The Leo-Virgo Cusp, also known as the Cusp of Exposure or Cusp of Exploration, takes place between August 19 to August 25th. If your birthday lands during this time, you have an incredible presence and the aptitude for becoming a strong leader in any situation. In most cases, individuals born on the Leo-Virgo Cusp have success written in their stars.

leo virgo exposure cusp

The Cusp of Leo and Virgo

The timing of this cusp brings in environmental energy. Leo celebrates the fire of summer, its passion, and abundant energy. Virgo starts winding things down and putting things in order for the fall. So here you have a soul who wants nothing more to sit outside with a cold drink with the sun high in the sky. Yet they’re also ready to return to “work” so to speak. Vacations can’t last forever.

Classic Leo traits include having huge hearts and assertive attitudes. Virgo tempers the Leo boldness with order. Oh, there will be drama, but everything will be “just so.”

Ruling Planets: The Sun & Mercury

Leo being ruled by the sun simply makes sense. These people always want to shine, but like Virgo, you can still see the minor details others might overlook. These two planets produce a bright personality, a keen mind, and a love for a good mystery.


The sun is the brightest star in our sky, and Leo is the brightest zodiac sign. Leo’s kindness and energy apply to the Cusp of Exploration. You just have to be careful about spreading yourself too thin. Having the sun in the picture manifests in self-awareness and well-earned pride.


Mercury works well with solar energy. Logic and reasoning improve your overall productivity. Mercury, however, limits the imagination (something Leo improves upon). You were born to be an effective problem solver.

Associated Elements: Fire & Earth

There’s a nice symmetry between fire and earth. You have intense passion grounded by the earth’s endurance. You can endure far more than people expect, and have a firm grip on where you want to be 5 years from now. The key caution in having a Fire-Earth blend is your temper can be explosive. Take care with your words when the inner volcano rumbles.

Modality: Fixed &Mutable

Leo’s fixed modality means you’re steadfast till the end. Loyalty matters to you as does fulfilling your responsibilities. You would never mindfully break a promise. Sometimes people see you as stubborn because of your nearly immovable convictions.

Virgo’s mutable modality is nearly the direct opposite of Leo’s. Mutable signs LOVE change, where fixed ones would rather have dependability and consistency. This means Virgo affords a little more mischief to Leo, while Leo moderates the temptation to jump without looking.

Leo x Virgo Hybrid

If you were born during the Cusp of Exploration, you’re brave, forceful, and incredibly smart. Charisma is your middle name. Over the years, you’ve never lost sight of your inner child, and it comes out through moments of wildness that release a lot of stress.

In anything you do, you have incredibly high standards. The problem here is the tendency to apply those standards to everyone else, and few can meet them. Balancing that, you always give credit where it’s due through honest praise and signs of appreciation.

There is no question you have management potential so long as you temper your ego. You are independent and communicate effectively. When you get behind a cause, you can be very persuasive. When there’s a hitch, you find a solution. You do, however, need periodic retreats from groups.

Too much socializing can turn into stimulus overload. In such times, you shut down and remain silent, sitting with your secrets and mysteries. This cusp isn’t known for being transparent.

A caution for people on the Leo-Virgo cusp is avoiding pretentiousness. Yes, you have an amazing brain, but other people’s opinions can be valuable. Stick to tact and humility and you’ll do fine. Otherwise, people may lose respect for you because they feel like you’re always showing off.

Do you want to take the world by storm? You can. Look at the big picture (Leo) and then get to the fine print (Virgo). You may like to be in the spotlight but recognize all the building blocks necessary to manifest that. When you need to be heard, Leo assures you of a strong, confident voice. When you need quiet to focus on the needs of your loved ones, Virgo steps in.

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Leo-Virgo Strengths

Keywords: strong work ethic, devoted, truthful, conscientious, dedicated, outgoing.

If this is your cusp you’ve learned how to act on your dreams. People respect your ability to see things through to the finish line. Your loyalty to others provides a strong circle of friends who see you as a mentor and good companion.

When thrust into a leadership role, you are responsible. Among your family, you are protective and always watching for potential dangers. In public, you show generosity and passion toward certain charities.

Leo-Virgo Shortcomings

Keywords: disapproving, obstinate, bossy, imprudent, devious

The flipside of your assets includes being highly critical of people who simply can’t keep up with you. Virgo has an expectation of perfection, while Leo has all those lofty expectations. If you’re not thinking, you can hurt someone deeply.

While people trust you, you are slow to respond in kind. This is your self-protective nature, which has its good moments, but you can’t stay in that mode all the time and build relationships. Give people a little room for being human, and give yourself that same break.


Love when it comes to the Leo-Virgo cusp means you’re facing challenges throughout your life because of some personal outlooks. The same high standards you have at work apply to those with whom you become intimate, and they aim for perfection. When a moment comes when a friend, family member or significant other cannot meet your goal, it may erupt into an ugly argument.

Your hardworking nature means you may spend long hours in the workplace, getting lost in a project. Don’t get so caught up in the task at hand that you forget to get yourself home. Being a good provider matters, but not at the expense of all else.

When you find the right person you are dedicated, helpful, and passionate. You will never want for heat in the bedroom. You know your love language and how to use it with your partner to keep the spark alive.


The Leo aspect of this cusp is drawn to things that are luxurious, rare, exclusive, and dramatic. Color makes a statement, and your taste is impeccable. Virgo adds to this with perfect tailoring and a balance of functional clothing. There’s no need for silk when you’re heading to an outdoor market!


The Leo aspect is highly driven, intelligent, and sometimes goes “all in” on a job. Virgo is not a risk-taker, so that energy may pull you back from taking on too much. Avoid working in casinos. Look to more stable jobs like IT management, insurance writer, credit checker, and tax accounting.

Advice for Leo-Virgo Cuspers

It’s long past time to let other people help out. Yes, you want to do it yourself, but in the end, you’ll be spent. If you can keep your expectations realistic, you’ll see what great contributions come from enthusiastic individuals. Will it be perfect? Probably not, but even you make mistakes.

Take care with your generosity. There are people who will see that as a weakness and endeavor to exploit it. This is the time to let Virgo shine by reviewing every jot and tittle.

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