What are the defining personality traits for Aquarius that set them apart from other zodiac signs? What makes Aquarius the way they are? Learn more about the sign of the Water Bearer, Aquarius, in this astrology guide.

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20 Aquarius Traits

The zodiac sign of Aquarius, which falls between 20 January and 18 February, is well known for being open-minded, original-thinking and slight oddballs.

But there is a lot more to Aquarius than being the archetype mad scientist, so let’s dive on in and find out 20 traits of Aquarius that make them truly unique.

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1. They are innovators.

Ruled by Uranus, Aquarians are usually at the cutting edge of new advances and trailblazing initiatives. They keep their knowledge and skills up to date and have the ability to think outside the box to come up with new and improved ways of doing things.

They create new theories and principles from their whacky ideas and use them as building blocks to improve systems and structures.

2. They like the unconventional.

Aquarius feels bored by the traditional and the way things are always done. They like to explore new ways and methods, the more unconventional the better.

They like to shake things up.

3. They are a tad eccentric.

Aquarians are what they are, whatever that is. They can’t be changed, so you must learn to love them for it.

4. Aquarius are detached.

As an air sign, Aquarius live inside their head and spend a lot of time thinking and planning their next move. They are cool, independent and enigmatic and can be difficult to pin down.

5. They will try anything once.

Aquarians like to be one step ahead. They like to experiment and try out all kinds of new things.

6. They are stubborn.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign so they can be stubborn and single minded in their thinking, finding it hard to change their mind once set. They can also be aloof, know-it-all and self-important.

7. They have lots of friends.

Aquarians are extremely kind, open-minded and friendly so they tend to have lots of friends or acquaintances, usually from all around the world. They can get along with just about anyone, anywhere and are popular and well liked.

8. They are humanitarians.

Aquarians want to make the world a better place. They are usually passionate about many causes and may even support them actively and with zeal and dedication. They especially love to exchange thoughts and ideas with others, the more widely the better.

They are visionary and progressive utopians. They achieve this by being far-sighted idealists and tolerant, open-minded and revolutionary thinkers who want to make a difference.

9. They like to stand out.

Aquarians don’t like fitting in with the crowd. They prefer to be the one that stands out, that doesn’t quite belong or that looks somehow out of place. To achieve this, they may dress differently than their peers or adopt some quirky trademark style or look that is unique to only them.

10. They are social butterflies.

Aquarians are so naturally gregarious that they can flit about happily, beguiling those they meet with their wit and natural charm and collecting admirers wherever they go. They are the sign that represents networking and collaboration on a global scale. They represent community and sharing.

11. Aquarians are rebels.

Aquarius love to rebel against outdated social norms or systems that no longer function. They adore anything unorthodox, unusual or unconventional.

They like to see themselves as a walking contradiction. This may be because they have two very different energies as their ruler; Saturn their traditional ruler, representing rules and structure and Uranus, the modern ruler, representing chaos and rebellion. This can make them unpredictable and even slightly odd to others.

This contradiction means their opinions and views are usually radically different to those around them, but they don’t care and will always defend them to the death.

12. Did someone say weirdo?

Aquarians can be so unconventional they come across as zany, or even downright weird, almost like an alien (this is not a problem as being called weird is a compliment to them).

13. They can be overly logical.

Like other air signs, they can get stuck in their heads and fail to communicate their deeper feelings, or even have trouble connecting with them, preferring logic to guide their decisions.

Sometimes, however, they can be overly emotional.

14. They can be rather kinky.

Of all the signs, Aquarius is the one that might like a lot of experimentation and um, novelty in their love lives. They tend to prefer lovers that are friends first and foremost, but once committed, they will be loyal and giving partners.

15. They love to travel.

They love to jet about, taking in as much of the world as possible. They will want to get off the beaten track and really experience the culture of any place they visit, away from the tourist hotspots. They want to meet local people, try local cuisine and get a feel for the local traditions.

16. They are witty.

Aquarians have brilliant wit and razor-sharp minds and intellects. They are geniuses.

17. They believe in magic.

Aquarians understand the universe is a vast and magical place where dreams really can come true. Among their many friends, they might even have a fairy or goblin or two or perhaps some trusted other-worldly beings are in their friends list and drop round regularly for dinner.

18. They like gadgets and technology (nerdy).

Need your new gadget set up? Ask your Aquarian friend as they are normally a whizz at anything digital or tech related. Lost your log-in? Aquarius will get it back for you and whilst they are there, they will also update your distributed cloud, cache your browser and tidy up your user interface.

19. They are deep thinkers.

Aquarians are philosophers, alchemists and scientists. They think outside of the box and love to come up with new ways of doing things for the greater good. They are clever with a dynamic, expansive intellect that loves to dissect information, rebrand it and share it widely with others.

They need time alone to reflect, formulate new ideas and plan their next move. This helps them restore their power.

20. They like to be free.

Aquarians are very independent and detached and like to have freedom to roam.

As a partner, they enjoy intellectual conversations and building a level of trust that allows them their space. They need a partner to take them by the hand and lead them gently into the world of vulnerability and emotions because to them it’s a scary place.


So, there you have it! Get yourself an Aquarius if you want a fun, futuristic and freedom-loving friend for life.

Does this sound like the Aquarius in your life?

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