The Cusp of Libra-Scorpio

The Libra-Scorpio cusp, also known as the Cusp of Drama, takes place from October 19th until October 26th. If you were born during this time frame, as the nickname of the cusp suggests, drama is in your very soul. One part of you wants to be center stage, while the other wants to be in the audience as a critic.

cusp of drama libra x scorpio

People find you intriguing and sometimes intimidating. You have a serious edge to your personality that cuts both ways. There are no gray areas in life or in your goals. You know what you want to do, and how you want to do it. And if someone asks your opinion, they’d better be ready for a blunt, bold reply. Dogging or couching words isn’t your game. And while some will appreciate your candor, take care. It can also push people away.

Ruling Planets: Venus and Pluto

The Cusp of Drama brings love and mystery, passion and seduction, allure, and auric intensity. You are magnetic, and sometimes wish you were a little less so because you attract a herd of people who want to be “just like you.” It’s hard to shake them.

Venus brings romance to the table, even in gestures toward a friend. You enjoy living the proverbial good life within the means that you have. Pluto is a mover and shaker. Those born on the Venus-Pluto cusp are always going here, there, everywhere! During all the activities, you develop new ideas and outlooks that help transform your life, moving you toward your ultimate goals, and beyond.

Associated Elements: Air and Water

This cusp brings air to water, which can be refreshing or incredibly dangerous. Inside there’s always some type of storm with which you struggle, often between clear thought and emotion. The only way the storm clears is when you get absolutely clear truth about the matter at hand.

Air has no concrete form, meaning you can be elusive and even untouchable when you retreat into a moody shell. You can think deeply about anything, and often over-think it, which is when water steps in to balance you out. The watery energy within helps bring you back into symmetry with just enough emotion. You can have sensibility and sensitivity all at one time.

Modality: Cardinal & Fixed

The Cusp of Drama has one cardinal sign, Libra, and one fixed sign, Scorpio. There’s no question that you like taking charge. In a parade, you’d be at the front with a baton. There’s no problem with that, as it comes naturally to you, and you always add a little flair to whatever you’re doing. Just don’t become overbearing.

You are somewhat of a traditionalist, with a strong work ethic. People know they can rely on your loyalty no matter what. You do, however, sometimes have trouble regaining your momentum after an upset, in part because you’re stubborn and slow to change.

Libra x Scorpio Hybrid

As Libra and Scorpio dance in the sky together, they emit poise, honesty, and intuition. Trust yourself a little more. Your gut will rarely steer you wrong. If you think people are “iffy” you’re probably right. True seeing is a gift this cusp offers.

Speaking of truth, you have a strong drive for fairness too. If you see something wrong, you want to set it right. There is the temptation to release your pronouncement full force. Don’t. The prudent road is better. Have you ever noticed that people pay more attention when you whisper than when you shout? Just keep plucking forward in your cusp’s determined way. Tenacity has its benefits.

There is so much charm in the Cusp of Drama. You can attract people even if they don’t really like you! You can be jealous of people and possessions and have an aptitude for sarcasm, which isn’t always appreciated.

The Libra-Scorpio-born have strong egos, but the ability to pull off their grand ambitions. Bear in mind, however, that not everyone can see or comprehend your purpose. Be patient with them, especially if they’re genuinely interested.

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Libra- Scorpio Strengths

Keywords: strong, smart, truthful, enchanting, adept, provocative, sensual

The Cusp of Drama typically manifests itself with very caring individuals. These people can bewitch and bewilder but are always honest about their love. If this is your cusp, you measure people up very quickly. Your quick wit allows you to immediate, confident action when needed. When giving instructions you are very precise, making it easier for others to get things right.

Libra-Scorpio Weaknesses

Keywords: skeptical, uncompromising, snide, hyper-critical, withdrawn, stern

The flip side of the Libra-Scorpio personality is a lack of patience. You tap your foot and may even consider bringing out your stinger as motivation. Your sense of justice sometimes turns you into a vigilante – judge, jury, and sentencer all in one. In this mode, you aren’t really thinking clearly and may jump to wholly wrong conclusions. Work on a little restraint.


People born on this cusp desire committed relationships. You know how to communicate and emote, and have no thoughts of straying. Intimacy is essential, as is trust, which you value highly. You can be a little emotionally intense (water), and you like certain rules within your circle.

You like socializing especially with friends, family, and lovers. While you’re out and about, you sometimes become the peacekeeper between various parties. It’s a talent for which you’re appreciated. By the way, don’t try and lie to a Libra-Scorpio cusp. You’ll not only fail miserably but may lose the relationship altogether.

When the Cusp of Drama “goes for it” in a relationship, just get out of their way. They already read the signs and have full confidence in their next moves. The next steps are suave and nearly so quiet you might not notice them.


There is always a sense of being composed for people born during this cusp. These individuals put thought into how people will see them. They want it pleasing, curated, and pin-stripe perfect.


Career paths for the Cusp of Drama are fairly diverse. Possibilities include diplomat, consultant, sales, legal occupations, science, architect, higher education, investigator, and researcher.

Advice for Libra-Scorpio Cuspers

Remember that people want to know the person behind the mystery that is you. As you feel practicable, let them in. Take your time. Trust is earned.

It’s hard for others to handle your truth-telling sometimes. No matter how correct you are, and the fact that your words come from a point of staying real, you can really hurt those you love most. Try to provide constructive ideas versus critical missives.

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