These gemstones are said to represent Taurus. Find out what they are and what are their meanings. Decide for yourself if you think they’re worthy as Taurus’s birthstones.

taurus birthstones

Photo: Emerald ring. Credit: hpochop @ Pixabay

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) is ruled by Venus, the planet and goddess that embodies love, elegance, and beauty. The sign of the bull is blessed by Venus and this explains Taurus’s appreciation for all things beautiful, sensuality, and good taste. Astrologically speaking, Taurus natives are characterized by tenacity, stability, pragmatism, beauty, artistic sense, calm, patience, fidelity. They are also known to have a practical spirit but can sometimes become greedy their pursuit of wealth.

Birthstones refer to gemstones that represent one’s birthday. There’re birthstones for a particular day of the week, month, and, of course, zodiac sign. Similar to Astrology, there isn’t a central authority that dictates what gemstone is a Taurus birthstone and what isn’t. With that said, there are indeed some gemstones that are more popular as Taurus gems than others. And there are also stones that are believed to be more spiritually aligned to Taurus. The gemstones that have earned the title of Taurus birthstones are diamond, emerald, rose quartz, aventurine, and amethyst. Let’s now take a closer at each of these marvelous gems.

1. Emerald

emerald taurus gemstone

Photo: Cut Colombian emeralds. Credit: Mauro Cateb @ Flickr

Emerald is the most popular gemstone for Taurus men and women. Known for its deep green color and namesake rectangular cut, emerald is one of the most famous gemstones alongside diamond, sapphire, and ruby.

In terms of symbolism, emerald is a stone of prosperity, love, and wisdom. It also symbolizes fertility, peace, hope, healing, nurturing, and growth. Many of these aspects are deeply valued by Taurus. For being an earth sign, Taureans are drawn to nature and greenery. As such, in many ways, emerald represents what Taurus wants and who they are. This makes emerald an excellent gemstone for Taurus.

In Roman Egypt, emerald was favored by Cleopatra. It is said that the Egyptian queen adorned herself in emerald jewelry and used emerald as decoration. The locally-mined emerald was given out as gifts to foreign diplomats as local specialties.

Emerald is a variety of beryl. Other notable members of the beryl gem family include aquamarine and morganite. Emerald is also a birthstone for the month of May. This means that emerald represents both April and May Taurus, but it doubly represents May Taurus.

2. Diamond

diamond taurus birth stone

The symbol of forever, diamond, is another birthstone for Taurus. Since diamond is also an April birthstone, it is especially appealing to April Taurus.

Diamond is the most famous and most sought-after gemstone. It is known for being one of the hardest naturally-occurring substances on earth. A properly cut and polished diamond draws attention with its captivating sparkle.

The symbolism and meaning of diamond are closely related to its physical properties. See if you can detect a theme here. Diamond symbolizes invincibility, perseverance, strength, commitment, purity, and perfection. As an expensive gemstone, is also a symbol of luxury, wealth, achievement, self-confidence. This is to say that the diamond represents Taurus’ desires and traits. Taurus are hard workers and they work toward building wealth through perseverance. While they do seek luxury, they tend to be humble and do so with a pure intention. They just want to feel safe and secure in their position. All of these are embodied by the diamond. For having so much in common, it’s safe to say that the diamond is an excellent Taurus birth gem.

3. Rose Quartz

rose quartz taurus gem stone

Photo: Rose quartz on filigree ring. Credit: starbright, Flickr

Rose quartz is the gemstone of love and relationship for Taurus. As a fixed earth sign, Taurus can be an introverted sign. But just because they are quiet doesn’t mean that they aren’t romantic. On the contrary, Taurus is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, in part due to the influence of the Goddess of Love Venus. Coincidentally, Venus is said to be the reason how rose quartz came to be.

Before Venus became Venus to the Romans, she was known as Aphrodite by the people of ancient Greece. It is said that when Aphrodite risked herself to save her love Adonis, they got hurt and their blood mixed and landed on a piece of quartz. Their blood stained the pure quartz, giving it a rosy pink color, forever. For rose quartz came to be from an act of love by the goddess of love herself, rose quartz is forever known as a stone of selfless love.

As a stone of love, it is favored by newlyweds or by those who are engaged to be married. Some believe that wearing rose quartz helps you to gain a more profound understanding of love and friendship. This understanding makes you wiser when it comes to these delicate but important matters. This means that the pink Taurus crystal would not turn Taurus into a hopeless romantic. But instead, it provides the wisdom and clarity that Taurus need in coming out as a winner in terms of love and relationship.

4. Aventurine

aventurine taurus crystal

Photo: Aventurine, polished. Credit: Content Pixie, Unsplash

Aventurine is a healing birthstone for Taurus. Aventurine can exist in many different colors, but green color is the most common and also the color we recommend as Taurus birth crystal.

Aventurine is said to be a universal healing crystal. It is believed to promote healing and good health in general. And this applies to both mental and physical health. It is believed to sharpen and provide clarity to one’s mind. Purportedly, the green gemstone also helps prevent hair loss, mitigate allergies, soothe allergy reactions, and improve skin conditions.

Just like emerald, aventurine belongs to one of the colors the represent Taurus which is green. Unlike emerald, the green aventurine is opaque and has a dusty green color. In any case, aventurine has a much cheaper price range than emerald. Consequently, aventurine the Taurus stone can be used in areas that emerald can’t, such as home décor or even as paper weight using lesser-grade aventurine.

5. Amethyst

amethyst taurus stone

Photo: Amethyst. Credit: Amila Tennakoon, Flickr

Taurus is also lucky to have amethyst as their birthstone. The purple gemstone is a symbol of peace, calmness, relaxation, purity, gentleness, kindness, and clarity. While “luck” isn’t a symbol of the gemstone, I’d venture to say that amethyst is the lucky stone for Taurus. Why? I’ll explain more below.

The Taurus gemstone amethyst is believed to bring inner peace. It’s the perfect gemstone to have around especially when you’re going through some rough patches in life. For it symbolizes peace and relaxation, consider placing it in your living room or bedroom as decor. Gem-grade amethyst is more expensive, but there are other more affordable amethyst grades that are excellent as home decor.

The literal meaning of amethyst is “not intoxicated.” When you’re intoxicated your judgment is clouded. In other words, amethyst offers clarity and perhaps the wisdom you need to see things clearly. This couples with the stone’s calming effect makes it an excellent companion crystal for studying and learning. This brings us back to why amethyst is a lucky stone for Taurus. That’s because of the clarity it brings to the mind. Taurus is perseverant and hardworking, however, one of their biggest weaknesses is stubbornness. Amethyst can help Taurus see past their own stubbornness and this creates luck for the bulls.


We’ve discussed five unique gemstones that represent Taurus. These five gemstones are unique in their own ways. They’re not only aesthetically pleasing as jewelry and decor, but they are also believed to have many beneficial properties. While many of the effects can’t be proven scientifically, one cannot deny the positive psychological effects of wearing your own birthstone. In other words, it makes you feel good. And good things happen when you feel great about yourself.

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