Become a master conversationalist when talking with your crush by enlisting the help of this list of 40 conversation topics. These topics are interesting and versatile. They are fun things to talk about both in person and over text.

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You see your crush from across the room. You feel your face turning red, your heart beating fast. Suddenly, it feels like the air is thick and it’s hard to breathe. You’re starting to sweat, and you realize you’ve got the jitters. Quick, you need to think of something to talk about.

But first. Hey, relax. Breath in, breath out. No need to worry too much. After all, I’m pretty sure your crush is also human like you. We are all subject to imperfection. It’s about how you carry yourself and knowing how to play the game.

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Best Topics to Talk About: How To Have an Interesting Conversation With Your Crush

To start you off, we’ve gathered a few topics that can help you start a meaningful, fun convo with your crush. Pick a topic or two, something that you know pretty well and you think would ignite your crush’s interest too.

1. Clothes
You can always pay your crush a nice compliment by appreciating his fashion sense and how he looks good in it.

2. Sports
Figure out what sport he likes and root for the same team. Pretend you have tickets for the game so you have a reason to ask him out.

3. Music
As the saying goes, “Music is what feelings sound like.” It’s a simple way of letting your crush know your feelings. Establish that connection, create a melody that both of you can sing to.

4. Movies
A random topic that’s safe to discuss. You can always choose to talk about ongoing blockbusters or choose to dwell on the emotional love stories like “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks. Read also: Movie Date Night: Dating Tips For Girls

5. TV shows
It may be a TV series or a simple gag show. Anything that’s trending is a good conversation starter. Make sure you’re updated with it, though. You would want to be able to relate and have something to say.

6. Travel
Anyone has the desire to travel. Regardless if it’s out of town or out of the country, it’s always nice to share thoughts of the places you want to visit and the experiences that you’d like to have while you’re there.

7. Hobbies
A very broad topic, but gives you an idea of how your crush spends his free time. Be inquisitive, find a common denominator that you two can do together.

8. Pets
These cute critters are always the perfect alibi to safely approach someone. Your crush’s pet may not always be cute, it may be an iguana or a spider. But nevertheless, show interest and fondness.

9. Jokes
Practice your delivery skills, you don’t want to sound lame, right? But being lame is funny too. Just shrug it off, laugh at yourself and you’ll find your crush laughing too for sure!

10. Studies/school
It’s always a great excuse to approach your crush asking about homework. Pretend you need a little help, or if it’s the other way around, proactively offer your free time to lend a hand.

11. Games
It could be an outdoor game, board games, mobile, console, or PC games. You can ask what game he plays and wind up a match together. Play as a tandem and aim for the win!

12. Social Media Apps
Knowing where to stalk your crush would give you a sneak peek of what he does and where he usually goes. Aside from having the chance to stare endlessly at his pics, you can hang out at one of his favorite spots and drop that “Oh you’re here too!” statement to start a chat.

13. Cooking
Not everybody is good at it. I, myself, ended up toasting a sausage to crumbs the first time I tried frying. But if you are skilled at this, then it’s about time to use those bragging rights. Ask about his favorite dishes and show off your culinary skills by offering a taste test.

14. Childhood memories

Look back at the good old days when you were still kids and didn’t care if you looked like a mess or you didn’t take bath. Pay a compliment on how your crush grew up to be the head turner that he is now.

15. Friends

Talk about your peers, think of someone that both you and your crush are friends with. Once you’re able to identify that one person, let’s say it’s Jack, you can start your approach by saying “Hey, you’re Jack’s friend, right?”. And so on and so forth.

16. Family
Knowing more about your crush’s family puffs up the feeling that you have a genuine interest in knowing him more. Consider it an investment. These are the people that could vouch for you and help you grab your crush’s attention.

17. Jobs
This is most effective when you are new to your post. Pretend to be the damsel in distress and you need his help to get more familiarized with your task. Get his number and say that you might need to ask a few questions every now and then.

18. Achievements
Commend your crush for the accomplishments he’s done. It could be as simple as learning to flip the pancakes or building his own teleporting machine. Whether big or small, make sure to celebrate those wins.

