Heart necklaces are an excellent accessory to elevate your outfit for a casual day out or for a more special occasion such as your birthday. Below are a list of Heart Pendant Necklaces for you to get some ideas as to what kind of design you can expect.

26 heart necklaces - that are the perfect gifts

Cute Heart Shape Pendant Necklaces

Since the heart shape is thought of as a symbol or love and passion, heart necklaces are often worn as a reminder of love. Some people buy these pendants for themselves, but they are also superb gifts for lovers — as Valentine’s Day gift or a wedding anniversary gift for your girlfriend or wife. The love and care extend beyond your romantic partners. They are also a great way to show your friends and family members — your mom, grandmother, sisters, etc — that you care. Let’s take a look at these heart pendant necklaces now.

1. Heart of Ocean purple & blue crystal heart necklace

Exquisite jewelry with an affordable price tag. At the center of the pendant is a purple-blue Swarovski crystal that is about an inch wide and tall. The core crystal is hugged by angel wings which complete the heart shape in the process. Note that while the crystal is from the famous crystal jeweler, the jewelry itself is not — but don’t worry, this is actually quite common.

2. Ruby heart necklace

Perfect for everyday wear. The heart is made from the red gemstone ruby and is wrapped around by two crystal-lined ribbons. Known as the talisman of passion, protection, and protection, ruby is also the birthstone for people who were born in July. The pendant is 15mm which is slightly bigger than half an inch.

3. Opal double heart necklace with white sapphire stone accents

This pendant features a double-heart design. The opal inner heart is protected by the outer heart that is made from sterling silver. The outer heart is accented with white sapphire stones. The bigger outer heart holds the opal core in place with the help of its two arms — like two shooting stars flying around it. Opal, the Queen of Gems, is the October birthstone and the gemstone for the 14th wedding anniversary.

4. Red glass heart necklace encased in filigree-design marcasite


Marcasite jewelry featuring a transparent red heart made from glass. Stunning filigree on the front and back of the pendant. The necklace is a rope chain. The front filigree and the bail are accented with marcasite.

5. Pressed flower clear heart – handmade heart necklace


One-of-a-kind floral pendant made from real dried flowers. Each piece is unique because every step is done by hand – from picking the flowers to preserving them to making the pendant.

6. Expensive-looking Platinum-coated heart necklace

advpm-dummyPlatinum-coated sterling silver pendant necklace with cubic zirconia accents. For a premium-looking jewelry like this, it is surprisingly cheap.

7. My Destiny white gold rose gold plated twin hearts necklace with Swarovski crystals


Twin-heart design. Crystal-lined hearts plated in white gold and rose gold.

8. White gold plated forever love heart necklace with cubic zirconia


Unique asymmetrical heart design. It is fashionable and modern. The center of the pendant is a big cubic zirconia. The body of the heart is also accented with cubic zirconia.

9. I love you to the moon and back engraved heart pendant necklace – heart design

A double-heart pendant with a complex design. The outer heart is accented with cubic zirconia and engraved with the words, “I love you to the moon and back”. The outer heart swivels inward leading to the inner heart which is made of flawless cubic zirconia.

10. Tiny gold heart initial choker necklace – perfect for teen or tween girls

The smallest heart pendant you will find on this list. This gold-plated pendant is super cute! The chain is on the shorter end — almost like a typical choker but slightly longer. Wear your initial on it! The full a-z alphabet is available for you to choose from. This is an excellent gift for teen girls.

11. Heart in music note treble clef heart necklace for music lovers

For music lovers and people who love music, this heart and treble clef crossover pendant is a must-have!

12. 18k gold-plated layered hearts necklace

A delicate and sparkly two-layer heart necklace. The hearts are coated in two layers of 18k gold giving it a yellow shine that is virtually indistinguishable from the real gold. The necklace pairs well with any top you have but becomes truly outstanding when pairing with a top with a plunged neckline.

13. Sterling silver open heart necklace


Simple angled heart made from sterling silver.

14. I love you double heart necklace

Asymmetrical double-heart pendant with the phrase “I love you” engraved on the outer heart. Both hearts are lined with cubic zirconia. The highlight of the pendant is the eye-catching cubic zirconia at center of the inner heart.

15. Rose gold open heart necklace (hypoallergenic)


Asymmetrical heart-shaped pendant coated in rose gold and accented with cubic zirconia. The eye of the heart is a sizeable cubic zirconia stone that will grab your attention.

16. Amethyst-Purple Crystal Heart Necklace


Crystal heart in the color of amethyst purple. It makes you feel calm and peaceful when you look at it.

17. Rose gold double hearts necklace


Double-heart pendant with a detachable design. The hearts are separable but will always stay together as they are bound by the necklace chain — similar to couples who are engaged in a long-distance relationship.

18. I love you forever Bermuda blue crystal heart pendant necklace


Dual-heart design with Bermuda-blue crystal heart core and a ribbon-like heart that has been lined with glimmering cubic zirconia. The phrase “I love you forever” is engraved on the other end of the ribbon. Must see: sentimental necklaces with messages.

19. Tiny silver floating heart necklace on simple keepsake card

A simple no BS sterling silver heart pendant that is 8mm by 6mm.

20. Vitrail colorful crystal pendant necklace


For special occasions such as your wedding anniversary or a first date. This beautiful pendant features a Swarovski vitrail crystal heart that shines in multiple colors. The multi-colored heart is protected by two rhodium-plated zinc rings that are accented by smaller crystals.

21. 18k gold-plated heart locket necklace


Small heart-shaped locket with floral engraving that is reminiscent of the olden days. The locket is plated in 18k gold giving it a warm and down-to-earth yellow shine. Instead of a photo slot, there’s an empty space inside the locket that you can stick a photo, keep a love message, etc — let your imagination run wild.

22. Emerald crystal heart necklace


Emerald is the gemstone of the goddess of love Venus in ancient Rome. The May birthstone remains popular nowadays thanks to its mesmerizing hue. With this crystal-lined pendant necklace you can now wear emerald as part of your outfit.

23. I love you rose engraved heart-shaped locket pendant

Floral heart locket with pink rose and confession of love engraving. It says “I love you” in cursive letters on the pendant. The small locket opens up to two photo slots. It is hypoallergenic, so even it’s great for people who have sensitive skin.

24. Black heart necklace made from Venetian Murano glass


Handmade black murano glass neckpiece. This black heart pendant is handblown and painted by artists. The glass heart features an intriguing abstract design which really pulls you in the more you look at it.

25. Rose-gold double hearts pendant necklace for grandma

Rose gold pendant for grandma’s birthday or as a Mother’s Day gift. Double heart design with cubic zirconia. The word “grandma” is engraved on the outer heart.

26. Pearl pet necklace with rhinestone open heart pendant necklace

Jewelry is not only for human — they look great on pets too. This pet necklace / collar is the perfect accessory for your cat or puppy. Available in pink and baby blue, the shiny pearl collar is elevated by a heart-shaped rhinestone pendant. Note that the pearls and rhinestones are imitations.

Which of these heart pendant necklaces are your favorites?

Did you manage to find something you like? Which of them are your favorites? Do you own any of these gorgeous jewelry pieces?

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