The cusp of Gemini-Cancer refers to the period between June 18 and June 24 when Gemini slowly gives way to the Cancer zodiac sign. It’s called the “Cusp of Magic” in part because individuals born on these dates always hold wonder for the world. They find beauty in everything, have laughter in their soul, and a heaping portion of whimsy. Such people are daydreamers whose hope and faith are unshakable. Some keywords for the Gemini-Cancer cusp include bravery, kindness, friendship, assurance, and contentment.

magic cusp: gemini cancer

Ruling Planets: Mercury, The Moon

Mercury is a planet associated with quick wits, swift decision-making, and communication. The moon is emotional, intuitive, and changeable. This means Gemini-Cancers are forward thinkers. People sometimes have trouble envisioning their ideas because they walk the path of a visionary, while always looking out for others.


From an astrological viewpoint, Mercury rules over rationality, curiosity, and flexibility with a strong emphasis on education. So, the Gemini-Cancer cuspers may plan every detail, or just go with the flow! It’s whatever makes sense at the moment. Think in terms of a social chameleon. If your birthday lies within the Cusp of Magic, you can read a room within minutes, see the big picture, and know exactly what you want to do next. You seek expressive relationships between family, friends, and intimate companions.

The Moon

Astrologers consider the moon as the most important ruling planet. It is the Queen of the sky to the Sun’s Kingly nature. The phrase “still waters run deep” could well be the mantra for this planet, and for the Gemini-Cancer cup’s personality. You will feel deeply, desire mutually nurturing relationships, and probably children (be it a pet, a project, or a baby). Perhaps most importantly, the moon’s influence allows you to plan for the future, using past lessons so you don’t repeat them.

Elemental Associations: Air & Water

Air and water bring amusement, like bubbles floating on the winds. The Gemini-Cancer cusp brings out sentimentality from water, and intense thought (air), and sometimes they mix, making for some confusion. Without caution, the push-me-pull-you can upend plans.

Air from Gemini

Air influences those born on this cusp with a thirst for freedom. After all, you cannot capture the wind. That can mean having struggles with grounding so you can implement your ideas and put them into action.

Another Air characteristic you may experience is the need to feed your mind. Learning is an artform in your life. And it’s not just about filling your mind, but rather providing you with sound information for decision making. You remain open-minded to outside sources

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Water from Cancer

The water element is all about your inner landscape of feelings. They rise and fall, and rise again. It gives those born during the Gemini Taurus cusp a unique dynamic, somewhat mysterious.

Water strengthens the desire of those born in the Cusp of Magic to help others. You do not like seeing people hurt. The underdog can become your mission. You are a highly sensitive soul, with a sixth sense about things. Nonetheless, you’re not terribly fond of unpredictable events.

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Modality: Mutable & Cardinal

Gemini is a mutable sign, meaning you’re ready to take on changes as they come, but would really rather plan a project. You know nothing is truly fixed in life, so you try to adapt with grace., but it may take a little time. People find you hard to pin down, much to your friend’s frustration. Waiting for a “natural” solution can keep you stuck for quite some time.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, meaning Gemini-Cancer cusp people are initiators. They spark ideas or get things moving. In terms of advice, they always stress having a firm foundation, a cornerstone for your dreams.

Gemini x Cancer

When you are born on the Cusp of Magic, expect the unexpected. You love telling stories and listening to your friend’s adventures. While you like to talk with the best of them, showing your emotions is difficult because they’re so intense. In other words, while you look calm and collected your gut may be filled with tension and worry.

Your social skills are bar-none. You’re generous with those you love and you’re respected for it. Romance is always in the air, but not always intimate. You like surprising people in your life with mindful gifts. And with such an upbeat personality, you can lift the mood of a whole event with a smile and a song.


Keywords: flirtations, inquiring, loving, faithful, empathic, motivational, energizing.

When born on the Cusp of Magic you have the ability to find the tiniest of positivity in even the worst situation. The caution here is making sure people don’t feel like you’re dismissing their feelings in it all. Thankfully, that happens rarely because you offer great advice and reassurance.

Your natural charm means people surround you wherever you go. It may be necessary to find a hide-away periodically. While in your presence, you can inspire people to a higher purpose and a fresh vision. You are smart but can appeal to the heart without talking down.


Keywords: emotional struggles, temperamental, maudlin, thoughtless, self-centered, hostility

All cusps, and actually all signs, have negative aspects. Everyone has bad days when the worst comes out (usually at a terrible time). One of the greatest struggles for the Gemini Cancer Cusp born is not listening to their own advice. “Do as I say, not as I do” gets tiresome very quickly.

You sometimes have trouble putting down your baggage which, in turn, results in sullenness. This behavior can become the final nail in a bumpy relationship. It’s important to find coping mechanisms for your emotional swings that go from carefree to despondent in a snap.


People born during the Gemini Cancer cusp need fun-loving partners with bright minds. Someone who is sensitive to your moods, who brings passion and devotion, and who likes a little excitement fits the bill perfectly. Aquarians and Pisceans are good options.


Your personal style is just that, personal! You have no need for fashion statements, but do enjoy something a little flirty and comfortable. The closet at home is filled to overflowing so you always have an outfit to suit your mood.


Those born on the Cusp of Magic work better in the proverbial back of the house. They aren’t really assertive types, and with so much empathy face-to-face work can be distracting and even painful. A career as a radio announcer, fact-checker, night shift clerk, or copywriter are all options worth considering.

Advice for Gemini-Cancer Cuspers

Individuals born during the Gemini Cancer cusp can sometimes get caught up in their own thoughts so much, that everything else disappears into the backdrop. Remember to keep one eye or ear in the “moment.” Also, watch how long your conversations become. Texting, emailing, a passing chat can turn into hours where you should be doing something else.

Perhaps the hardest thing about being on the Gemini Cancer cusp is feeling too much. You can’t find an off switch and end up taking on everyone else’s woes. This leaves little time for processing your own thoughts. Find ways of calming the inner self like meditation to keep in balance.

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