These are the birthstones February is blessed with. What gemstones represent February-borns? What are their symbolism, origins, and perhaps more importantly, meanings for February babies? Get the answers to these questions in this February birthstone guide.

february birthstones poem about amethyst

Poem Source: Natal Stones: Sentiments and Superstitions Associated with Precious Stones 

February is the second month of the year and the most beautiful month for the lovestruck lovers. It may be popularly known today as the ‘Love Month’ but this was not always the case. The name of the month came from the Latin word ‘februare’ meaning ‘purification.’

Back in ancient Roman times, February was most known for the Festival of Purification. It was the month when the Romans would ritually wash to purify both their bodies and soul. The birthstones for this month are known as excellent purification gems. Let’s get to know the birthstones of February so that we can decide which birthstone would make a perfect gift for ourselves or our loved ones.

1. Amethyst

february birthstone amethyst

Above: amethyst gemstone. Credit: Amila Tennakoon – the Gems of Sri Lanka photo album.

Both the modern and traditional birthstone of February is amethyst. Amethyst is a variety of quartz with a glass-like luster. Purple is the common color of amethyst but it can also come in more saturated shades such as violet and dark purple. The name came from the ancient Greek word ‘amethystos‘ which means ‘not intoxicated.’ It was believed that the stone can offer protection against intoxication. To benefit from its power, the ancient Greeks would either wear the stone as a piece of jewelry or carve it in their drinking cups. In the past, amethysts were considered to be more valuable than diamonds. The value of what once was a precious stone crashed abruptly as massive deposits were mined in Brazil in the 1800s. Despite that, today amethyst is still one of the most sought-after gemstones that everyone can afford to own and enjoy.

Those who were born in February are fortunate to have this mystifying and royal gemstone as their guardian birthstone. It is believed that the amethyst has the power to equip its wearer with mental and emotional strength. As mentioned earlier, it is also known for its power as a purifying gem.

The gem’s purifying power is similar to the viola–a birth flower for February.

The energy of the amethyst spiritually aligns with February folks. By wearing an amethyst, February folks will be able to draw energy from the spiritual alignment. The amethyst can also help its wearer become more connected with the universe. It will make a great lifetime companion because it has the energy to keep your mind at peace and the power to keep you away from wicked thoughts.


2. Hyacinth

february gemstone hyacinth

Above: Hyacinth. Credit: Amila Tennakoon – Album: Gems of Sri Lanka

Another great February gemstone is the hyacinth. It is a red, orange, or yellow variety of zircon with an unbreakable mirror-like luster. The mineral was named after the flower of the same name. However, the connection between the two remains vague. One thing is for sure though, the beauty of the hyacinth gem is undeniable. It is even comparable to rough diamonds. Unfortunately, this gem had become a medium for fraudsters who alter the stone through heat treatment and sell it as a diamond.

Hyacinth (Flower)

Hyacinth (Flower)

Those who were born in February are more likely to find prosperity by wearing the hyacinth. This mirror-like mineral is also a gem for all people from all walks of life because it is inexpensive and known to purify and ward off nightmares for those who wear it.

If you are a keen traveler, you will benefit from this gem because it can change its luster depending on the weather and surroundings. It becomes dull if the weather turns unfavorable and gleams if the weather is pleasant. The hyacinth gem is a good February birthday gift or as a parting gift to a friend who will embark on a journey.

3. Jade

Jade february gemstone

Jade and diamond necklace pendant

Jade is the mystical February gemstone. It is an opaque gem with a waxy and vitreous luster. The name was derived from the Latin word ‘ilia‘ which means ‘kidney area’ for it was used to treat loins and kidney illnesses. There are two kinds of jade namely, jadeite and nephrite. Both minerals are chemically unrelated but have identical physical properties and look extremely similar in appearance. Jadeite is the rarer kind that comes in many different vibrant colors. The nephrite is mostly green or white while jadeite can come in green, white, lavender, red, orange, yellow, and black. Jade is a precious stone that can soothe both the eyes and the skin. It is pleasing to look at and even more delightful to touch.

Virtue, wisdom, and prosperity are the energies that embody this gemstone.

People born in February will have an improved quality of life when they wear this gem. Jade is perhaps the most important gemstone in Chinese culture. These gemstones are sometimes more valuable than diamonds. Many subjects of greatness and beauty is compared to a jade stone. To the Taoists, the “Jade Emperor” is believed to the greatest and most divine ruler of heaven. Jades are amazing gems that can guard you even in your sleep. It protects you against nightmares and allows you to dream pleasant dreams.

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