What are the defining personality traits for Pisces that set them apart from other zodiac signs? What makes Pisces the way they are? Learn more about the sign of the Fish, Pisces, in this astrology guide.

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20 Pisces Traits

The zodiac sign of Pisces, which falls between 19 February and 20 March, is well known as the last sign of the zodiac and being the sage, wise, spiritual guru.

But there is a lot more to Pisces than tapping into the higher realms, so let’s dive on in and find out 20 traits of Pisces that make them truly unique.

1. They are compassionate.

Pisces have a special radar that allows them to tune into people’s hearts. They are sympathetic and understanding and easily draw others in. In fact, others often flock to them for advice and the opportunity to pour their hearts out.

2. They are awake.

Pisces are mystical, intuitive and spiritually awake. They know there is more to life than we can see or understand and they usually want to cultivate their connection to the higher realms. They understand the cycles of death and rebirth and are magicians, performing amazing acts of transformation every day.

3. They are old souls.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces are said to be old souls and wise, spiritual masters who are full of sage wisdom and nuggets of insight that reflects their often varied and tumultuous past experiences at the school of hard knocks.

They may even present as battle weary, with multiple scars and deeply ingrained wounds that reflect their many lives, countless escapades and eventful, eternal journey around the cosmos.

They have definitely been around the block and there isn’t really much they haven’t seen or done. This gives them their endless compassion and non-judgmental approach.

4. Pisces are often conflicted.

Like their symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces are often torn about where they are actually headed. They can tend to flip flop about, changing their mind and then changing it back again, to the confusion of others around them.

Somehow, though, they always end up at just the right place at the right time. They appear to be lucky bumblers because it all somehow works out in their favor, but they are cleverer than that.

5. They dream big.

Pisces dream in techni-color. They have an abundance of creative energy which they must express through their innate gifts. They may be talented artists, poets or musicians and they have an abundance of ideas they always need an outlet for. They struggle to hone down their fantasies into tangible goals they can strive towards.

In their mind, they are always the next Mozart, Marc Bolan or Michelangelo. It isn’t that they can’t be successful and turn their talents into a goldmine, just that they need to focus and start somewhere.

6. They are whatever you want them to be.

Pisces are ethereal, eternal beings who understand that we are all part of a single collective consciousness that also encompasses trees, animals, plants and every living species on earth and beyond. We are all one.

7. They have amazing empathy.

As a sensitive water sign, Pisces are extremely sensitive who rely on their emotions rather than their intellect. They have an amazing sixth sense.

8. They are imaginative.

Represented with the 12th house of dreams, fantasy and illusion, Pisces are capable of coming up with imaginative stories and visions of another ideal world that one day, we can all escape to.

9. They have a love of illusion.

Pisces are the masters of illusion. Ruled by Neptune, they have the ability to shapeshift and transform, reinventing themselves over and over and adapting to their circumstances as required.

10. They are flexible.

As a mutable sign, Pisces are open to change and willing to be flexible in their views. They go with the flow.

11. Pisces folk are gentle.

Pisces hate conflict, aggression and criticism and will do pretty much anything to avoid them.

12. Did someone say escapist?

Pisces love to escape, whether through fiction, movies, music, intoxication or imagination. They like to live a fluid life where they are not shackled to duties and obligations and are free to explore and disappear at will.

Later, they will likely pop back up again so don’t worry too much. And don’t bother asking where they have been, because they probably won’t want to tell you.

13. They accept others without question.

Pisces always accept people for who they are. They are tolerant and open-minded and do not judge. They can even take this tendency too far and allow people close who should probably be kept at arm’s length.

14. They can be rather whimsical.

Pisces can be known to change horses abruptly mid-stream. They can perhaps benefit from introducing more discipline into their lives. They can be a bit disorganized too.

15. They are soft-hearted.

Pisces are born to help others. They even neglect themselves in their quest to open their hearts to all and sundry who need an ear, a port in a storm or a little bit of kindness. They hate injustice and seeing the underdog suffer and will always extend a helping hand to those in need, no matter the circumstance.

Pisces may even have to guard against being a sucker for a sob story.

16. They can be elusive.

Pisces can be unreliable and even absent minded. It can be hard to pin them down and get them to stick around. They are not too fond of firm plans and they are also not the most practical people. They can be slippery, just like fish.

17. They are often lost.

Pisces can tend to be wishy-washy, unless they are tuned into their higher purpose.

18. They are devoted.

With Venus exalted, Pisces are deeply romantic and loving. They are tender, even sentimental and soppy and their love is intoxicating and intense.

19. Pisces are sensitive.

Pisces have a great love of humanity and they are accepting, patient and kind people. They usually love being near water and find it soothes their soul and recharges their vital energy.

20. They can be drifters.

The problem that Pisces can have, if they are not careful, is that their dreams get so big they do not know how to make them happen. They remain pie-in-the sky fantasies, like a movie that they enjoy playing in their mind, but never take any practical steps towards actually achieving. This can leave them drifting aimlessly through life.


So, there you have it! Get you a Pisces if you want to go on a magical, mystery merry go round full of wonder.

Does this sound like the Pisces in your life?

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