The Cancer-Leo cusp, also known as the Cusp of Oscillation, takes place between July 19-25th. People born on this day are faced with some back-and-forth swings between the two natures, which can prove challenging. Cancer is cautious, vulnerable, and shielding. By comparison, Leo is bold, brave, and brassy.

cancer & leo oscillation cusp

Nonetheless, you can see how each sign could support the other, too. Cancer often wants to speak out and Leo provides a confident voice. Leo may wish to be more sensitive, and Cancer’s watery influence is glad to comply.

Ruling Planets: Moon & Sun

Nothing better reflects the dichotomy present with the Cancer-Leo cusp than the rulership of the moon and the sun. The saying goes, “the sun in the morning and the moon at night.” So there are times when those born during this cusp feel energized come the sunrise, or ready to dance the town come sunset. The trick is navigating between the two energies smoothly: thinking vs. feeling; expressive vs. introverted; ideas vs. action, etc.


The moon is a Goddess to the sun’s Godly energies. It embodies life’s rhythms and cycles, of which you are intimately aware, along with the ability to active gleaned wisdom.


The sun represents authority and prosperity. People born on the Cusp of Oscillation tend to do well in life-not necessarily “rich” but rather never wanting. Additionally, they have a healthy ego. It’s not overbearing but these individuals know who they are to the core.

Associated Elements: Water & Fire

Talk about a steamy relationship! You elements contrast as much as your planets. The way you respond to any given situation can change on a dime (you’d think you were a Gemini!). Water has a strong emotional side, but when driven by fire you may erupt at the worst possible moment. The challenge is acting on your feelings without aggression.

Think of it this way. If you are a car on life’s highway, fire is your accelerator. Water is a break. You can burn out if you push too long, so water energies say, “slow down!” In terms of self-care, this is a powerful partnership for well-being.

Overall, the mix of these two elements means you are a passionate person. You know your worth and won’t accept any less than what you deserve. Cancer’s water is the lead in terms of primary disposition, much to the objection of fire’s logical nature.

Modality: Cardinal & Fixed

The Cardinal modality in this cusp means you make a good leader, and as a follower, you really need no supervision. Cardinal vibrations help marry Cancer with Leo in dynamics. You grab an idea and run with it boldly. There is always a sense of purpose no matter the task.

In the meanwhile, Leo’s fixed modality provides endurance. You will see things through with focus. This is part of the reason for your personal and professional success.

Cancer x Leo Hybrid

You know the proclamation, “I’m a lover not a fighter?” Well, you are both. Being born on what is aptly called the Cusp of Oscillation brings out a commanding presence coupled with genuineness. People trust you because you’ve proven worthy.

No matter the cause, you can heighten awareness and excitement. Charisma oozes from your pores, so you have to be careful. Your persuasive skills and allure can attract good folk, but also ones you’d rather avoid. Trust your intuition more.

When you keep Cancer and Leo in symmetry the resulting dynamics are impressive. You care about others without losing yourself. You don’t expect respect or trust; you earn it. When you know you’re making a positive impact, little can stop you. When failure happens, you just take the lessons learned and move on.

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Cancer-Leo Strengths

Keywords: inventive, upbeat, passionate, faithful, optimistic, sensitive, thoughtful

People born during the Cusp of Oscillation love nurturing others. Your family always knows they are loved and appreciated. They come to you for advice because it’s sound and comes from a place of caring. If you are asked to keep a secret, it will never leave your lips.

Leo’s influence means you want to live BIG, but in meaningful ways. You hope to transform things for the better, be it your own backyard or the entire world. And, you have the leadership skills to do just that.

You love to create (Cancer), but want your brainchild in the spotlight (yep, Leo). There’s no issue with socialization, but for moments when Cancer wants to crawl into a shell for a while to reset. This usually occurs when said individuals experience sensory overload, and it’s the right action that avoids a meltdown.

Cancer-Leo Shortcomings

Keywords: arrogant, overly emotional, bodacious, explosive, fixated, obsessiveness

Being influenced by two signs that in some ways could be no more different if they tried, means some of the worst of each leak through from time to time. When you feel something, ask yourself why. Is it really important? Are you creating mountains out of little matters?

When you feel out of your comfort zone you can become imposing, overly loud, or hostile. This is the moment when people around you get confused. What they are seeing isn’t familiar. It’s the flip-flop of this cusp in action.

Sometimes you hide in plain sight. If someone asks if you’re ok, you smile and nod even when you’re a mess. This is a habit you should work on breaking, as it pushes down your words and emotions that need to come out to the light of day.


Passion and romance are at the forefront of your playbook. You have tons of love and patience to give to the right person. You work well with Earth and Water signs both intimately and in friendships.

You look for someone in whom you can cultivate inspiration. If there’s a dream, you want it to be mutual. If your partner starts feeling uncertain, you will direct your attention and lend all the support required.


In terms of style, the Cancer-Leo cusp is often manifested in a vintage feel. Older, natural fabrics woo your senses. If the item is on sale, your spirit soars. And, if you have items of sentimental value, they never go into a donate box. There will typically be something for nearly every occasion in the closet, and a few shiny accessories to appease Leo.


People born on the Cusp of Oscillation thrive in careers where they can take care of things. Gardening, teaching, and childcare are good examples. You also have the makings of executive material thanks to creative problem-solving island ingenuity.

Advice for Cancer-Leo Cuspers

Balance, balance, balance (did we mention BALANCE?). You have to work consciously on avoiding petty drama as it can entrap you into an argument that has nothing to do with you. People want you on their side as an influencer, but you must choose if you want to take that stance. Don’t get power-hungry.

Beyond this, let people in more. Your heart is easily wounded, but there are folks around you who want to offer the same compassion you’ve shown them. It’s ok to be vulnerable.

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