Spend quality time with your best friend this Summer. Below are more than 40 date ideas that are perfect for teenage and college girls. Most of these ideas can be done without spending too much money, so if you have a budget to keep, you’ll find this list helpful. Check them out and let me know what do you think below.

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Best Friend Dates to Get You Started

  1. Have a sleepover party
  2. Camp out in your backyard
  3. Make awesome sandwiches together
  4. Picnic at the park
  5. Visit the public library
  6. Go window shopping
  7. Shop for cute beachwear
  8. Spend a day at the beach
  9. Cafe hopping
  10. Play dress up
  11. Watch a Summer blockbuster movie
  12. Watch a free movie outdoor if you’re in NYC
  13. Go to a farmer’s market
  14. Watch Netflix
  15. Do each other’s makeup by following tutorials on YouTube
  16. Make a short YouTube video and upload it
  17. Take beautiful photos of each other
  18. Chill at the pool
  19. Talk about the boys from school
  20. Shop for back-to-school supplies

Even More Date Ideas with Your BFF

  1. Visit an art gallery
  2. Watch a play at the local theater
  3. Volunteer at the local animal shelter
  4. Pick berries!
  5. Learn to bake a cake from mom
  6. Attend a painting class
  7. Have a barbecue
  8. Do each other’s nails
  9. Go for a jog
  10. Learn to make simple jewelry — this might turn into a profitable business someday!
  11. Read a book
  12. Visit a museum
  13. Go to the circus
  14. Visit a zoo
  15. Play board games — Catan, Monopoly, etc.
  16. Go bowling
  17. Visit an ice cream parlor — and eat there!
  18. Stay fit — workout together
  19. Sing your favorite songs
  20. Dance to your favorite music
  21. Plan your back-to-school outfits
  22. Stargaze

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