The Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp also called the Cusp of Revolution, takes place between November 18th and 24th. People born on this cusp have intense power and hardiness. They stand up for their beliefs without apology. Said individuals are always curious, and always searching for knowledge and answers. Keywords: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Cusp.

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The Cusp of Scorpio-Sagittarius

If you were born during this period, you shoot from the hip. Even when you know someone would like to hear otherwise, you’ll tell them what they need to know without glossing things over. Awakening people to what they might otherwise miss is part of your calling. You trust in your advice, and for the most part, it’s spot-on.

Being part of the Cusp of Revolution means, well, that some of your life is truly “revolutionary.” You look for a cause and want to change the world (or at least your own backyard) in meaningful ways. There is no way sitting on life’s sidelines will ever suit you. Your ethical guidelines are clear.

Being smart and bold, you can certainly lead by example, even if it’s a bit uncomfortable sometimes. An abundance of charisma doesn’t hurt, either. The only thing that will really get under your skin is when you feel stuck or constrained, and not of your doing. You need some level of independence, or it causes some ugly power struggles.

Ruling Planets: Pluto & Jupiter

Jupiter the jester rules Sagittarius while the ever-poised Pluto rules Scorpio. This combination results in having an optimistic outlook while preparing for anything. You know how to do Shadow work, and you use it effectively.

Pluto offers power, while Jupiter accepts change. In tandem, you not only accept transformation but often facilitate it. The planet Mars also makes a forceful entrance in Scorpio, so you are the proverbial rebel with a cause.

Associated Elements: Water & Fire

Just when you thought water and fire don’t mix, they do! Scorpio’s fire is dynamic, profound, and enthusiastic. It illuminates hidden things quite effectively. You can use your psychic skills to learn much so you can make the best decisions.

Water balances fire with empathy, compassion, and generosity. You want to support good causes, the keyword being “good.” You will explore any potential charity to make sure money goes where it should. Your sleuthing also watches for skeletons in the closet before committing to any situation.

Modality: Fixed & Mutable

Scorpio arrives in the middle of autumn as a stabilizing force. If you’ve been torn down, those born on the Cusp of Revolution will pick you up. Going one step further, they’ll offer valuable insights and potential solutions that have a foundation. It is the nature of a fixed modality along with a strong will.

The mutable nature of Sagittarius means adding perspective into the mix. Yes, there will always be a bit of chaos for this cusp, but sometimes that’s exactly what keeps life interesting.

Scorpio x Sagittarius Hybrid

The energy that moves between Scorpio and Sagittarius is introspective. You know you have work to do and aren’t afraid to “go there” but you never become maudlin. There is always a spark on the horizon that keeps you headed in the right direction.

The Cusp of Revolution wholly invests itself in the search for truth. In your efforts, you aren’t just looking for hidden clouds, but also blessings. You prefer celebration over angst any day. When you discover something wonderful, you want to share it with anyone and everyone who will listen. You explode with passion and vivacity that becomes contagious.

Scorpios are strategic, while Sagittarians are liberated souls. Combine them, and you will find you enjoy those new frontiers, embracing them to the fullest. Calculation improves the odds of success, and the bravery of the Archer gets right to the bull’s eye of the destination.

Scorpio-Sagittarius Strengths

Keywords: zeal, venturesome, gutsy, honest, dynamic, experienced, benevolent, steadfast

You always have a sense of where life’s journey is going, not just for yourself but as a whole. Your vision may confuse some, but it certainly serves you well and takes you far. You like philosophical musing, looking at a matter from all angles. You have just enough humor to lighten up the most intense moments.

Scorpio-Sagittarius Weaknesses

Keywords: cryptic, self-indulgent, contrary, stubborn, adversarial, brisk, rash

Scorpio has a warrior side and one that may rage battle without forethought. Sagittarius, being likewise impatient, hops on the same horse. Wanting to fight for what’s right is great. But what if you are wrong? Don’t go into berserker mode. Channel your energy effectively.


You love a romantic and passionate relationship, but you are not in the least bit clingy. Rather you need intimate partners who are okay with your private time. They also will need to come to grips with the forthright way you deliver information. Right or wrong, you’re all in with both feet in a discussion.

People born on the Cusp of Revolution appreciate others who love their work, continually develop their talents, and are playful. You like steam in the bedroom (hey, fire and water, remember?). Mind you, explosive arguments come and go, but they also release a lot of pent-up stress.

You are always cheering your partner on to victory, or however far they make it toward a goal. You hope for someone who will do likewise for you, even when an idea seems a little crazy. No matter what, mutual expressions of love and caring must be part of the mix.


The Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp brings out a desire for prepared comfort. You like traveling, so keeping the wardrobe versatile matters. Your secret fashion passion is playing with a combination of new and old styles and seeing what you can create. You want to be unique, tasteful, and free-spirited in your clothing choices.


Individuals born on the Cusp of Revolution are motivated and hard-working, and their choice of careers reflects both. Research is a great choice. You can put your head down but have the notion of discovery as a driving force. Alternatively, your communicative skills and insights make you an amazing PR person or sales lead, and you may even take to administration thanks to your ability to motivate others.

Advice for Scorpio-Sagittarius Cuspers

Between stingers and arrows, the Scorpio-Sagittarius born will defend what they hold dear with lethal force if need be. It is a tendency that takes maturity to harness and apply properly. They also are risk-takers. Yes, you generally land on your feet with the aptitude of a cat, but when there’s a loss, it’s HUGE. Living dangerously is, well, dangerous! Use all that wild energy for positive goals and express gratitude to the people in your life who matter most.

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