The Cusp of Capricorn-Aquarius

The Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp, also known as the Cusp of Mystery, takes place from January 17th until the 23rd. As this cusp’s nickname implies, people born during this period are somewhat of an enigma, and they like it that way. These individuals are filled with idealistic imaginations.

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If you were born on the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp, there’s always an air of excitement in your life. Your mind never stops coming up with ideas, which is great, but sometimes distracting. Once you’re engaged in thought, you seem to fade into the background, not noticing much around you. It’s how you focus, and you don’t really take well to interruptions.

Balancing that, you love to have a good conversation with someone. If it’s a problem that needs solving, or a story from friends and family, all the better. You sometimes struggle with being too forward-thinking instead of living in the moment, but you can improve easily.

Ruling Planets: Saturn & Uranus

Saturn rules Capricorn, and it is a planet of boundaries. Energetically it deals with necessities, rules, practicality, and limitations we have to overcome. Meanwhile, Uranus (Aquarius) seems diametrically opposed, being open-minded. It is the planet of awakenings and unconventional approaches. Where Saturn thrives on tradition, Uranus makes new ones altogether.

This might seem difficult at first, but really the two work harmoniously. Uranus brings out the vision, while Saturn puts the foundations down for turning it into a reality. For an onlooker, the whole matter seems bewildering. Such is the nature of the Cusp of Mystery.

It is worth noting that certain types of astrology put both Capricorn and Aquarius under Saturn’s rule, that may be why this cusp manages to work out variant energies so well.

Associated Elements: Earth & Air

As you might expect from the sure-footed Goat, it’s ruled by the Earth element. Earth offers stability and determination. Meanwhile, Air (Aquarius) loves spontaneity. Variety is the spice of the Water-Bearer’s life. But when you feed both aspects of self correctly, your ability to thrive and grow expands geometrically.

Air keeps the Capricorn-Aquarius born flexible and lively. Earth keeps the whole bro-ha-ha from getting out of hand.

Modality: Cardinal & Fixed

Capricorn is a Cardinal sign. It is confident, diligent, and sometimes a tad controlling. It’s like the older sibling to Aquarius who, by comparison, is a flower child. Where true beauty happens is when the faithfulness of Capricorn mingles with the thoughtful nature of an Aquarian. Your makeup is one of finding creative ways to help people, ones they can actually put to use here-and-now. If you have a friend born during the Cusp of Mystery, you will never want for help. They will remain tried and true and help you see through projects to the finish line.

Capricorn x Aquarius Hybrid

If this is your cusp, you will never EVER be bored. Your life always seems to have activity in it, and you know your purpose and place in the world. Leadership doesn’t scare you, and you can prove quite inspirational in such roles. The Air Element in you knows the necessity of change, while the Earth Element reminds you constantly that you don’t have to do everything alone.

Create a supportive group that lifts up your dreams with honest efforts. You just have to be careful about not letting your visions outstretch resources and probabilities. Otherwise, you’ll always be disappointed by outcomes, and sometimes blame your “helper tribe” for the shortcoming.

Use your admirable communication skills for networking and keeping in touch with the important people in your life. Use your logic to know when it is best to reach out, and your creativity for the best possible words. You always have one eye looking forward, wanting a solid yet innovative career. So, this approach creates a pathway for success in business, too.

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Capricorn-Aquarius Strengths

Keywords: innovative, humorous, decisive, idealistic, understanding, considerate

Being born on this cusp, you have a knack for clever innovation and a strong drive for accomplishment. So you can dream big, and DO big at the same time. You have the ability to see the world from various standpoints and determine if it’s time for a change or a time to hold still and wait. Friends appreciate your generosity and kindness.

Capricorn-Aquarius Weaknesses

Keywords: Off-putting, isolated, tumultuous, self-important, critical, disparaging

It is far too easy for those born on the Cusp of Mystery to slowly disappear into their inner worlds. Sometimes you don’t think you need anyone to help or offer support. Such moments put your loved ones at arms’ length. Try to remember, these folks are your biggest fans. Don’t cut them off! Even your attractive secretive side can ruin relationships if you don’t tend them properly.


There is a staunch individualist within everyone born on the Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp. You like your freedom, so friendship is easier for you to maintain than committed relationships. Later in life, you might be ready to settle down, but you seek someone with a bit of fire in their soul-someone who can relate to your revolutionary vision. If that person can keep one foot on the ground for advice-giving, the connection is even better.

You fare best in relationships with highly intelligent people, as you have high expectations. As you find a circle of reliable people, you keep them close. Everyone in your life knows that, but for bad days, you are very reliable. Having said that you’re more of a worker than a lover, so you’ll likely lean toward someone who is not terribly touchy-feely or romantic. Nonetheless, you can prove to be quite a steamy lover.


The Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp style sheet includes both smart and quirky choices. Think person-on-the-go with a few touches that catch your eye. There’s an air of sophistication, but certainly not uptight. You like being practical, not boring. Opening your closet there are both natural hues and a few bright standouts. Each has a purpose and place, and it’s ready to go.


In employment, people born on the Cusp of Mystery work well in teams, but will always move toward management positions. Your ability for all forms of communication and coming up with ideas serves you well. Potential careers include teaching, personal trainer, and mediator.

Advice for Capricorn-Aquarius

Find some manner of getting out of your own head regularly. Set a timer and stick to it, for example. You need to have some roots in the day-to-day reality of life. There are little, important matters happening all the time. Don’t get left behind.

While you are very smart, other people can have good ideas, too. If you learn to listen with an open mind, you may land on a concept that really gets your creative juices going even more than normal. Also, don’t let the Earthy Capricorn nature overcome the thirst for fun. Be the eccentric genius.

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