Want to tell your crush about your feelings for him but not sure? Discover subtle ways to let you crush know that you like him more than as a friend, ways that don’t involve saying “I love you.”

5 Creative & Subtle Ways to Let Your Crush Know that You Like Him

Let’s say that you have been eyeing this cute guy for weeks or months, and each time you see him, you get butterflies in your stomach. Everything seems to go slow-mo when he looks your way. If you don’t know what that means, I’ll break it to you: you definitely got a crush on that person.

While it sounds difficult for you to confess your feelings, there is one thing that makes it all easier― bravery. If you really like him or her, be brave! After all, you’ll never know if your crush likes you back if you do not tell him or her the truth.

If you want to tell your crush how you truly feel, don’t worry because we got your back. We’ve come up with some awesome ways to tell your crush you like him, and some of them don’t even have to be in person (shoutout to introverts, out there).

1. Let Your Crush Know That You Like Him By Writing Him a Love Poem

confess with a poem

One of the most creative ways of telling a crush your true feelings is by writing them a poem. It does not have to be a very long or detailed poem, as long as you sincerely describe how you feel. Also, be careful not to confuse your crush with too many flowery words and metaphors. The last thing you want to do is to make him feel confused after reading your poem. It’s ok to make him feel a little more curious about you though. Not a great poet? No problem, use one of these sweet love poems instead.

2. Write Your Crush a Love Letter to Tell Them That You Like Them

tell him with a love letter

If you are not comfortable writing a poem, writing a letter might just do the trick for you. While it sounds old school, writing a letter is a very genuine way of confessing your feelings. Our grandmas and grandpas wrote many letters for each other many years ago, and it worked out so well for them. Find out the do’s and don’ts of writing a love letter.

3. Subtle Way to Let Him Know: Entice Him With Food

entice guy crush with good food

As the famous saying goes, “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” So go ahead and use food to seduce and inform him of your intention. Know what your crush’s favorite food is, and give it with a note saying you like him. If you cannot do it face-to-face, you can have the food delivered to his house.

4. For Introverts: Do It Through a Text Message

send your crush romantic texts

It could be really difficult to tell someone how you really feel in person, so telling your crush how much you like him through a text message might be the right way for you. While it might be rude to break up with someone through a text message, please do not feel bad if you decide to confess your feelings through a text message. It could be an advantage because it gives your crush time to think properly, instead of answering you right away. More tips on how to signal I love you through text messages.

5. Invite Your Crush To A Meal

tell your crush at a meal

While this approach might give you goosebumps, it is very effective. There are so many TV shows and movies in which people confess their feelings over dinner or lunch. Plus, if you want to know the reaction of your crush real-time, this is the best way to go.

No matter which way you choose, be brave. Take deep breaths and smile. You can do it!

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