The Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp, also known as the Cusp of Prophesy, takes place from December 18th until December 24th. This is the span during which some of the greatest visionaries come into the world. Individuals with birthdays in that range are loyal, social, caring, and have a sense of determination that knows no bounds.

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You are a likable person. People enjoy listening to you because you’re an engaging speaker. You listen and communicate in ways that you know people will understand. Plus, your advice is always reasonable and trustworthy. It wouldn’t be surprising to find yourself in an educational career.

The influence of the Cusp of Prophecy releases brave, hardworking, and focused energy. The only downside here is that sometimes you get overly engrossed, and all else becomes background noise. When a loved one approaches you about the tendency your independent streak may kick in, so watch your words. The Archer’s aim is straight toward the heart.

As people born during the Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp mature, they become a little adventurous with the eyes of a child toward the world. The once stay-at-home Capricorn acts with spontaneity, even if it takes a moment of convincing.

Ruling Planets: Jupiter & Saturn

Saturn rules Capricorn while Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Jupiter is active and expansive, while Saturn stresses limits and boundaries. As you might guess, that creates inner turmoil at times, but the outcome can be truly fantastic. Inspiration finds a cornerstone in a pragmatic approach leading to success.

Jupiter and Saturn work together with natural wisdom. There’s a hint of philosophy, intuition, spirituality, and Universal truths all scuttling around in your DNA. It’s no wonder this is called the Cusp of Prophesy. You can, and often do, predict the future with unnerving accuracy. Bear in mind

Associated Elements: Fire & Earth

Sagittarius is a Fire sign, while Capricorn is Earth. So, on one hand, you have fierceness and on the other, you have grounding and a desire for stability. This typically results in you having the energy you need to reach your goals without burning out. You also don’t choose goals that have no chance of manifesting. Oh, yes, you have lofty thoughts, but they are so forward-looking that people around you can’t catch that vision. You have to take baby steps.


Sagittarius is a Mutable sign, while Capricorn is a Cardinal sign. This cusp is both active and changeable, which makes people born now nearly undefeatable in business. Capricorn wants a safe future with built-in alternatives. Sagittarius has no issue taking the twists and turns necessary for achievement. Sometimes the vibrations “bash heads” in that Capricorn wants to keep things under control at all times, and Sagittarius can be a class clown, but in the end, somehow it works.

Think of it this way. The Mutable in the equation provides formality and appropriateness, a bit like miss manners. The Cardinal sign finds a way to keep happiness and fun within those confines. Capricorn smooths over ruffled feathers, and once that’s done it’s time for Sagittarius influences to start filling that dance card.

Sagittarius x Capricorn Hybrid

Individuals born on the Cusp of Prophecy are filled with potential. Something is always stewing inside in the hopes of making a difference in the world. You are a great leader, smart and determined, so you have the opportunity to go further than most people anticipate, including financially. There is passion in your work, which drives concentration. Tip: If you have a friend who was born on this cusp, don’t try to tell them they “can’t.” It’s an exercise in futility.

Two R’s are part of the Capricorn-Sagittarius Cusp makeup: rationality and reliability. You understand logic and its workings. You also understand the steps necessary for sound decision-making. You are not biased, and your presence makes people feel more assured of the process.

In terms of loyalty, it’s impressive, to say the least. They won’t backstab, or just hop on a gossip train. Their word is their bond and badge of honor. It will take heaven and earth to get them to move on what’s been promised.

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Sagittarius-Capricorn Strengths

Keywords: fun-loving, social, just, funny, reliable, faithful, honest, personable.

The Cusp of Prophesy manifests with a “take life by the horns” outlook. You want to stuff every last experience possible into each moment. It is this very trait that helps you see potential and act on it with mindful steps. You can problem-solve with the best of them, and never skip a smile in the process. Life will take you to the front of the line. And while it may feel odd at first, it’s exactly where you should be and the shoe really fits.

Sagittarius-Capricorn Weaknesses

Keywords: derious, forceful, temperamental, provincial, inflexible, opportunistic

When people born on this cusp get in a “zone” they will have a tendency to isolate themselves. Any interruption is met with disdain and a little Sagittarius fire. Your passion is going into your work, but you begin leaving your loved ones out of the loop. Communicate! You know how to weave your words, and those in your circle need your emotional presence.


There are certain requirements for having a successful relationship on the Cusp of Prophesy. You must find an attentive partner from whom you can learn much, and who is willing to listen actively. They cannot be jealous. Your schedule is always booming. You may be able to go-go-go 24-7, but there aren’t a lot of people who can keep up. So pace yourself with intimate partners.

Once in a committed relationship, you try to appreciate the reliability your partner shows. Loyalty is a huge need. You have no idea how to cheat and won’t tolerate it either. You invest heavily in your significant other but expect a balance of energy in return. Romance is one of your love languages, so invest in flowers and get ready for steamy, sometimes mischievous, sex.


Two words: sophisticated and comfortable. You like it cozy, but not dull. You may add a bright shoe or a brassy briefcase to the ensemble. You will spend a little extra on things that illustrate quality craftsmanship. A little posh? Yes, but never prim.


Look for careers where you can assign tasks with your well-ordered, pragmatic sensibility. You don’t make the best subordinate, so keep your eyes focused on executive roles. Careers in management, banking, programming, and accounting would fit the bill pretty well. You love work that presents ongoing challenges like PR and investment.

Advice for Sagittarius-Capricorn Cuspers

Beware of isolation. Cutting yourself off from socializing will help you up the career ladder, but it does nothing for personal relationships. Seek friends who are smart and like deep discussions, with a little rowdy humor for good measure.

Cooperate more. Yes, you have brilliant ideas, but you’re not the only person who can have them. Give other people a chance to present a concept, and you may end up with an incredible collaborative measure. It’s okay to share the spotlight.

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