Are you curious about what your crush thinks of you? Are you losing your mind over the confusing signs he may or may not be sending? Planning on dragging friends into asking it for you or embarrassing yourself by asking your crush directly? You don’t have to do all that! People aren’t always good at hiding their feelings for someone. Thankfully, there are signs that can give you a hint on how your crush feels about you.

Signs that suggest your crush also likes you

1. Where they sit

Pay attention to where your crush sits in class or during lunchtime. It only counts if he gets to influence where he sits — for example, when hanging out with a group of friends. If it’s a one-sided crush, your crush most probably sit randomly. But if your crush likes you back, you will find him trying to get closer. He’ll make someone move their seat or call dibs on the seat next to you.

2. The jitters

Is your crush acting in a shy or awkward way? It’s not a bad thing. You give them the jitters which makes them feel shy. Because they are trying to say all the right things or worrying about what to say, it makes them feel nervous but in a good way. They don’t want to stop talking to you, so they try their best to keep the conversation going. You know how this feels, chances are you are giddy in front of your crush too.

3. He gets defensive

When people get embarrassed in front of someone they like, they become extra defensive. They’ll either resort to jokingly embarrassing the attacker or explain their side repeatedly and divert the topic to something else. If your crush likes you, they will want nothing but to continuously impress and look flawless in front of you.

4. Your crush shows interest in what you like

When a person is interested in you romantically, they will pay close attention to you: things that you do and things that you say. If you’re vocal about something you like, they will take note of it. Say you’re invested in a K-pop boy band and your crush is clueless about it but goes out of their way to know the members and listen to their songs, then it means they’re interested in you. They would never do something they’re not interested in unless it’s for someone special.

5. He helps you out when you’re in need

Often, people are selfish and never patient, especially when it comes to helping someone. If you’re having a hard time with your math homework or navigating through an Excel spreadsheet, and your crush comes to the rescue when you didn’t ask for any help, that suggests that they like you. They’ll always want to show off their abilities and come off as a knight in shining armor to someone they’re attracted to.

6. Your crush gets jealous

When you’re hanging out and you blab about a cute guy that passed by, your crush would try to derail that guy by saying something like “he probably has bad breath.” Your crush would try to shift the focus to his good qualities instead and say something like “I work out more than him.” They wouldn’t want you to look elsewhere because what you need is right in front of your eyes.

7. Gauge your crush’s interest level from his zodiac sign

Do you know his star sign? Find out how do the men of each zodiac sign behave when they like you from these helpful guides.

Don’t worry if you don’t know his sign, you can find out their sign from their birthday. If you don’t know his birthday, this is a great excuse for you to find out!

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How to know if your crush likes you through conversations

There’s a much you can from the way people talk and the content of a conversation. Here are some subtle signs that reveal your crush’s interest level.

8. “You remind me of…”

Imagine your crush telling you that he reminds you, out of all the people he could possibly think of, about something. If your crush tells you, “I was looking at the moon and I thought of you.” That is not a normal thing to say. It’s the perfect time to float in the air because there’s a high chance that your crush likes you back big time.

9. He has many questions for you

The length of a conversation depends on how much you like or dislike a person. For someone you hate, a single sentence feels like a waste of your time. The same rule applies to your crush. If he seems distant and always cut conversation short, he is simply not into you at the moment.

But if your crush asks many questions, that’s a good sign. Your crush wants to get to know you more, so they actively participate in the conversation by asking you questions. Similarly, they’d be happy to spend time answering any questions that you may have. If people aren’t interested, they wouldn’t want to waste time on having meaningful conversations with you.

10. Everything’s funny

When your crush always laughs at your jokes, unless you’re really funny, then it could mean they care about you. They wouldn’t want to make you feel bad with your bust joke, so they still laugh even if it’s not funny. It’s a silly but sweet form of companionship.

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How to tell if your crush likes you back from text messages

If your crush doesn’t text you at all, it’s pretty obvious that he hasn’t developed the kind of feelings you’re looking for. However, if the two of you talk regularly, here are some signs to look out for.

11. Your crush sends you certain emojis

This is one of the most obvious signs. You don’t care about the smileys, sad, angry, or crying while laughing emoji. They’re boring, casual, and common. The real deals are the kiss without heart, blushing smiley, sparkly hearts, puppy eyes, and the wink. It surely says, “I like you.” There’s a 99.8% chance that your crush doesn’t use these emojis with their bros, but only to someone they feel special about.

12. If your crush cares about you, he would always reply

If the crush is mutual, you’re both probably glued to your phones while waiting for a reply from each other. People feel neglected when their text is left on read. If your crush likes you, they wouldn’t want to make you feel that way. You don’t want them to wait for a long time and that’s what they’re thinking, too. Sometimes people have legit reasons for not replying to your messages. If the feeling is mutual, they’ll apologize and get back to you later. However, if your messages are ignored, chances are you aren’t on your crush’s mind.

13. Your crush sends you cute memes

Everyone is so invested in finding god-tier memes these days. Your crush might your partner-in-meme. There are only two possible reasons your crush sends you memes. First, he’s trying to impress you with his meme-searching skills. Second, he wants to gauge your humor and be on your funny friend list.

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There are many indicative signs to tell if your crush share your feelings. Usually, it’s good to follow what your gut tells you. But more importantly, don’t jump to the conclusion. You shouldn’t assume a mutual attraction from just one or two of the signs. Likewise, don’t feel too disappointed when your crush doesn’t do any of these things. People have different personalities and different ways of expressing themselves. Instead, lower your expectations and let them surprise you.

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