Ever since I discovered the horoscope section of the newspaper as a kid, I have always been fascinated by astrology and zodiac signs. If you’re reading this, chances are we are both drawn to the mystique of the stars. There’s so much astrology and our signs can tell us. In a sea of chaos and confusion, astrology can sometimes a beacon that provides guidance. Ok, I may be exaggerating here, but the point is astrology can be both helpful and fun.

Feature image for this article. It says what is your zodiac sign at the bottom. Above the text is a standing calendar with a question mark on it. Surrounding the calendar are symbols for several zodiac signs.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. In your case, that single step is knowing your birthday. That’s right. All you need is the month and the day on which you’re born and you’ll be able to make use of the tables below to determine your zodiac sign. Just FYI, in popular astrology, the term “zodiac sign” is synonymous with “sun sign” or “star sign”. And it’s determined by the position of the sun on the day you were born.

Star Sign Date Ranges

SignData Range
AriesMarch 21 – April 19
TaurusApril 20 – May 20
GeminiMay 21 – June 20
CancerJune 21 – July 22
LeoJuly 23 – August 22
VirgoAugust 23 – September 22
LibraSeptember 23 – October 22
ScorpioOctober 23 – November 21
SagittariusNovember 22 – December 21
CapricornDecember 22 – January 19
AquariusJanuary 20 – February 18
PiscesFebruary 19 – March 20


Alternatively, you can find out what is your sun sign by using this table below which lists down all the dates in a year and their corresponding astrological signs.

