What are the defining personality traits for Libra that set them apart from other zodiac signs? What makes Libra the way they are? Learn more about the sign of the Scales, Libra, in this astrology guide.

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20 Libra Traits

The zodiac sign of Libra, which falls between 23 September and 22 October, is well known as being indecisive and a little bit of a people pleaser.

But there is a lot more to Libra than simply smiling sweetly at all and sundry, so let’s dive on in and find out 20 traits of Libra that make them truly unique.

1. They understand duality.

Librans understand that balance and equality is key to everything and that everything in the universe has it’s opposing side. Once they fully get this concept, they apply it to every situation they encounter and thus bring about harmony and cooperation everywhere they go.

2. They are graceful.

Libras are refined, graceful creatures who are never crass or undignified. They do not engage in tacky, trashy or tasteless behavior and they always act with restraint, impeccable manners and the utmost decorum.

3. Libras are charm personified.

Luscious Libras ooze charm and sensual appeal as they are so personable, persuasive and positive. They are inspirational and intelligent, a powerful combination that draws others to them.

4. They are fair and just.

Libran is a sign of justice, ethics and fairness. They have Saturn in exaltation, so they are fair and have a strong, well-developed sense of morality. They try to always do the right thing and treat others how they want to be treated.

They understand that actions have consequences.

5. They love matching colors.

Librans always look color-coordinated and are brilliant at putting contrasting and complimentary shades together. They love fashion and interior design and always make themselves and their home look stylish and sophisticated, even on a limited budget.

Their taste is usually either bang on trend, effortlessly chic or timelessly classic.

6. They are wise.

Librans are deep thinkers with endless reserves of wisdom and intellect. They love giving sage advice, pondering the mysteries of life or having stimulating conversations that challenge their understanding and perception.

7. They just can’t make up their mind.

Librans take a long time to make decisions because they see the pros and cons of every situation. They can tend to swing back and forth for some time and struggle to make a final choice.

To them, it all looks good.

8. They love to argue.

Librans love to examine the opposing sides of a good debate, and they also love trying to find the middle ground between two opposing sides. They therefore make excellent mediators and counsellors or diplomats.

They sometimes balance niceness with confrontation which can be contradictory for others and perhaps earns them their reputation for not always being sweet.

9. Libra loves pleasing others.

Libra loves sharing, giving and making others happy. They like entertaining and are excellent hosts or hostesses, pulling out all the stops to make their guests comfortable and happy. In relationships too, they are easy going, generous and willing to cooperate to bring about balance and harmony.

10. They hate conflict.

Yes, it’s true and they will do almost anything to avoid it. They also hate injustice or cruelty and will always stand up against it.

11. They are excellent negotiators.

Libra season is the time to take crops to market so Libra rules negotiation. They are natural at reaching agreements, building partnerships and buying and selling so they make great salesman, PR gurus or customer service advisors.

That smile can open any door.

12. They make great partners.

Whether in business or romantically, Librans make great partners. They are giving, generous and willing to compromise to keep the peace. They will go out of their way to be kind and, in love, treat their partner like a King or Queen, spoiling them and catering to their every need.

Catch you a Libra and you hit the bullseye.

13. They appreciate beauty.

Ruled by Venus, Librans are all about appreciating beauty and they love to relish the beauty and wonder of the natural world such as a stunning night sky, a breath-taking view or a delicate flower in summer.

They are usually pleasing to look at too, with cute faces and sometimes dimples that make them even more appealing and attractive.

14. They are homebodies.

Libras love chilling at home, plotting their next move. They love to create a peaceful and serene environment that they can retreat to and recharge their vital energy. They love soft lights, ambient sounds and creating comfortable, cozy conditions where they can appreciate the beauty and harmony around them.

15. They are reliable.

Libras can be trusted to steer the ship safely and responsibly, so they usually make great leaders.

16. They can be lazy.

With Mars in detriment, Librans can be lazy at times. They are also masters of procrastination, finding a million reasons to put off that work they know is waiting, often to muck about for hours on end and then complain they are stressed.

We see you, Libra.

17. Did someone say ‘gossip’?

Libra loves to be in the know and to share a juicy snippet or two. It’s also a tactic they might use to get others to like them and perhaps earn them their reputation for being a little fickle.

18. They can stay too long.

Librans often stay too long in relationships that have long passed their expiry date. Especially when younger, they can sweep a multitude of problems under the carpet because they hate the thought of starting over or being single. They prefer long-term commitments to flings or casual liaisons but their love life may nonetheless seem like a steamy novel full of drama, ongoing scandal and intrigue.

They often have to learn to appreciate their worth, set boundaries and notice red flags early on to avoid their love lives becoming a complete disaster.

19. They think rather than feel.

As an air sign, Librans tend to go for thought, logic and reason over feelings and emotions. They can struggle with connecting to and expressing their deepest feelings and they are deeply independent at their core. They also do not allow their feelings to interfere with what they consider to be just.

20. They love history.

Librans are usually fascinated by the past and they love history, antiques and experiencing culture such as art or museums. They are usually pretty creative too.


So, there you have it! Get you a Libra if you want a charming, cooperative and cute companion to flirt with.

Does this sound like the Libra you know?

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