Enjoy springtime by hanging out with your best friend. In this blog post, you will discover more than 40 awesome Spring dates you should go on with your best friend. This is a pretty diverse list, so I’m sure you will find an activity that works for both of you. Written for teen girls in mind, these activities are actually great for guys and girls of all ages.

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Fun Outdoor Spring Date Ideas for Best Friends

  1. Go to a theme park
  2. Ride a bike
  3. Take a hike
  4. Visit the local park
  5. Have a picnic. Remember to find a scenic spot
  6. Organize a barbecue
  7. Fly a kite
  8. Chill at the beach
  9. Go to your favorite cafĂ© — remember to sit outside
  10. Go window shopping
  11. Eat ice cream
  12. Go to the Food Festival if there’s one
  13. Fruit picking!
  14. Go to a yard sale
  15. Visit the farmer’s market
  16. Visit the zoo
  17. Camp out in the backyard
  18. Start a bonfire (with adult supervision!)
  19. Visit the botanical garden
  20. Take photos of Spring flowers
  21. Plant some flower together
  22. Plant a 1-year time capsule
  23. Go shop for new clothes
  24. Watch a movie outside
  25. Walk the family dog or cat
  26. Go for a jog

Fun Indoor Spring Date Ideas for Best Friends

  1. Spring-clean each other’s room
  2. Get ready for Summer — plan what to do in Summer
  3. Play dress up
  4. Watch a movie at home
  5. Have a sleepover party
  6. Pillow fight!
  7. Make milkshake at home
  8. Talk about your crushes
  9. Share secrets!
  10. Play truth or dare
  11. Make a Spring flower foliage
  12. Get crafty
  13. Make hot dogs
  14. Paint something
  15. Binge-watch YouTube

Meaningful Spring Date Ideas

  1. Volunteer at the animal shelter
  2. Help pick up trash around the neighborhood



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