Find out what sign do you belong by your birth date

If you’re born on…Then you’re a…
March 21Aries
March 22Aries
March 23Aries
March 24Aries
March 25Aries
March 26Aries
March 27Aries
March 28Aries
March 29Aries
March 30Aries
March 31Aries
April 1Aries
April 2Aries
April 3Aries
April 4Aries
April 5Aries
April 6Aries
April 7Aries
April 8Aries
April 9Aries
April 10Aries
April 11Aries
April 12Aries
April 13Aries
April 14Aries
April 15Aries
April 16Aries
April 17Aries
April 18Aries
April 19Aries
April 20Taurus
April 21Taurus
April 22Taurus
April 23Taurus
April 24Taurus
April 25Taurus
April 26Taurus
April 27Taurus
April 28Taurus
April 29Taurus
April 30Taurus
May 1Taurus
May 2Taurus
May 3Taurus
May 4Taurus
May 5Taurus
May 6Taurus
May 7Taurus
May 8Taurus
May 9Taurus
May 10Taurus
May 11Taurus
May 12Taurus
May 13Taurus
May 14Taurus
May 15Taurus
May 16Taurus
May 17Taurus
May 18Taurus
May 19Taurus
May 20Taurus
May 21Gemini
May 22Gemini
May 23Gemini
May 24Gemini
May 25Gemini
May 26Gemini
May 27Gemini
May 28Gemini
May 29Gemini
May 30Gemini
May 31Gemini
June 1Gemini
June 2Gemini
June 3Gemini
June 4Gemini
June 5Gemini
June 6Gemini
June 7Gemini
June 8Gemini
June 9Gemini
June 10Gemini
June 11Gemini
June 12Gemini
June 13Gemini
June 14Gemini
June 15Gemini
June 16Gemini
June 17Gemini
June 18Gemini
June 19Gemini
June 20Gemini
June 21Cancer
June 22Cancer
June 23Cancer
June 24Cancer
June 25Cancer
June 26Cancer
June 27Cancer
June 28Cancer
June 29Cancer
June 30Cancer
July 1Cancer
July 2Cancer
July 3Cancer
July 4Cancer
July 5Cancer
July 6Cancer
July 7Cancer
July 8Cancer
July 9Cancer
July 10Cancer
July 11Cancer
July 12Cancer
July 13Cancer
July 14Cancer
July 15Cancer
July 16Cancer
July 17Cancer
July 18Cancer
July 19Cancer
July 20Cancer
July 21Cancer
July 22Cancer
July 23Leo
July 24Leo
July 25Leo
July 26Leo
July 27Leo
July 28Leo
July 29Leo
July 30Leo
July 31Leo
August 1Leo
August 2Leo
August 3Leo
August 4Leo
August 5Leo
August 6Leo
August 7Leo
August 8Leo
August 9Leo
August 10Leo
August 11Leo
August 12Leo
August 13Leo
August 14Leo
August 15Leo
August 16Leo
August 17Leo
August 18Leo
August 19Leo
August 20Leo
August 21Leo
August 22Leo
August 23Virgo
August 24Virgo
August 25Virgo
August 26Virgo
August 27Virgo
August 28Virgo
August 29Virgo
August 30Virgo
August 31Virgo
September 1Virgo
September 2Virgo
September 3Virgo
September 4Virgo
September 5Virgo
September 6Virgo
September 7Virgo
September 8Virgo
September 9Virgo
September 10Virgo
September 11Virgo
September 12Virgo
September 13Virgo
September 14Virgo
September 15Virgo
September 16Virgo
September 17Virgo
September 18Virgo
September 19Virgo
September 20Virgo
September 21Virgo
September 22Virgo
September 23Libra
September 24Libra
September 25Libra
September 26Libra
September 27Libra
September 28Libra
September 29Libra
September 30Libra
October 1Libra
October 2Libra
October 3Libra
October 4Libra
October 5Libra
October 6Libra
October 7Libra
October 8Libra
October 9Libra
October 10Libra
October 11Libra
October 12Libra
October 13Libra
October 14Libra
October 15Libra
October 16Libra
October 17Libra
October 18Libra
October 19Libra
October 20Libra
October 21Libra
October 22Libra
October 23Scorpio
October 24Scorpio
October 25Scorpio
October 26Scorpio
October 27Scorpio
October 28Scorpio
October 29Scorpio
October 30Scorpio
October 31Scorpio
November 1Scorpio
November 2Scorpio
November 3Scorpio
November 4Scorpio
November 5Scorpio
November 6Scorpio
November 7Scorpio
November 8Scorpio
November 9Scorpio
November 10Scorpio
November 11Scorpio
November 12Scorpio
November 13Scorpio
November 14Scorpio
November 15Scorpio
November 16Scorpio
November 17Scorpio
November 18Scorpio
November 19Scorpio
November 20Scorpio
November 21Scorpio
November 22Sagittarius
November 23Sagittarius
November 24Sagittarius
November 25Sagittarius
November 26Sagittarius
November 27Sagittarius
November 28Sagittarius
November 29Sagittarius
November 30Sagittarius
December 1Sagittarius
December 2Sagittarius
December 3Sagittarius
December 4Sagittarius
December 5Sagittarius
December 6Sagittarius
December 7Sagittarius
December 8Sagittarius
December 9Sagittarius
December 10Sagittarius
December 11Sagittarius
December 12Sagittarius
December 13Sagittarius
December 14Sagittarius
December 15Sagittarius
December 16Sagittarius
December 17Sagittarius
December 18Sagittarius
December 19Sagittarius
December 20Sagittarius
December 21Sagittarius
December 22Capricorn
December 23Capricorn
December 24Capricorn
December 25Capricorn
December 26Capricorn
December 27Capricorn
December 28Capricorn
December 29Capricorn
December 30Capricorn
December 31Capricorn
January 1Capricorn
January 2Capricorn
January 3Capricorn
January 4Capricorn
January 5Capricorn
January 6Capricorn
January 7Capricorn
January 8Capricorn
January 9Capricorn
January 10Capricorn
January 11Capricorn
January 12Capricorn
January 13Capricorn
January 14Capricorn
January 15Capricorn
January 16Capricorn
January 17Capricorn
January 18Capricorn
January 19Capricorn
January 20Aquarius
January 21Aquarius
January 22Aquarius
January 23Aquarius
January 24Aquarius
January 25Aquarius
January 26Aquarius
January 27Aquarius
January 28Aquarius
January 29Aquarius
January 30Aquarius
January 31Aquarius
February 1Aquarius
February 2Aquarius
February 3Aquarius
February 4Aquarius
February 5Aquarius
February 6Aquarius
February 7Aquarius
February 8Aquarius
February 9Aquarius
February 10Aquarius
February 11Aquarius
February 12Aquarius
February 13Aquarius
February 14Aquarius
February 15Aquarius
February 16Aquarius
February 17Aquarius
February 18Aquarius
February 19Pisces
February 20Pisces
February 21Pisces
February 22Pisces
February 23Pisces
February 24Pisces
February 25Pisces
February 26Pisces
February 27Pisces
February 28Pisces
February 29Pisces
March 1Pisces
March 2Pisces
March 3Pisces
March 4Pisces
March 5Pisces
March 6Pisces
March 7Pisces
March 8Pisces
March 9Pisces
March 10Pisces
March 11Pisces
March 12Pisces
March 13Pisces
March 14Pisces
March 15Pisces
March 16Pisces
March 17Pisces
March 18Pisces
March 19Pisces
March 20Pisces