What Makes Aries Happy - Things that bring happiness to Aries men and women

A Guide to Finding Happiness for Aries: What Makes Aries Men and Women Happy?

When the stars made Aries (March 21 – April 19), they made a group of happy little fireballs. They thrive on arguments, constantly look for adventures around every corner and have more energy than a group of puppies. While rams are known to butt heads at times, there are plenty of things that make Aries happy. In this article, we’re going to be sharing some of the most important things with you.

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So what exactly is happiness for Aries? What are some concepts and activities that bring them joy?

1. Aries love learning new things

Out of the things that make Aries happy, knowledge is found near the top of the list. When an Aries finds that they enjoy learning about a specific subject area, they will do everything that they can to learn as much as possible about it. This quest for information is a lifelong one that never expires.

If you are currently trying to make an Aries partner happy, we would recommend taking them to their favorite museum or art gallery. Don’t be surprised if they want to stop and read as many of the little plaques as possible. When it comes to Aries, it isn’t in their nature to just look at a work of art and admire it. They need to understand the work of art and the perspective of the person who created it.

2. For Aries, happiness is finding honest friends.

If an Aries feels like you’re not telling them the truth… they will do everything that they can to get to the bottom of your pot of lies. When an Aries can sense that you are telling the truth, they will appreciate your honesty. And they’ll offer you their trust in exchange for it. Once you’ve built a real bond of trust with an Aries, you won’t ever have to worry about that bond breaking.

When you’re trying to make Aries happy, you should know that an Aries will never hold back their thoughts. If you try to make them, they might just succumb to sadness and internal rage. When you’re honest with an Aries, they will always be honest with you. They won’t shy away from the tough subjects, even when you might want them to. As brutal as this can be, a little bit of brutal honesty is never a bad thing.

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3. The search for real compassion

One of our favorite things about Aries is that they love searching for real compassion. When you work your way into the heart of an Aries, they will do everything that they can to protect you from an emotional perspective. Your compassion will make the Aries in your life happy, especially when you’re not afraid of displaying it openly.

In the same way, an Aries can become mad with happiness when they feel loved. This form of happiness can be quite dangerous, especially if you’re not used to the wild ways of the Aries. Love really does make the world go round for the ram, especially when they’re in their element.

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4. Aries folks are happy when they’re getting their own way

As much as every Aries would like to pretend that they are not stubborn, they are. Even the Arians who aren’t too stubborn are still quite stubborn, especially when you compare them to some of the other zodiac signs.

When an Aries is accused of being stubborn, they will usually dig their feet into the ground. They will insist on the fact that they are not stubborn until they get their own way. When they do get their own way, you will notice their personalities change within seconds. They’ll go from a fit of stubborn anger to sincere happiness… as they naturally feel a sense of accomplishment when they “win”.

This isn’t necessarily a good trait, but it is a trait that rules Aries. If you want an Aries to be happy, think about letting them win every now and again. But, don’t fall soft. An Aries appreciates a challenge. They want you to dominate them, even with their dominant personalities

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5. New adventures bring Aries joy

One thing that every Aries has a great abundance of is energy. This is something that they have to learn how to live with as they age, as challenging as it can be at times. Some Aries decides to exercise regularly to burn off their excess energy. Others channel it into their hobbies.

Most Aries will use some of their bursting amounts of energy to go on adventures around the world. When combined with their desire to learn as much as possible, they can end up in some funny places. Naturally, the ram is happiest when spending time in the great outdoors. They can be found clambering through fields, looking at natural landscapes and trying out new sports.

6. Adrenaline-packed activities excite Aries

If there’s anything that can make Aries happy on even the worst days, it’s adrenaline. Adrenaline-pumping activities leave Aries with massive smiles across their faces.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go jumping off of a bridge strapped to a bungee cord. Instead, think about taking the Aries you want to make happy on a rollercoaster. Before you do, make sure that they’re not afraid of heights. Let’s just say a scared Aries is not a happy Aries.

Most rams have an affinity with adrenaline in their day-to-day lives. Lots of them ride motorbikes, jump straight on fairground rides and take on challenges that they might fail just to get a rush.

Happiness and the Typical Aries

There you have it, there are lots of different ways to make Aries happy. When you’re trying to make an Aries happy, we recommend playing to their natural instincts. Make sure you understand who they are as people and what their emotions are like. Those details will help you to make a smile appear on their faces.

If you are really struggling to make an Aries happy, you might want to consider asking them directly. Ask them if they would like to do something fun. Nine times out of ten your Aries will happily jump at the opportunity to.