Find out if a Taurus man secretly dislikes you from these unmistakable signs.

Finger-crossed he doesn’t behave in ways that show that he hates you! In our previous Astrology guide, we share with you some of the signs that a Taurus man show when he likes you, this time we cross over to the other side and share with you the way they act when they don’t think too highly of you.

signs a taurus man dislikes you

3 Signs A Taurus Man Dislikes You

signs a taurus man dislikes youThe Taurus man that you are hoping to develop a relationship with may be the worst fit for you if he shows the following signs that he doesn’t like you:

  1. He leaves when you are around – If you enter the Taurus man’s presence and he ends up backing away from you, or downright leaves, then you need to take it as a sign that he doesn’t want anything to do with you. It is best to accept this fact and find another man instead who will be interested in you.
  2. The man will tell you flat out that he doesn’t like you – The thing with Taureans is that they are quite honest, and unlike their mirror-image sign Scorpio, they are not secretive. They tell it as it is. There is no mystery whether he likes you or not if he says he clearly is not interested in you at all. It will hurt but at least you will know where you stand.
  3. He ignores you – Even if he doesn’t tell you that he doesn’t like you, he will act as if you don’t exist and be obvious in your presence.

Those signs right there will give you a clear picture whether the Taurus man likes you at all or not, and if he displays those signs then he really does not like you. However, beware of the following signs if he hates you!

3 Signs A Taurus Guy Hates You

signs taurus man hates youIf a Taurus man feels negative about you, you would prefer that he simply doesn’t like you instead of hating you. Because his hatred of you can be a nightmarish experience. Think of it as a Scorpio hating you but without the secretive nature. These signs will most definitely show you that he hates you:

  1. He will argue with you whenever you are in his presence – Instead of the man just ignoring you and pretending that you don’t exist, he will most definitely note your existence by finding things to get into arguments about with you. You are better off with just walking away if this keeps happening.
  2. He will bring up the mistakes you made in the past all of the time – This guy really has it out for you if he keeps bringing up the time that you lied to him or said something hurtful to a friend of his whether it was intentional or not. He just won’t let it go. Taureans hold grudges and you can bet he is holding one over you as well.
  3. He might very well be vengeful – Be careful because one trait that a Taurus man could display if he hates you is vengefulness. Unlike a Scorpio that plots their revenge in secret, the Taurus man could actually make threats. For instance, if you angered him for whatever reason and he knows you are looking to get a new job, he will look into ways to sabotage your chance and will even let you know about it. He may even call your potential new employer to tell him or her how bad your reputation is!

With that said, you don’t want a Taurus man to hate you. If he doesn’t like you, then don’t push it and stay away from his presence.

Sigh in relief if he doesn’t show any of these signs above.

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