Discover inspirational pencil sets with inspiring quotes on them. Every pencil sets are unique with quotes in one of these categories: sassy girl, famous figure, and fictional characters. What are you waiting for? Take a look at these cute vibrant-colored pencils now.

cute pencils with meaningful sayings on them

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Inspirational Quote Pencils with Meaningful Messages

Sassy Girl Pencils

Empowering girls through sassiness. Of course, these pencils are meant to be funny.

1. Mean Girls Pencils

Gorgeous-looking gold-lettered pink pencil with a dash of sarcasm. “You’re like really pretty”, “That’s so fetch”, “On Wednesday we wear pink”, “You go glen coco”, “Her hair is full of secrets”.

Mean Girls Pencil Set - Pink
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2. “Bitch” Pencil Set

Bitch-themed black pencil topped with erasers.

Bitch Pencil Set - Black
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3. I Literally Can’t Even Inspirational Pencils

Sometimes the best response is, “I literally can’t even”.

I Literally Can't Even Pencil Set - White / Gold
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4. Girl Power Pencils

Pencils with powerful feminist sayings that keep a girl inspired.

girl power pencils
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Pencils with Motivational Sayings

Happy little pencils that keep you going.

1. Motivational Pencils

Pencils with short and impactful phrases: Enjoy life. Stay positive. Stay strong. Be happy. Dream big. Be yourself.

rainbow color positive vibe pencils
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2. Positive Vibe Pencils

Motivate you and everyone around you with these pencils that encourage positive thinking. The sayings on the pencils are: make your mark, believe in magic, good vibes only, best day ever, be awesome, and believe in magic.

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Historical / Famous Figure Inspirational Quote Pencils

Pencils with wise words coming from a famous person.

1. Gandhi Quote Inspirational Pencils

Down-to-earth pencils featuring famous sayings by Gandhi. The quotes are 1. “Thoughts become words”, 2. “Words become actions”, 3. “Actions become habits.”, 4. “Habits become character.”, 5. “Character becomes your destiny”.

Gandhi Quotes Pencil Set with Eraser
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2. Steve Jobs, The Crazy One Quote, Inspirational Pencils

Famous phrases commonly attributed to Steve Jobs (or Apple’s advertisement) now available on your pencils: The crazy one, the misfit, the rebel, the troublemaker, see things differently.

Steve Jobs Quotes Pencile Set - Black and White
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3. Pencils with Albert Einstein Sayings

Known for founding the Theory of General Relativity, the famous scientist said some inspiring words that we should learn from. “Learn from yesterday”, “Live for today, “Hope for tomorrow”, “Never stop questioning”, and “I am passionately curious”.

motivational pencils with short albert einstein quotes
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TV/Movie/Cartoon Fictional Character Quotes

Fictional characters say some of the most outlandish but inspiring words because they are unbound by constraints imposed by the real world.

1. Sherlock Holmes BBC Inspirational Pencils

Interesting quotes from the BBC TV series Sherlock. “Aren’t ordinary people adorable”, “High functioning sociopath”, “Brainy is the new sexy”, and “It must be so boring”.

BBC Sherlock Holmes Quotes Pencil Set - Orange, Navy Blue, Green, Red
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2. Winnie the Pooh Quote Inspirational Pencils

Winnie the Pooh Quotes Pencil Set - Pink
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3. Dr. Who, Tardis Colored Inspirational Pencils

Dr. Who Quotes Pencil Set - Navy Blue & White
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4. Anchorman Ron Burgundy Inspirational Pencils

Anchorman Ron Quotes Pencil Set - Brown
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Star Wars Quote Pencils

Over the decades, the famous sci-fi franchise and its characters have come up with some of the most memorable movie quotes.

1. Yoda The Jedi Inspirational Pencils

Yoda Star Wars Quotes Pencil Set - Green
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2. Darth Vader The Darkside Inspirational Pencils

Darth Vader Star Wars Quotes Pencil Set
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And that’s all the pencils! What do you think of them? Did you like any of them? Do you anything to add?