What are the defining personality traits for Capricorn that set them apart from other zodiac signs? What makes Capricorn the way they are? Learn more about the sign of the Sea-Goat, Capricorn, in this astrology guide.

Capricorn personality

20 Capricorn Traits

The zodiac sign of Capricorn, which falls between 22 December and 19 January, is well known as the hard working and industrious sea goat that likes to excel and reach the top.

But there is a lot more to Capricorn than being respectable and reserved, so let’s dive on in and find out 20 traits of Capricorn that make them truly unique.

1. They are responsible.

Capricorns thrive on routine, structure, order and stability. They have enormous composure, even when on the inside they might be quivering with fear, nerves or anxiety. They have magnificent presence and incredible self-restraint and they try hard to do the right thing.

They also judge themselves harshly when they are wrong.

2. They are resourceful.

Capricorns get right to work with whatever they have in front of them. They compensate for what’s missing, adapt to what’s needed and invent new ways to use what they’ve got.

3. They are reliable.

Capricorns are extremely steady, grounded and trustworthy and they always stick to their word.

4. Capricorns are hard-working (read ‘workaholics’)

Yes, it’s true, Capricorns actually LIKE hard work and relish a chance to show what they are capable of. They are not necessarily motivated by fame or glory but rather by a desire for respect and acknowledgement of a job well done.

5. They are good at organizing.

As a practical earth sign, Capricorns are brilliant at implementing structures and organizing others. They make good leaders and managers in all kinds of situations.

6. They are efficient.

They jump right in and get the job done. Everyone wants them on their team.

7. They have great respect for time.

Capricorn season marks the onset of winter and the shortest day of the year. It is a time to review the past, think about the future and undergo a process of self-evaluation.

Capricorns deeply understand this process and know the past influences all of their future choices.

8. They are ambitious.

Worldly achievement is very important to Capricorns.

Capricorn rules business, banking, large corporations and the structures within society. They like to be at the top of their profession and may enjoy careers like politics, law or economics. Whatever they do, they will aim for the CEO position, especially since Mars is exalted here giving them drive and ambition on another level.

They can easily leave their competitors floundering in the dust.

9. They have a love of money.

All Cappies love money and they have a lifelong obsession with acquiring it. They love security, respectability and prestige and money helps achieve all of these.

10. They are conservative.

Capricorns are usually fairly reserved and controlled in their demeanor. They hold themselves accountable. In relationships, they show their love by doing things for their partner and by slowly building a foundation you can both work on (slow might mean literally years so don’t tell your friends to get a hat just yet).

11. Capricorns are industrious.

If you need to get something done, contact a Capricorn. They tackle every task one step at a time and rarely let anyone or anything intimidate them. Even under extreme pressure, they rarely crumble. They are masters of discipline and dedication.

12. Did someone say prudent?

Capricorns are often traditional in their mannerisms and persona. They take a while to open up and are careful to act with strong care, consideration and thought for the future. They are restrained, self-contained and highly responsible with a strict no-nonsense attitude to life.

They need to have a purpose in everything they do. They don’t just muck about.

13. They are goal orientated.

Capricorns love to focus on a goal. They are masters of accomplishment and expert at excelling. They do not give up quickly or easily. They are sturdy, tenacious and stay committed until the bitter end.

14. They can be rather hesitant.

Capricorns can be a little slow off the mark and like to weigh up their options carefully. This can lead them to miss out sometimes.

15. They are disciplined.

Capricorns have a strong moral compass and unshakeable self-belief. They like to build strong foundations and pour their efforts into improving their position. They have incredible stamina and keep going no matter the terrain and long after their competitors have fallen back or given up.

16. They age backwards.

Like the movie character Benjamin Button, Capricorns are born old and grow young. They are often serious and somber as children but later in life they loosen up and become more fun loving, playful and relaxed.

They improve with age and may even seem to be born of another era, with a conservative and traditional style of dress, mannerisms and speech. They often find success later in life.

17. They understand hierarchies.

Capricorns understand and have respect for the power structures in society. They are capable of manifesting great authority but, until then, they will settle into the role they are assigned and work hard to move up the social ladder. They are obedient to authority and make committed and dedicated employees.

18. They are respectable.

Capricorns carefully cultivate an air of respectability and seek to maintain an impeccable reputation. They abide by the rules and do not deviate from accepted social norms. They have a strong moral compass and inner sense of duty which makes them reserved and restrained.

They are born role-models.

19. They are determined.

Capricorns are patient and don’t mind deferred gratification to achieve their goals. They will wait a long time for what they want and keep going towards it with dogged persistence and unfailing tenacity. They have a ‘can do’ approach and are always striving to do better.

20. They can be pessimistic.

With Moon in detriment, Capricorns do have to sometimes battle against pessimism and negative thinking. It is imperative for them to keep their self-esteem high so they can continue to strive for their goals and believe they can achieve them. They may also struggle to open up about their feelings, worried if they admit to their weaknesses, others will hold it against them.

They hold themselves to very high standards.


So, there you have it! Get you a Capricorn if you want status and to build a successful and abundant future together.

Does this sound like the Capricorn in your life?

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