These are the four birthstones of Aries according to astrology. What are these mysterious gems, stones, and jewels? What are their meanings and symbolism? What benefits do they have for Aries?

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Birthstones of Aries

Aries is ruled by Mars, a planet that controls physical energy, aggression, courage, enthusiasm, boldness, endurance, and dynamism.

Under the direct influence of the planet that is named after the God of War, Aries natives are drawn to adventures and risks. At work and other areas in life, they are eager to change and they tend to be innate leaders. Arians are competitive and they are confident in their own strengths and bravery.

For being a fire sign that is so intense and passionate, it is perhaps not surprising that the characteristic colors of Aries are fiery: red and orange. This affinity to fire extends to Aries’ birth gems and you’ll see that many of their representing gems contain warm colors. However, this is not a given. There are many gemstones with cold hues in the following list that will help Aries to counterbalance their immense energy. Let’s take a look at these breathtaking gemstones for Aries the ram sign.

1. Bloodstone

bloodstone march aries birth gem

Photo: Bloodstone Credit:  Ra’ike @ Wikimedia Common

The bloodstone is the birthstone for March Aries. You might know it by its ancient name, heliotrope or the Sun Stone. The bloodstone is an opaque green jasper with red spots of hematite. Hematite’s bloodlike color resembles blood and that inspired the name bloodstone.

Some believe that the bloodstone offers protection against negative energies, physical attacks, injuries, and accidents. Warriors in the past had been known to wear this stone into battles.

In terms of health, bloodstone is said to have a strong healing effect. This is important for Aries who has the infamy of being impatient and the tendency of rushing into things without thinking of the effects. This gemstone will protect Aries by getting them out of harm’s way. And if they do get hurt in the process, the stone will help them recover and encourage them to stand up again.

In other words, the gemstone has the power to repel negativity. With less negative energy, there’s one less thing that will wear down the ram’s passion and motivation. Is this a good thing for the sometimes overconfident Aries? That is for you to decide.

The bloodstone’s affordability makes it a wonderful gift to give and receive for just about anyone.

2. Diamond

diamond birth stone april aries

The diamond is the birthstone for April Aries. It is perhaps the most popular and sought-after precious stone. Some of its fame include “a diamond is forever,” made popular by the famous De Beers ad campaign, and being the hardest natural material in the world.

In the spiritual realm, the diamond is said to purify toxicity. It detoxifies your systems by eliminating the bad stuff in you. And that includes negative thoughts. In some cases, the gemstone of purity may even prevent negative energy from entering you in the first place.

The unofficial precious stone for engagement rings and wedding rings is a symbol of everlasting love. On a personal level, it promotes self-confidence and courage. This comes in handy when the Aries’s confidence is less than optimal when they’re influenced by other heavenly bodies.

Some believe that the diamond attracts abundance and positive energy. Obstacles that stand in your way will be pushed aside by the aura of this gemstone and it will lead you to success.

If you’re in a less happy period in your life, the strong and unyielding diamond will help you overcome your fears and help you to move on. Feeling uninspired? The diamond, through its brilliant sparkles, will fill in the empty void, giving you the motivation and inspiration to reach greater heights.

Wear it with caution though because the diamond has the power to amplify your thoughts, regardless if they are positive or negative.

3. Carnelian

carnelian birth gem aries

Photo: Carnelian / Cornelian / Sard Credit: Elderberry Arts @ Flickr

Carnelian is a protective Aries stone.

Carnelian, sometimes called cornelian, is a semi-precious stone known for its fiery orange and red color spectrum. It is a stone with a very high vibrational energy. Carnelian the gemstone and Aries have many similarities. First, their ruling planets are both Mars. Second, they both have an unmistakable affinity to the element of fire.

A proud member of the Chalcedony family, the carnelian is believed to protect you from psychic attacks and negative energies. This translucent and glassy gemstone is more than just a protector for it also helps you to understand your inner self and fortify your ability to concentrate.

For someone who is having depressing thoughts, wearing a carnelian will give you the self-confidence to fight off these negative thoughts. Whether the effect is spiritual or psychological is up for debate, but if you’re facing hardships in life, the carnelian will be able to help.

When used as a decorative object, the carnelian will purify the room in which it is placed and fill it with positive energy.

4. Citrine

birthstone aries citrine gemstone

Photo: Citrine Credit: Amila Tennakoon @ Flickr

Citrine is a lucky gemstone for Aries men & women.

Citrine is a variety of quartz known for its pale-yellow and sometimes brownish hue. Its name is derived from the word citrina which means yellow in Latin. This yellow gemstone has been referred to as the money stone or merchant’s stone because it is believed to bring prosperity.

The citrine’s warm color tone shows its elemental affinity. In this case, it turns out to be the same element as Aries which is the fire. Despite being ruled by the same element, citrine is a different kind of flame and this is good news for it complements the Aries personality. The yellow quartz citrine is a symbol of clarity and hope. It is a controlled fire that offers warmth and sustenance–not a fire that burns and destroys. Wearing this gemstone helps the Aries to control and direct their boundless energy in the right direction. It helps to bring clarity to their thinking and in doing so prevents them from getting into trouble for being impatient.

From the health perspective, the gemstone is believed to cure headaches and treat depression and diseases of the liver, spleen, digestive system, and bladder.

Wrapping Up Gemstones of Aries

In this article, we’ve discussed four gemstones that represent Aries. Some of them are the traditional birthstones for Aries. Others are gems that we believe qualify as Aries birth gems in each and every way.

All four of the gemstones are unique and carry different benefits. But in general, they belong to two groups. One group enhances and amplifies Aries’s energy. The other group complements the ram sign by either helping them to overcome their weaknesses, protect them against harm, and in some cases–counterbalance their intensity.

Whether you’re an Aries who’s looking for a suitable gemstone to wear or you’re looking for a good gift for Aries, these are the gems that you should definitely be considering.


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