The Cusp of Virgo-Libra

The Virgo-Libra Cusp, also called the Cusp of Beauty, takes place between September 19 and September 25. If your birthday comes between those dates, you are truly a unique and, as the name implies, “beautiful” person, and not just superficially.

cusp of beauty

It doesn’t matter what’s happening around you, you always exude grace, kindness, and elegance. This is your “magic.” People find themselves entranced by your demeanor, and your passion-watching out for the “little guy.” Where you see cruelty, you want to bring justice.

One struggle: You have high standards, and people sometimes find it difficult to live up to them. This feels as if said person(s) let you down. And if it hits you hard enough you become like a scolding schoolmarm. If you can remind yourself of the foibles of humanness, and adapt your expectations accordingly, you can breathe and continue inspiring your circle.

Ruling Planets: Mercury (Virgo); Venus (Libra)

When you combine Mercury’s reasoning and communication power with Venus’s ability to sympathize you have a powerhouse for fixing things. You want to change the world, even if only a little bit.


Mercury’s attributes include adaptability, teaching, and absolutely anything that has to do with written, spoken, or internet exchanges. It is also the planet of information gathering, which comes in handy when Venus encourages a business partnership.


As you might expect from the planet of love, Venus governs affections, sympathy, harmony, comfort, and pleasure. Paired with Mercury, you have charm and wits. If you want to get your point across, you do. There is always a little romance in the mix with Venus, so it’s time to write that love poem!

Associated Elements: Earth & Air

Virgo is an Earth sign that has a strong sense of determination, and charisma a mile wide. Libra creates a balanced understanding of the ever-changing situations in the world.

Air of libra

This element brings creativity into your life, along with new beginnings. Your life is filled with changes – doors opening and closing. Thanks to Earth, you know which options are best for you. Air can sometimes be elusive, which plays push-me-pull-you with Earth, who likes things straightforward.

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Earth of Virgo

Within the soil lies endless possibilities. You plant a seed and watch it grow, but not from a distance. You want to be involved from beginning to end. Each moment, each breath, is fundamentally important to you.

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Modality: Cardinal (Libra), Mutable (Virgo)

Cardinal signs are like the oldest among siblings, so they often have a little more energetic sway. Virgo likes to spark ideas and movement, which Libra is happy for which to show mature support. These two modalities mean you are a facilitator and initiator, who will see things through.

You have big ideas but have the common sense from Virgo to put down foundations before you take a leap of faith. This cusp accepts change as inevitable. What makes the difference is how you deal with it.

The Cardinal-Mutable exchange allows you to see various perspectives. You don’t like to make a decision until you have all the facts (or versions of the facts). Once you measure everything, you make your choice, a judgment call, based on the sharing of information.

Virgo x Libra Hybrid

Throughout life, people born on the Cusp of Beauty want nothing more than balance and harmony. One tool for creating that is Virgo’s ability to organize anything into a comprehensive whole.

You are the person who notices little things other people overlook. You see in your mind’s eye the artistic workings of the Universe. There is refinement in the way you think and act. Think: class act all the way.

Another characteristic of the Virgo-Libra born is a passion for following rules. Libra provides objectivity while Virgo brings a strong, analytical mind. The devil, as they say, is in the details and you are not going to let things slip under your radar.

Among friends, this cusp is a “helper bee.” They love to help in practical ways that will last. Where someone else might send flowers when you’re sick for an extended period of time, the Virgo-Libra-born come over and see what needs fixing!

One of the struggles common for people born on the Cusp of Beauty is having “busy brain.” You tend to overthink the smallest of matters, taking far more time than necessary. That spot of paint, slightly discolored, distracts them into taking action! If this is your birth cusp, don’t worry so much!

Virgo-Libra Strengths

Keywords: creative, keen-minded, expressive, engaging, outgoing, provocative

You can talk about almost anything all night long. Just remember to let other people get a word in edgewise. Beyond that, you can speak people’s lingo so they understand what you mean fully. Folks find you approachable.

Virgo-Libra Weaknesses

Keywords: flippant, possessive, withdrawn, jittery, blasé

On bad days people on this cusp become superficial and somewhat greedy. You feel a strong draw toward material possessions, not realizing they won’t fulfill you. All the polish in the world won’t help when you’re bouncing your knee and slipping away into your own world.


You don’t take to relationships quickly. People need to be patient with you and stress ongoing interest before you commit. During that “trial” time, you may stretch into various potential relationships until the Earthy nature brings you to the point of commitment.

With those you love, there is no end to your generosity so long as the end goal makes sense. You express support, offer ideas, and generally act as a patron of sorts. Your circle adores you for this part of your nature.

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The Virgo-Libra style looks to the classics. They prefer something sophisticated, crisp, and coordinated but also practical. Don’t be surprised to find a stain-remover stick in this person’s possession. Being in public with flaws is a no-no.


Some people born on the Cusp of Beauty like to work alone so they can self-manage. Being remote keeps you from becoming overbearing with co-workers because you like taking charge. Your work is always tidy and detail-oriented. Some careers that suit the Virgo-Libra cusp include research, writing scripts, data analysis, and investigator.

Advice for Virgo-Libra Cuspers

Don’t let your passions overcome your focus. The energy driving you forward is transformational. You’ve learned over time that sometimes it’s better to remain silent when you simply don’t understand the matter at hand. It’s a good choice. When you do speak out, it’s always dignified, with well-chosen words.

While tidy on the outside, your inner world can become quite the tangled ball of yarn. You think that because you’ve got every crease in the perfect place that it will somehow “fix” things. It won’t. Complex truths can’t be hidden beneath superficial facades. At some point, you have to come face to face with your issues and feelings and work them out.

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