The Cusp of Aquarius-Pisces

The Aquarius-Pisces Cusp, also called the Cusp of Sensitivity takes place between February 15-21. As you might guess by the nick name, people born during this cusp are, well, “sensitive.” They’re psychics, empaths, nurturers, and healers with natural gifts.

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If you were born during the Aquarius-Pisces cup, you are surprisingly outgoing. You know you might get hit from all angles with energy, but you also recognize you can do no good hiding at home. When you’re around people, your sense of place and purpose emerges. Humanitarianism is in your DNA.

As anyone with strong compassion and awareness, the world can overwhelm. You absorb the feelings of people around you without noticing it, at least initially. You know that friend who was upset and angry? And, at the end of the day you’re upset and angry for no reason whatsoever. Yep, you just gathered up a whole bunch of psychic garbage. To avert this, take a hint from thee wisdom of mothers. Wipe your feet at the door, not just of dust and dirt, but energies you do not want as well.

The Cusp of Sensitivity creates idea-oriented people who hover on the edge of greatness. Sometimes your brain feels too full, especially when you are also saturated with emotion. One of your challenges will be finding a balance between head and heart for self-preservation.

You are also highly intelligent and innovative. You love to create, often in more than one medium. The vision revealed through those efforts may be seen by some as eccentric, but that’s fine. You were born to walk and live differently. Often, your energy goes toward philosophical or spiritual matters. Take care. That energetic focus can sweep you away and distract from necessary practicalities.

Ruling Planets: Uranus and Neptune

The two planets that influence the people born during the Aquarius-Pisces Cusp are Uranus (Aquarius) and Neptune (Pisces). These two planets stress brilliancy, keen-mindedness, love, and brilliance. Even when people misunderstand you, and they will, you don’t have that problem. You “see” people and read them remarkably well.

Uranus brings progressiveness and forward thinking into the picture, along with a hardy portion of unconventionality. Neptune supports the imagination, and provides the will to follow your dreams. On days when you really hunker down and focus on manifesting, the results can be nigh unto miraculous.

Associated Elements: Air and Water

The two elements interplaying with the Cusp of Sensitivity are Air (Aquarius) and Water (Pisces). The Air Element is elusive, dashing and moving as it pleases. So, you may be the kind of person who has a deep-seated understanding or the Universe… the “bigger” picture, if you will. You connect with higher vibrations and concepts without difficulty.

You are a person of “deep waters,” too. Connection and compassion are always there, in waves and swells, or on a calm sea. Family is cherished, of blood and choice.

Modality: Fixed and Mutable

The fixed nature of Aquarius offers some stability in what might be an otherwise very chaotic life. Fixed signs, in general, also see things through to completion, no matter what. In this manner, the Aquarian-Pisces Cusp born can be incredibly stubborn, slow to change their opinions. On the upside of that willfulness is the ability to stand by their beliefs with surety.

Pisces, being mutable, are adaptable. They want change and movement, until the end of a project or relationship is obviously at hand. Sometimes it’s a good ending, sometimes bad, but the Cusp of Sensitivity expects either.

There is a sense of whimsy between the Fixed Aquarius and Mutable Pisces, and sometimes mystery. You can’t always pin these folks down or find a tidy label for them. And, that can be incredibly fun.

Aquarius x Pisces Hybrid

So what specific attributes and personality types can you expect from the Aquarius-Pisces Cusp? Such individuals are globally minded. The see unity and commonalities, which makes them altruistic.

If yours is the Cusp of Sensitivity, you see solutions no one else considered. Yours is the gift of innovation. It doesn’t matter if your idea is outside the box, in fact it most often jumps the lines altogether, with the crayons of ingenuity.

Yours is a very big heart. You show your family and friends compassion and love in small and large ways. Rarely will anyone in your life NOT know how you feel about them. Some individuals, however, keep a little distant being put off by your tangible psychic powers.

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Aquarius-Pisces Strengths

Keywords: kind, inventive, visionary, charitable, noble, considerate, perceptive

Everything in your life ties to your sensitive nature and caring heart. People find your selflessness appealing, but some have their own agenda. Sometimes your compassion is seen as a weakness on which to prey. You make an excellent confidant as you would never willingly repeat a secret you promised to keep.

Aquarius-Pisces Weaknesses

Keywords: vulnerable, hermetic, disconnected, nebulous, melancholy

There are days when it feels like the whole world’s problems are yours to bear. It takes time and practice to keep your empathic abilities under greater control. When you are overwhelmed, you prefer detachment to engagement. Your imagination is a safe haven, but you cannot stay there forever.

The Cusp of Sensitivity in Relationships

People in your circle appreciate you. You give love and kindness, often when you’re struggling, too. You never waiver in your compassion, but could use a partner with more “earth” in their chart to help keep you grounded. Finding someone who shares your intellectual aptitudes and spirituality is essential for long term happiness.

You are a patient, playful lover who doesn’t mind taking their time, using intuition as a guide. You take nothing for granted, which strengthens your relationships.


There’s no question the Cusp of Sensitivity is nontraditional. Standing out with creative pieces is perfect. The clothing is comfortable, flowy, and sometimes controversial. You like heading to the 2nd hand store followed by a posh fashion house and make it all work.


The best jobs for those born on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp are ones that push the limits in some way. You want to be challenged and grow in your talents. Dynamic positions that let you use your inquisitive nature suit you well. You could easily be an investigator or theoretical scientist. Also a position of personal therapist works here, as you must dig for helpful truths.

Advice for Aquarius-Pisces Cuspers

Even if you’re unable to find a creative job, you must find an outlet for all your imaginative energy. Take a painting class. Try sacred dance. Write the next great novel. You can show people the world how you see it, and inspire change. Additionally, you lead by example.

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