Tarot is a valuable tool for giving insight into people, situations, and various areas of life. In this Astrology-Tarot crossover article, let’s try to understand Taurus better through five unique Tarot cards that the represent the star sign of the Bull.

Taurus’s Tarot Cards

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) is the second sign of the zodiac. It is the fixed earth sign and its ruling planet is Venus. Individuals born under the star sign of Taurus are said to possess strong work ethics. Just like their symbol, the Bull, they’re hardworking and patient across all aspects of their lives.

Taurus Tarot

In the sections that follow, you’ll find five Tarot cards that are the most meaningful for Taurus. In the Tarot card deck, they most closely resemble Taurus in the areas of family, personality, friendship, love, and career. In some cases, they also offer advice that Taurus should heed.

1. Personality: The Hierophant

The Hierophant card

The fifth Major Arcana card, the Hierophant, is the main representing card for Taurus’s personality. It possesses many of the traits that make up the core personality of Taurus.

In Tarot, The Hierophant is a depiction of a wise spiritual teacher. In an upright position, it is a representation of tradition, conformity knowledge, and leadership. The card shows Taurus’s selflessness in giving advice and guiding others with their knowledge. The Hierophant is also about commitment and following traditions. Both of which are values that Earthy Taurus respects and appreciates. It’s true that they’re knowledgeable individuals, but sometimes these stubborn bulls just hate being told what to do.

Taurus is humble and introverted. They are capable contributors and leaders who prefer to work in the background, away from the limelight that distract them from the real work. However, just because they stay away from the limelight doesn’t mean they aren’t hoping to get noticed.

A master of pragmatism, Taurus almost never does anything without expecting any return. They’re not greedy, they’re realistic. And the return they’re looking for come in different forms and sizes. In some cases, they’re happy to just witness growth in the person they invest in. This core personality has a deep impact on almost all aspects of Taurus’s life. And you’ll see how it plays out in the following sections.

The Hierophant in reversed position also describes Taurus’s behavior in certain situations. While Taurus is known for being docile and norm-conforming, they can be explosive and extreme when triggered. When Taurus goes berserk, the Hierophant indicates that they tend to rebel. They will begin to go against the norm purposely. Sometimes they will even go as far as to start to live an unconventional and unhealthy lifestyle.

The Hierophant also shows that when Taurus gets thrown off balance, they may also become misleading or manipulative. They might begin to spread false information without spending too much thought on it. To avoid this, Taurus needs to remember their root and use their inner wisdom to remain grounded. In other words, The Hierophant can offer inspiration to a disoriented Taurus.

Keywords that describe the Hierophant and the personality of Taurus:


  • Wisdom
  • Tradition
  • Commitment


  • Rebel
  • Misleading
  • Unconventional

2. Love: Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles Taurus Love

The Seven of Pentacles depicts a farmer standing next to his crops. This card is all about planning for the long term. It’s also about investing in something you genuinely care about and believe in.

This is an accurate depiction of how Taurus behaves when it comes to romantic relationships. If they think it’s worth it, Taurus will invest their time and energy into the ones they love. For they’re pragmatic in nature (and not stupid), they do look forward to having the favor returned to them. The return they’re looking for is in the forms of affection, deepened relationship, or personal growth.

When their love and investment don’t pay off, the Seven of Pentacles indicates they won’t stick around very long. Taurus has a ton of patience. But even the fixed earth sign Taurus has a limit on their patience.

When the implicit “give and take” rule of a relationship become all giving and no taking, Taurus will begin to limit their affection. Ultimately, they will cut off the parasitic partner who doesn’t appreciate them and move on to find someone who truly deserves their love.

Keywords that describe the Seven of Pentacles and how a Taurus loves:


  • Long-term
  • Perseverance
  • Investment


  • Short-Term
  • Limits
  • Impatience

3. Family: King of Pentacles

King of Pentacles: Taurus Family

The King of Pentacles (also known as King of Coins) card depicts a King of abundance. He is protected by a robe of grapes and vines–a symbol of abundance. Holding a wand in his right hand and a pentacle with his left hand, the King is shown sitting a on throne embellished by carvings of bulls. The bulls mark an innate connection between the Minor Arcana card and Taurus.

