What Valentine’s Day Gifts to Get for Your Long-Distance Boyfriend

Discover the cutest Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend or husband whom you are in a long-distance relationship with. Find the best Valentine’s gift that reminds your man of you — no matter where he is.

Good long-distance relationship gift ideas for Valentine's Day - gift guide for guys

The special day that celebrates love and affection is the perfect excuse for you to get sentimental. Here are some long-distance relationship gifts that will help deliver your love to your guy.

What I Wish For You Love Journal

What I Wish for You by Me is a fill-in-the-blanks book for you to write down your hopes and dreams for him. Simple and deeply romantic. It does require some effort from you, but the result is a unique love journal not found anywhere else in the world. I’m sure he’ll be touched by this thoughtful gift.

long-distance gifts for boyfriend | what I wish for love journal

Message in a Bottle

Send a memorable missive to him who is far away. Write love messages on the colorful paper scroll and keep it in the bottle. The love notes will help remind him of you even if you’re several thousand miles apart.

long-distance gifts for boyfriend | message in a bottle

Meaningful Pendant Necklace for Long-Distance Lovers

A vintage-inspired pendant necklace that is so much more. It is a portal of love for two people who are in love with each other despite the distance. It says “love > distance” on the pendant which means love is greater than love. The pendant is 1 inch in diameter and is topped with solid bevel glass. It comes in two variants: bronze (shown below), and nickel. See also: Heart Pendant Necklace Collection.

long-distance gifts for boyfriend | love is greater than distance pendant necklace

Gifts so naughty a good girl like you can only dare to peek through your fingers.

Do Me in Every Paw-sition Naughty Greeting Card

Valentine’s Day greeting card got dirty. Do Me in Every Paw-sition is a funny and naughty greeting card that is perfect for naughty adults who enjoy a good dirty pun. It is an excellent way for couples to flirt over the distance. Remind your partner: why isn’t he spending Valentine’s Day with you anyway?

long-distance gifts for boyfriend | naughty greeting card for boyfriend | do me in every paw-sition | panda design

Netflix and Chill Naughty Mug

Some people are into sexting. That’s great but words are abstract and digital words? Even worse. Step up your long-distance flirting game with a flirty coffee mug. Let’s Netflix n’ Chill is a not-so-subtle coffee mug to invite your partner over and get it on.

long-distance gifts for boyfriend | let's netflix 'n chill naughty coffee mug

I love your pen*s chocolate

It’s getting really hot in here! Our list just got from naughty to explicit. This is a limited edition handmade chocolate. Show your man some love — in a language that he speaks.

long-distance gifts for boyfriend | I like your pen*s adult chocolate

Keep your man accessorized and properly covered. These fashion items are not to be missed.

Timex Wristwatch

Digital sports watch from Timex. Obviously not a dressy watch, but it’s perfect for everyday casual wear thanks to its ruggedness. A must-have for a sports-loving outdoorsy boyfriend. But this is not a watch that limits itself — it can work equally well for guys who like to spend quality time inside the house too.

long-distance gifts for boyfriend | timex sports watch digital

Lacoste Sleep Pant

Something practical for him – a comfy and stylish sleep pants made from 100% cotton. Featuring Lacoste‘s signature croc print with drawstring closure and patch pocket. Good quality, soft, breathable.

long-distance gifts for boyfriend | pajamas sleeping pants

Hands With Heart Vintage Art Print

This lovely art print is light so it’s easy to mail to where he lives. The print features two hands holding a red heart, like both of you are holding tight to the love between you. This piece is created using an antique dictionary page from the early 1900s. It looks artistic, cool, and absolutely charming.

long-distance gifts for boyfriend | hands of love poster

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Bring some peaceful energy to his living space with the help of a Himalayan natural salt lamp that eminates warm orange light.

long-distance gifts for boyfriend | himalayan salt lamp

Why so serious? Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to have some childish fun. These are some funny gift ideas that you shouldn’t miss.

Funny T-shirt

These cute couple shirts are super awesome. The funny graphics and bold statements are sure to warn off anybody from stealing your love. They says “Property of my girlfriend” and “Property of my boyfriend” respectively. Hilarious and fun.

long-distance gifts for boyfriend | funny tee | shirt for couples

D*ck > Pizza Funny Keychain

Ok. This is a naughty idea again but it’s pretty funny too. You know how almost everybody loves pizza? Yes, pizza is super popular and well-loved but guess what, BF? You, the GF (or the wife) love his d*ck more than pizza! Can you believe that? I can’t. That’s why it’s funny I guess. Either way it’s a good self-esteem boost for most guys. By the way, you’ll probably love these matching couple keychains too, be sure to check them out.

long-distance gifts for boyfriend | your dxck is greater than pizza

Matching couple stuff that exist in pairs. Discover awesome couple gifts that are matching in design or some other ways.

Coffee Mug Set

Coffee mugs for happy couples. One for him and one for her. Made of ceramic. The mugs say “Let’s have coffee together for the rest of our lives”,  just like what you wish to eventually end the long distance and stay close to each other.

long-distance gifts for boyfriend | matching couple coffee mugs

“Raining Love” Pillowcase Set

Pretty pillowcase for your loved one. Adorable graphic, bright colors. One of you and one for your man. A romantic Valentines Day gift for long distance relationship.

long-distance gifts for boyfriend | matching couple pillowcases

Couple Initials Matching Bracelets

Unique jewelry for you and him. Get your very own personalized couple bracelets that have been engraved with your and his initials. There’s more! Between your initials there’s also a heart shape which signifies undying love. Now isn’t that swweeett?

See also: 20 Matching Couple Bracelets You’ll Absolutely Love.

long-distance gifts for boyfriend | matching couple initials bracelets

Food and Snacks: Chocolate and Candies for Foodies

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Because love doesn’t fill your stomach. Chocolate and other snacks for emergencies (read: every day).

Russell Stover Valentine’s Day Assorted Fine Chocolate

Does your man like chocolate? Do not trust a man who dislike chocolate. This V-day special assorted fine chocolate in a heart-shape box from Russell Stover is the best way to find out if your man is, in fact, trustworthy.

long-distance gifts for boyfriend | russell stover chocolate

Lindor Valentine’s Day Assorted Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles and coffee are the best match made in heaven. But these truffles perfect just by themselves. Exquisite. Delicious. Salivating. Even if he doesn’t drink coffee, he will finish these Lindor chocolate truffles in three days or less.

long-distance gifts for boyfriend | lindor valentine's day assortment truffle

Not Beef Jerky – Chicken Bites

The best non-beef jerky. Ok these are chicken jerky / chicken bites and they are super savory and super delicious. Meat loving guys will love this snack.

long-distance gifts for boyfriend | non-beef jerky chicken bites

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