With Mercury in rulership and exaltation, Virgos have excellent communication and analytical skills and they are capable of dissecting situations and examining them from every angle. They are good at writing and may have other talents like music, art or drama.

10. They are practical.

They have common sense. They take their obligations seriously and they understand the importance of hard work. They put their heart and soul into projects, no matter how difficult it might be.

11. Virgos are adaptable.

As a mutable sign, Virgos are able to adapt to new situations, to experiment and to be flexible.

12. Did someone say ‘competitive’?

Virgos need a sense of purpose and achievement. They love ticking things off their to-do lists, and they feel productive by contributing to something larger than themselves. This is how they derive their self-worth. In order to feel they have personal value, they have to feel needed.

Virgo loves to sort out mess and chaos. It gives them purpose and stops them over-ruminating. They love to roll their sleeves up and just get stuck in. They are problem solvers.

13. They can be self-sacrificing.

Virgo can struggle with allowing themselves to pursue their deepest passions as they worry about the potential repercussions of making a wrong move. They can deny themselves the things they want as a result.

14. They can be prone to worrying.

Virgos can sometimes be the typical hermit, introvert or recluse. They deeply ponder situations and try to analyze from every angle. This can lead them to get tied up in knots or go round in circles and often halts their progress.

They worry in case they have overlooked a tiny, single detail.

15. They are humble and modest.

Virgos can sometimes accept unjust blame or undeserved criticism from others. They may even allow others to take the credit for their work and they can be shy at pushing themselves forward into the limelight. They find little pleasure in showing off and they rarely act in an unrestrained or brash manner.

16. They can be picky.

The quest for perfectionism and tendency to be a harsh critic can cause them to miss opportunities they could actually benefit from. They can procrastinate too long and end up missing the boat altogether.

17. They are logical.

As an earth sign, Virgos are grounded, practical and stable with a down to earth manner and calm, sensible demeanor. They use logic and reason in every decision. They don’t take things at face value, preferring to find out for themselves before deciding.

18. They are self-contained.

Virgos are usually highly independent and capable of existing alone. Their love lives are often problematic as they tend to nit-pick others’ flaws. To them, they are only trying to help.

With Venus in fall, they can struggle with self-esteem issues. They need a partner who helps them to gently explore their tender feelings and build a solid foundation of trust.

19. They can be self-critical.

Virgos are often found to be their own harshest critic and they are sometimes too hard on themselves. However, they are not very fond of taking criticism from others.

20. They like working with their hands.

Their practical and earthy nature loves to work with nature, to build and to complete practical tasks. They also enjoy gardening, cooking and craft.


So, there you have it, Virgos are great people to have around because they are helpful, kind and simply want all people and things to be the best that they can be.

Does this sound like the Virgo in your life?

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