In Tarot, the King of Pentacles is a symbol of wealth, abundance, financial wisdom, leadership, and stability. Many of which are goals Taurus has for their family. As parents, they provide security and stability–both financially and physically–to their partner and children.

The King isn’t one without expectation. For their many contributions to the family, financial contribution being one of them, they do seek validation and return even if they are not verbal about their needs. What are they looking for in return? Some examples are acknowledgment, affection, growth, and general betterment. 

For their spouse, they are willing to cooperate and work hard to meet the material wants and needs of the family together. However, if their family members are unwilling to cooperate and work together, the passive Taurus may become cold in their attitude and choose to distant themselves.

They might give up trying to provide for the family and let things become unstable. As things spiral out of control, it could throw off Taurus further, causing them to express negative materialistic traits. Of course, this is only the worst case scenario. Taurus is generally very lenient and understanding.

Keywords used to describe the King of Pentacles and Taurus approach to family life:


  • Security
  • Cooperation
  • Abundance


  • Instability
  • Cold
  • Materialistic

4. Friendship: Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles Taurus Friendship

The Six of Pentacles represents the generosity Taurus has towards their friends. They are willing to share all that they have. If their friends need something, Taurus will generously share and provide whatever it is they may need.

The Six of Pentacles is also about balance. As long as things in their friendships are equal and balanced, a Taurus will remain supportive. It also means that Taurus will only extend help if their financial situations allow them to.

When Taurus begins to form unhealthy friendships, the Six of Pentacles indicates that things can become one-sided quickly. When that happens, this could mean that Taurus becomes the one who is overly dependent on their friends. They could become quite possessive of their friends too.

Taurus needs to take care and remember that they can only do so much for their friends. They also need to keep in mind that their friends can only do so much for them. Otherwise, a friendship may gradually become toxic.

Keywords used to describe the Six of Pentacles and what kind of friend Taurus is:


  • Generous
  • Balanced
  • Supportive


  • One-sided
  • Dependent
  • Possessive

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5. Career: Knight of Swords

Taurus Career Tarot Card Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords represents Taurus’s role and behavior at the workplace.

Just like the skillful Knight of the Swords, Taurus are confident in their knowledge of their field. The Knight of Swords says that Taurus knows they are hard workers. At their best, a Taurus can accomplish anything and raise in rank quickly in their career.

Life is not full of roses. In a toxic work environment, the Knight of Swords implies that Taurus may become quite aggressive, which may end up making things worse. Inversely, Taurus may also indulge in laziness when they lose the motivation to succeed at work. This is comparable to a knight who loses their motivation to fight because the lord they serve is devilishly corrupted.

Implicit advice coming from this card: Taurus should choose their career path and employer wisely.

Keywords used to describe the Knight of Swords and the career life of Taurus:


  • Action
  • Confident
  • Accomplishment


  • Laziness
  • Aggressive
  • Self-doubt

Taurus and Tarot Cards

The Pentacle suit dominates the list of cards that represent Taurus. This is not a coincidence. The reason is they share an elemental connection. Both the Pentacle cards and Taurus possess the affinity to the earth element. The King of Pentacles card even has the symbol of Taurus baked into it, making the two inseparable.

Thus, it becomes almost impossible to avoid the pentacles because they’re so deeply entrenched.

The four tarot card suits represent the four elements:

  • Wands – Fire
  • Cups – Water
  • Swords – Air
  • Pentacles (coins) – Earth

Here are some keywords associated with Taurus, the suit of pentacles, and the earth element:

  • Stability
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Practical
  • Structure
  • Abundance
  • Grounded


In this article, we’ve discussed five tarot cards that you can use to represent Taurus. You can use each of those cards to explain a different area of Taurus’s life.

The Hierophant is the ruler of Taurus’s core personality. The Seven of Pentacles shows how they will continue to give in loving relationships as long as they receive.

The King of Pentacles says that Taurus will go to great lengths to help provide for their family. The Six of Pentacles expresses how generous Taurus is towards their friends.

Finally, the Knight of Swords represents the confident force of action Taurus brings to the workforce, bringing them success in their career.

Each of these cards represents an integral part of Taurus. They accurately display the loyalty and reliability that this earth sign has within them.

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