Discover some cheap spring date ideas that fun to try with your date. Money is tight, and you and your significant other are on a budget. However, the spring season is the time when you want to make the most of going out and enjoying life. You want to go on dates that are fun, affordable, and that will be memorable once the weather starts to warm up.

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The spring dating options that you are presented with may be out of your budget because the recommendations you may have been given would have been along the lines of going to fancy restaurants, or going for dessert which isn’t so cheap to do anymore, or to go to a concert or a movie which can be costly nowadays! The good news is, you can still enjoy a fun date night with your partner in the springtime without spending an arm and a leg. Let’s go over 5 cheap spring date ideas that you will love.

Fun & Cheap Spring Date Ideas: Springtime Couple Activities

1. Create Your Own ‘Drive-In’ Movie On A Cozy Spring Night

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Yes, going to a drive-in movie may be more of a summer type of idea, but you can create your own once the weather starts warming up in your own backyard. And, it really isn’t a drive-in because you are going to do this in your backyard, not in the car. But what you and your partner can do is take some pillows, a blanket, and your laptop, and go into your backyard. Set up the blanket on the ground for you both to lay down, and use the pillows for comfort. Put the laptop in front of both of you, and go and find a movie to watch. You may have to pay a little but there is a chance you can find a movie for free on YouTube that you both can watch on your laptop while you are snuggling up together. Don’t forget to bring out the snacks as well.

2. Have A Picnic Date At The Park

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There is nothing more fun and memorable than having a picnic on a warm, spring day. You can have a picnic at a park while you are enjoying lunch outside, and then after that, you can go for a hike and enjoy the scenery. That will make it a fun date, and you can enjoy the good weather before it starts getting too hot.

3. Enjoy The Spring Breeze, Go Fly A Kite

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When was the last time you had flown a kite? If you don’t have a kite, you can get one at inexpensive department stores, or you can get them at Walmart. And go get a kite that is fun and exciting other than the classic kites that you constantly see flying. Why not get a Homer Simpson kite, or a Peter Griffin kite (of the Family Guy fame), or something that will induce plenty of laughter. Kite-flying is a fun activity and that also makes a perfect date activity as well. Not to mention, it is free to do other than the cost of the kite, which will not be hard on the budget!

4. DIY Fun Date Night: Outdoor Cocktail Bar

Spring DIY Bar

Going to the bar is costly, and you don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash at the bar, so why not create the next best thing? A DIY outdoor cocktail bar in your own backyard or balcony if you live in an apartment. Go set up a small table on a deck or on the balcony, and mix up some cocktails, put it in a pitcher, and go and enjoy having some drinks with your date. However, don’t get too crazy over it. You want to make the date night memorable in a good way! With that said, be sure to put the snacks out as well to much on so the booze does not get too you too much!

5. Go Ride A Bike

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Why not spend a spring date by going on a bike ride? You both can spend quality time together and get plenty of exercise as well, and it won’t cost a dime. You don’t have to ride a bike in your neighborhood if you want to get a change of scenery as well. You can find parks that will allow you and your significant other to ride a bike, and this can be an enjoyable date.

What Are Your Favorite Frugal Spring Date Ideas?

Which of the above spring date ideas is your favorite? Do you think you have a better spring date idea that is cheap and fun? Go cheaper than cheap by enlisting the help of these free date ideas for couples.

You can incorporate some of these date ideas for spring into one big date. For instance, you can go for a picnic, and then go for a bike ride after you have allowed enough time to elapse to digest your meal. The bottom line is that there is absolutely no reason to spend an arm and a leg to have an enjoyable date during the springtime with your significant other. If you have some good date ideas, why not share those with us? We would love to add other excellent ideas to the list because you can have an enjoyable time without spending a lot of money!

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