Discover gift ideas for long-distance boyfriend in this gift guide. Did you meet your boyfriend online and he doesn’t have any intention to move near you just as of yet? Or are you thinking of moving near him one day? Or is your boyfriend a soldier who will soon be deployed and will need to be reminded or rather comforted that your heart is with him even if you physically are not? Then you will love these long-distance relationship gifts for guys.

10 Best Long-Distance Relationship Boyfriend Gifts

Both Amazon and Etsy have some wonderful collections as far as the best long-distance boyfriend gifts go as. At least one of them in this list will be quite appealing to your guy. Below you will find 15 long-distance gift ideas and surely you will find one that is going to be the perfect match for your guy! Related: all long-distance relationship articles.

1. Couples Relationship Bracelet

If your boyfriend doesn’t live anywhere near you, and you want him to have a piece of you – and you want a piece of him, then this long-distance matching bracelet is the perfect gift. This product will always remind him that you are a part of him and it will also remind you that he is just a text or phone call away. Check out our couple’s bracelets post for more matching bracelets like this.

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2. Message In A Bottle

This long-distance boyfriend gift may be really small as far as size goes, but it is highly meaningful. What you will get with it is a list of 10 reasons why you love your boyfriend, 2 authentic maps that are vintage with a heart on there that indicates your cities, a tiny photo of your choice, and mini charms for admiration. You will also receive a magnifying glass that will show you the intricate detail of your tiny treasure. The glass bottle will also be included that is meant to hold everything with a no matter where charm attached to it.

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3. Long Distance Mug For Boyfriend

There is nothing better than a long distance coffee mug for your boyfriend. Imagine: every time he sips his coffee, he thinks of you. This ceramic white mug has a glaze finish that is flawless. And you can personalize the mug in any way you choose. This mug gift is a great one to get, and if you choose to purchase it, be sure to follow the directions on the site! Your boyfriend will love it.

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4. Engraved Rock For The Long Distance Boyfriend

This rock is perfect for your guy to carry around so you can be a piece of his heart all of the time. This beautiful engaged stone has golden writing with the phrase on it, “No matter how far you are, every day around the clock, always remember, that you are my rock.” This is a reminder to him how he is literally your rock and it is a perfect keepsake gift. Find this special long-distance boyfriend gift on Amazon.

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5. Letters to My Love

This romantic handwritten love letter will remind him that you are thinking of him all of the time. Included in this envelope love letter set are 12 letters that are composed of love notes that will remind him how much your relationship means to you. You can postdate each envelope, seal it with a kiss and a sticker so he can open each one on different days.

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6. Picture Frame

Nothing will remind your boyfriend more than a wooden picture frame with the wording I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us engraved on the side. And that will leave plenty of room for a picture of you or a picture of you and him together. That will most definitely remind him that your heart is with him even if you physically are not.

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7. Engraved Wallet Inserts

Your boyfriend that is living far away can be reminded of you every time he opens his wallet and sees the permanent etched engraved insert in there with romantic wordings that remind him that you are a part of him. This sentimental gift is ideal because he can carry it around with him in his wallet wherever he goes. And if he is missing you, he can just take the insert out and be reminded that you are still very much there.

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8. Custom State Keychains

If your boyfriend lives elsewhere, you can get matching keychains that are in the shape of the state, country, or anywhere you are living. And there are hearts that are all over the location of your choice. This is a great reminder that even though you are not physically there with him, your heart is.

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9. His and Hers Bracelets

This gift is perfect for him as this Universe stretch bracelet is masculine enough for the boyfriend to wear as it features gunmetal Hematite spacers as well as Hematite circle surrounding Saturn. And the girlfriend’s half is feminine which features a lovely gold plated Hematite spacers in addition to a gold-plated Hematite circle that surrounds Saturn. This is a perfect couple’s bracelet which he will love to wear.

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10. Silver Keepsake Love Tickets

These silver tickets are perfect for him and this keepsake gift is meant to last as it is of great quality, heavy weighted and embossed in a lovely way. With these silver tickets, the girlfriend can express her love to her long-distance boyfriend in a creative and fun way. These tickets can be redeemed for hugs, favors, dates, and other stuff. This is another reminder that her heart is always with him and this can be found on Amazon.

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Which long-distance gift do you think your guy who is not living anywhere near you, or is deployed will absolutely love?

There is something in this list that he will love, and you will be glad to have gotten him because it will mean so much every time he looks at it. That is because he will not be able to help but to think of you when he has that gift that he is carrying with him all the time or keeps it by his bedside. Eventually, remember that you and he will be together physically.

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