Conversation topics: things to talk about with a new friend

Not sure what to say to a new friend? Find out what topics to talk about when having a conversation with a new friend.

Having a new friend is always exciting and nerve-wracking. There may be some dead air and silence between you and your new friend and that’s only natural. It’s like painting on a blank canvas, resetting your phone, or playing a new game for the first time. It’s something you feel thrilled about, but don’t exactly know what to do too. Don’t worry, there are a lot of good conversation starters you can use to safely engage your new friend.

Get to know your new friend with these 16 topics. They are perfect for small talks that can easily turn into a more meaningful conversation.

1. Talk about pets

Do you have any furry friends at home? If you both have cats, then maybe you can walk them together. What’s the origin of your pet’s name? Perhaps your pet is an exotic animal like tarantulas? It’s a good way to start an interesting conversation.

2. Discuss food

As the popular saying goes, the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach. Your similarities in taste will give a good hint that your newly found friendship has the potential to last for a long time. What’s your favorite comfort food? What’s your favorite restaurant? Do you know how to cook?

3. Music can be a good topic for new friends

This will greatly explain the rhythm your new friendship will be beating to. Music is a gigantic universe and there’s so much to explore. What’s your favorite song genre? Who’s your favorite artist? Maybe there’s an upcoming concert you’re both interested in. What about that new jazz bar that just got open up around the corner? Perhaps you’re both K-pop fans, there’s only one way to find out.

4. Safe discussion topic: movies

This is probably one of the safest things to talk about. You can talk about the recently finished awards season or the blockbusters currently showing in the cinemas. What’s your favorite movie genre? What’s your feel-good movie? You can watch a mind-boggling movie together and debate about it. Perhaps there’s a new show on Netflix that you’re both watching.

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5. Travels – has your new friend visited anywhere recently

Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. What places do you recommend visiting? What’s the best place you’ve been to? What’s your dream destination — anywhere in the world? Whether it’s a local or international destination, it doesn’t matter. It’s always worthwhile to share your thoughts about the places you’ve always wanted to visit.

If your new friend has recently visited a certain city or country, ask them about their experience – the food, people, things to do, etc.

6. School and studies

If you’ve already made your way out of school, talk about your school memories and experiences. If you’re currently in school, talk about the policies, classmates, school events, and the most inspiring teachers you have. Maybe you’ve just found your new study buddy.

7. Social media – rumors & gossips

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible not to have a social media account. In fact, one of the ways to start a friendship is to follow each other in the virtual world. Anyway, social media allows two new friends to stay updated on each other even if you don’t hang out often. It can also be a point of discussion. If your social circles overlap, talk about your common friends. How did you come to know them and in what capacity? If you come from very different circles, perhaps there are certain influencers that you’re both following. Try to find something you share in common. If there’s really nothing in common at all, you can always share content that you find interesting. Memes, images, articles, videos… Just remember not to overdo it! Because you might be making your new friend bored.

8. New friends should find out each other’s zodiac signs

Casually bring about this topic. Zodiac signs and astrology can be fun to talk about but it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. If your new friend seems to be interested in this topic, time to find out what is their sign. All the better if your new friend doesn’t know their sign! You can help them to find out their sign from their birthday. This is an astronomical way to jumpstart a new friendship.

9. Have a conversation about the current events

Discuss national and international matters. Share your thoughts about the latest happenings in your local scene. This may spark up debates and opposing ideas, but that’s what makes it interesting. How’s the COVID-19 situation in your city? What are your national crises?

10. Skills

Are you good at playing the guitar? Are you interested in painting? You can highlight both of your talents and support each other.

11. Talk about dating life

Some people are more private on this matter, but some are open about it. If your new friend is open to it, this topic will take you to a roller coaster conversation. Everyone has unique dating experiences and break-up stories. You will definitely bond as you empathize with each other’s emotional stories, provide relationship advice, and hope you don’t make the same mistakes again!

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12. Share pet peeves

If you want to get on your friend’s good side, you better keep away from things that will annoy them. There’s no other better way to know about these things than talking about each other’s pet peeves. Are you fine with people eating food from your plate or people not using the signal lights when turning? I’m sure as hell that I’m not!

13. Sweet dreams and nightmares

No one remembers their dreams, but you might remember the special ones. Dreams represent a person’s inner mind, something they worry about a lot, or something that is hidden in their subconsciousness. Try asking your new friend about his memorable dreams and interpret them together.

14. Favorites

This list could go on for a long time that you might never have to run out of anything to talk about. What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage? Who’s your favorite cartoon character? What’s your favorite store? Other ideas include ice cream, tv shows, books, and ways to enjoy coffee.

15. Here’s a topic to talk about: shopping

Where do you often shop – in the malls, thrift shops, or online? Your friend might have secret deals to share with you or a referral code that would benefit both of you. This is your chance to recruit a new shopping buddy. Finally, someone could tell you which looks better – the ripped jeans or the mom jeans?

16. Daily life and routines

Routines are probably the most human topic to talk about. Everyone goes through with it every single day. What’s your usual day like? What modes of transportation do you use going to school or work? Talking about routines can easily branch out into other related topics.

What’s your go-to topics to talk about when meeting someone new?

Make sure to use these 16 topics that will drive new friendship into an express lane towards a more genuine and deeper one. You don’t need to impress your new friend with your answers, just be your cool and natural self.

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