Do you enjoy being the life of the party? Do you feel better being with your friends than being alone? Does it bore you if you are alone, or worse, stuck at home alone?  Is your idea of a relaxing time with friends chatting over drinks or a meal, or just going for an outing instead of watching television on your own? If you answer yes to those questions, then you are probably an extrovert.

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Extroverted Zodiac Signs

You hear a lot about introverts because more and more people that are naturally introverted are speaking up by sharing that is who they are. The truth is there is nothing wrong with other people and some zodiac signs being introverts.

Extroverted Zodiac Signs

Whether someone is a private or an outgoing person depends a lot on their personalities. According to astrology, a person’s personality and actions are influenced by the stars. So what does astrology has to say on the topic of extroversion? Which zodiac signs are extroverts based on their personalities? How do they behave? And what drives them to behave in the way they do?

Let’s put the five biggest extroverts of the zodiac under the magnifying glass.

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1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is an extroverted zodiac sign

Sagittarius is the most extroverted sign. Those who have this sign want to travel, meet new people, and explore new things. They want to try out new situations that involve other people as well and want to be around those who are adventurous as they are.

Additionally, those who have this sign are naturally optimistic and friendly which draws others to them. This means you will see a Sagittarian becoming the life of a party because they know how to create one and really be into it.

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2. Aries


There is no question that the Aries lives the life of the party because of their passionate and energetic personalities. They have a free spirit which is a trait that is quite attractive to others. Arians are the best initiators. These men and women belong to not just any fire sign but the first cardinal sign of the zodiac. They are the ones who will throw a talk-of-the-decade party. And it makes Aries happy to be able to make things happen. The Sagittarius is just as social but they are more likely to be partygoers, instead of hosting a party like the Aries individual would.

3. Gemini

Gemini: Extrovert

Gemini is an extrovert but not in the same sense like Aries and Sagittarius. Geminians may not be the type that will necessarily go to parties or even commit to going to them if they are invited. However, they are still a very extroverted sign. They love to chat and converse with others, and try new bars and restaurants with their friends since they are quite versatile. That means the Gemini will be the one to go to a bar or restaurant with you and chat it up for hours over drinks and dinner.

If they are home alone, they will text you because they need to talk. They absolutely need to chat with others as that is what stimulates them the most and makes them the happiest.

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4. Libra

Libra is an extrovert

Libra is ruled by Venus which is a social sign. The sign of Libra is an air sign which means they love to converse with others like the Gemini. In fact, because beauty is very important to the Libra, they love to go out with their friends to the art gallery. Or they may want to go shopping at their favorite fashion boutique or to go have dessert with their friends at a cafe. Libras love to be out and about with their pals.

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However, the one thing about Libras as well is that they tend to be moody. As a result, as extroverted as they are, their mood swings may cause them to need their alone time occasionally.

5. Leo

Extroverted Leo

Leos are attention seekers. They won’t be begging you for it but they need to get your attention because they naturally love being the center of the spotlight. They also want to have some creative fun with their friends. The experience of doing fun activities with others makes it more exciting for them. They are also warm-hearted and are the fun friend that you need to help you forget about your problems.

Although Leos are extroverts, they are quite independent and may choose to do things on their own as well. Additionally, they can be stubborn due to their fixed nature. This means if they are dead set on spending the evening at the movie theater but you don’t want to go, they will watch the movie on their own. That means their stubborn nature can make them appear to be introverted occasionally.

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Extroverts of the Zodiac: Observed Pattern

Extroverts of the Zodiac

See if you can notice a pattern based on the signs listed above. All three fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, made it to the list because of their passionate ways. The other two signs: Gemini and Libra, are air signs which rule communication and conversation. The only air sign that is not in this list is Aquarius and that is because they are detached naturally and do their own thing which makes them introverts.

The fire signs are an outgoing bunch. They just love parties and other forms of social gatherings. This means if you go to a party, you can bet anything that the one who is hosting the party is an Aries. You can also bet that the ones who are dancing up a storm for the sake of it are Sagittarians. And that party animal that is purposely showing off by making some unusual dance moves on the floor? That would be a Leo! And what a passionate atmosphere that would be.

The Libras and Geminis would be the ones in the background not dancing, but chatting up a storm with their friends. Those who have the other signs not listed here would be the introverts which means they are the ones who prefer to spend an evening watching television in their home enjoying a snack. And remember, if you have a sign that is not on this list but you are an extrovert, check your moon and rising sign! That has a great influence on you too.

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