Looking for the perfect way to express your love? Want a way to keep your partner close while you’re in a long-distance relationship? Look no further than this list of couple bracelets! These bracelets for couples are excellent Valentine’s Day and birthday gifts too.

20 matching couple bracelets

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Best Matching Couple Bracelets Designed for Couples.

Here are some matching bracelets for couples and where you can buy them.

1. Matching healing stone bead bracelet. White howlite stone, black lava stone. Recommended for couples who practice Yoga and meditation.

black and white
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You’d be forgiven for thinking the beauty of these couple bracelets is all there is to them! The stones they’re made from are actually carefully thought out, with the male’s bracelet made from volcanic lava rock, which helps to release stress. The bracelet for the female is made from white howlite, promoting health and luck.

2. His and Hers – Queen & King stainless steel plate couple bracelets. Best for teen, couple, young adult couples.

King and Queen - Matching Couple Bracelets 2
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Affordable? Check. Built to last? Check. Hypoallergenic? Check. Completely beautiful and the perfect gift for your partner? Check and check! These stainless steel King and Queen bracelets are equal parts functional and lovely.

3. Handcrafted Leather Bangle with Infinity Symbol

Infinity and beyond
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Show your boyfriend or girlfriend just how much they mean to you with these fantastic woven infinity couple bracelets. The infinity symbol signifies everlasting love, and the great minimalistic design and color options mean they’ll pair well with just about everything.

4. Cute couple gift: matching couple bracelets on a keepsake card with meaningful wishes

wish boyfriend girlfriend bracelets
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If you haven’t come across wish bracelets before, their premise is simple – make a wish as you tie the bracelet on to your wrist; when the bracelet wears through, then your wish will come true! These matching boyfriend-girlfriend bracelets come complete with a blank card and sweet envelope, making them the perfect gift to share with your special someone.

5. Customized leather bangle. Engrave secret lover’s message or your initials on the inside of the bracelet.

hidden message leather bangles
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Keep your feelings close to your chest (or wrist!) with this genuine leather customized couple bracelets. Your special message can be engraved inside, making sure you always have a sweet reminder of the person you love. Think quotes, coordinates, dates… the possibilities are endless!

6. Modern stainless steel black and rose gold LO-VE bangles lined with cubic zirconia in cross shape – perfect for Christian couples

chic stainless steel bracelets
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With the deep black cuff for the male and the stunning rose gold cuff for the female, these gorgeous rose gold and black couple bracelets are engraved with a quote to always remind you of your partner. Made with quality stainless steel, you’re guaranteed these cuffs will last for years to come.

7. Rustic everyday-wear rope and alloy bracelets for long-distance couples

rustic love knot
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If your style is slightly more bohemian, these love knot couple bracelets are where it’s at. Made with vegan leather, the knot represents the connection and tight bond between you and your partner.

8. Unique Morse code bracelets that spell Forever and Love in code

unique morse code bracelet
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These may look like fairly simple couple bracelets, but the meaning behind them is really special. They both contain a secret message in Morse code: one bracelet spells out “FOREVER” while the other spells out “ALWAYS”. Fully adjustable, you can mix and match as much as you wish.

9. Love knows no distance. Durable water-resistant silicone bangle for athletic, active couples who are in a long-distance relationship

love knows no distance groovy silicone bangles
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relive the fantastic 90s aesthetic with these funky purple and brown 100% silicone bracelets. Not only are they super cute, but they feature a special message for long-distance couples: “love knows no distance”.

10. Spiritual hand-braided knot bracelets. Lightweight.

spiritual lucky rope bracelets
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It doesn’t get much more special than this. These lucky rope couple bracelets have been handwoven by Tibetan Buddhist monks, who recited continuous mantras while weaving. They are believed to bring good luck and fortune to those who wear them, making them a truly lovely couple gift.

11. Tropical-inspired Gemstone (howlite and dalmatian stone) bracelets / anklets for lovers and best friends

tropical gemstone turtle bracelets anklets
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Did you know that turtles are thought to represent patience, determination, and endurance? This makes them the perfect symbol of love. This bracelet also contains the stone Dalmatian, which helps to break down barriers you’ve constructed around yourself. All in all, this bracelet carries a lot of meaning.

12. You’re the key to my heart. Romantic lock and key leather and rope couple bracelets.

key and lock leather bracelets
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Does your partner hold the key to your heart? Let them know with this sweet woven couple bracelets set! The green and brown tones give them a lovely earthy feel, and the brassy charms really complete the aesthetic.

13. A reminder for couples in a long-distance relationship

one day closer bracelet
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If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you’ll know the struggle all too well of counting down the days until you can be reunited. With these matching couple bracelets, you’ll always be reminded that every day that passes is one day closer to seeing your loved one again.

14. Custom coordinate bracelet – personalize it

custom personalized coordinates bracelets
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Cast your mind back to a place that’s truly significant to you and your partner with these personalized couple bracelets. Personalize the bracelets with something special to you two — maybe it’s where you first met, had your first kiss, or even where your wedding was held. Keep those memories alive with this beautiful bracelet that contains the coordinates of your special place.

15. Smell good without perfume – aromatherapy Buddha lava rock couple bracelets with built-in essential oil diffuser

essential oil diffuser buddha bead bracelets
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These unique couple bracelets have a hidden use – they’re made of lava rock, which is fantastic for holding the scent of essential oils! Match up with your partner and you’ll both be breathing the same scent, no matter how far apart you may be.

16. The winter is coming. Matching Game of Thrones (GoT) bangles for the TV series fans

game of thrones got stainless steel bracelets
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Fill the Game of Thrones-sized hole in your life and express your love for your partner with these amazing cuffs! Engraved with the famous quotes “Moon of my life” and “My sun and stars” these are the ultimate gift for the Khal Drogo to your Khaleesi.

17. Durable hand-braided angel and cowboy leather bracelet

angel and cowboy braided leather bracelets
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If you’re looking for something a little more rustic, look no further than these gorgeous and durable leather couple bracelets engraved with “His Angel” and “Her Cowboy” – perfect for the couple that likes the country vibe!

18. Horse bit design. For equestrian couples who like to ride horses. Country-style.

horse bit equestrian couple bracelets
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Speaking of country vibe, it doesn’t get much cuter than this! These matching horse-bit bracelets are perfect for a couple with a shared love of horses. After all, the couple that rides together stays together.

19. Personalized European leather pinky-swear bracelets with magnetic clasps.

the pinky promise
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We all know that there is no promise quite as serious as a pinky promise, and that’s what makes these couple bracelets so sweet! Made with genuine leather, these can be customized with initials for extra personalization.

20. Mesmerizing Solar system gemstone bead bracelet for astronomy lovers. Heavenly-body jewelry featuring Mars, Venus, and the rest of the entourage

solar system gemstone bead bracelets
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These couple bracelets bring a whole new meaning to the saying “I love you to the moon and back!” Featuring all eight planets in our solar system as beads made from a range of different gems and stones, these sweet couples cuffs really show that there’s no limit to true love. In addition to the planets that we love dearly, there’s also love for our Moon and ex-planet Pluto!

And with that, we’re wrapping the list of couple bracelets. Did you find a couple bracelet pair that you like? I hope you’ve found the perfect matching bracelet for you and your bae! Which bracelet is your favorite? Make sure you let us know!

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