Going on a date, especially a first date can be nerve-wracking. You may feel the need to impress your date and preparing for it can be quite hard. If you have decided on having a picnic, we’ve compiled a list of adorable ideas for you to have the most fun, unforgettable, romantic picnics with the apple of your eye. From amazing picnic locations to picnic food, we got you covered!

Romantic, Cute Picnic Date Ideas Perfect for Adult and Teen Couples

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  1. Location
  2. Food
  3. What to wear
  4. Things to bring
  5. Expectation
  6. Inspiration

Tips on Finding the Perfect Picnic Locations

Suggestion: find a location near you to cut down on traveling time. For a small adventure, find a further, unexplored location.

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When choosing a place for your picnic date, here’s a rule of thumb: pick a place where you and your date totally feel comfortable at. It can be at the beach where you first met, or at the park where you first set eyes on your bae.

For sunset lovers, picking a place where you can clearly see the sunset is a great idea. Having a date on a botanical garden will be memorable too, especially during the springtime when flowers are in bloom. No matter what place you pick, make sure that it’s a place where you two can enjoy each other’s company and make great memories together.

Cute Picnic Date Outfits

What to Wear to a Summer or Spring Picnic? Outfit Ideas for Ladies

picnic date what to wear. outfit ideas. ladies guide.

A picnic date is more casual compared to a fancy dinner date so you can dress down if you want. Pick a comfortable outfit, which you are most confident wearing. Whatever you choose to wear, make sure the fabric is light and breezy.

Consider switching tight jeans to a pair of shorts, or a tight dress to a cute romper. Skip the leather shoes or high heels, too. Instead, wear comfortable sneakers or flats.

Good and Easy Picnic Date Food Ideas

Suggestions For Adult Couples on a Date

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Your picnic date just won’t be complete without mouth-watering food. Choose food that is easy to carry around, with a small chance of it being spilled while inside a picnic basket. You can bring sandwiches, sliced fruits, chips with dips, or chocolate-coated marshmallows. Honestly, there is a lot you can choose from.

To make the food extra special, prepare them yourself instead of just buying from the supermarket. You can make your grandma’s special homemade cookies or salsa dip. Now that will surely impress your date. You can also cut fruits or mini-cakes into hearts using cookie cutters.

For drinks, bottled or canned ones are your best friends. It can be as simple as bringing canned soda or fruit juice or going all out by having champagne.

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30 Things To Bring to a Successful Picnic – The Picnic Date Packing List

Now that you have chosen the perfect location, outfit, and food for your picnic date, don’t forget to bring sunblock especially during summer.

picnic date - things to bring. packing ideas

Allergens cannot be avoided sometimes too, so have anti-histamine tablets ready. If you are going to a place with many trees or bushes, bring an insect repellent lotion, too.

Here’s a simple list of things that you should consider bringing to a picnic with your date:-

  1. Picnic blanket
  2. Food basket
  3. Wine
  4. Wine Glass
  5. Beer
  6. Juices
  7. Bread
  8. Toast
  9. Sandwich
  10. Onigiri (Japanese rice ball)
  11. Butter
  12. Jam
  13. More Food!
  14. Spoon
  15. Fork
  16. Butter Knife
  17. Napkins
  18. Cheese
  19. Paper plate
  20. Nugget
  21. Fries
  22. Cheesecake!
  23. Sunglasses
  24. Sun hat
  25. Sunblock
  26. Selfie stick
  27. Powerbank
  28. USB Cable
  29. Camera

Setting the Right Expectation

What to expect from the date

The weather can seem nice at first, but you have to be cautious. Check weather reports in advance before confirming your picnic date, and go to the spot first to observe things that might hurt you and your date. And don’t forget to have a Plan B, in case the rain ruins your date. After all, indoor picnic dates can be a thing!

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