19. Clubs
Find out which club he’s into and join him. Let him feel that you share a common interest. Don’t be too clingy, though. Just drop hints when you’re at a club meeting. Glance at him from time to time and flaunt that jaw-dropping smile.

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20. Lottery
How lucky could you be if you were to win a huge sum of money! It’s fun to know how you’ll both spend your Benjamins knowing that this is one opportunity that rarely knocks twice.

21. Holidays
Talk about how you’ll be spending all that free time for the upcoming holidays. Arrange a get-together and meet up with family and friends. Turn this into an opportunity to know each other deeper.

22. Photography
Lots of people enjoy taking snapshots whether professionally or as a hobby. Ask your crush to be a model on one of your photoshoots. The flattery would help you score a few bonus points as well.

23. Parties
Talk about an upcoming party that you could both attend. Offer to meet up at the party and remember to look your best to impress. Don’t be shy, muster the guts and just do it.

24. Beach
The beach has always been a place to unwind and forget about everything for a while. Talk about spending a relaxing time at the beach or how you’d like to go crazy and party like there’s no tomorrow.

25. Aliens
Ignite the curiosity and share your own thoughts about this topic. You can discuss documented seeings, personal experiences, or how these creepy extra-terrestrial beings could look like.

26. Skills
Exhibit admiration on your crush’s skills. Highlight his talents and how far he could go with them. If you’ve got contacts that could help him out, that’s another bonus point for you.

27. Habits
It could be good or bad, funny or not. Just prepare yourself to accept the best and the worse part of him. It helps to know he could be himself even if you’re around watching him like a hawk.

28. Goals
Learn what he wants to be in the future. You can talk about short-term goals or long term ones. Help him create a path on how to achieve it, and let him know that you’ll always be there through thick and thin.

29. Languages
Let’s admit it. It’s not easy to learn another language. There are languages that sound so different from ours and it takes a whole lot of time and patience to get used to it. Slip him a credit and give him an “A” for A-ffort (effort). Haha, that’s just one lame joke we’ll do today!

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30. Online dating
These online dating sites are getting more cheesier every day. Talk about your exposure or should we say, “mastery” on how these sites work. You can also play a little prank and make a dummy account. Have fun checking out how people respond to you.

31. Superheroes/supervillains
Choose from a wide range of fictional characters. One good idea is to think of one that looks like you or has a superpower that you’ve always longed for. Get ready to show him what a kick-ass you hottie you are.

32. Happiness
No need to beat around the bush. Learn how to cheer him up when he’s grumpy. Find out if he has a comfort food and show him that even the littlest, thoughtful gestures can make one person’s day brighter.

33. Celebrities
Pretend that you’ve mistakenly thought your crush was some famous star and ask for an autograph. Talk about how that certain celebrity has a significant resemblance on him. Make him blush, tell him that he’s far more good-looking than those actors in Hollywood. Find humor in exaggerating just a teensy-weensy bit.

34. Bands
Regardless of the genre, it could be a professional band or a local talent. Have a smooth convo and make your way towards inviting him to a concert. Say you have tickets and you’d love it if he could come and bust those eardrums together.

35. Liquor/alcoholic beverages
Not a lot of people know it, but your drinks also say something about you. Depending on what you drink, liquor unknowingly gives another person a picture of your personality. Don’t fake it, just take it.

36. Dancing/clubbing
Talk about spicing up those boring Friday or Saturday nights. Exchange thoughts of the best clubs in town or those that you want to try out. Offer to book a club and bust a few moves with your homies.

37. Singing
It’s a talent that not everyone has. Build up his self-esteem and be awed by that golden voice. Let him know that you’re a big fan and you’re always looking forward to hearing his pieces.

38. Pet peeves
It’s smart to know what ticks him off. You surely don’t want to gross him out and give you a cold shoulder without even having an idea of what you’ve done. It could drive you nuts, but knowing is already winning half of the battle.

39. Worst fear
Listen to what he has to say, don’t overtalk. It may be a situation, a feeling, certain insecurity, or an object. Whatever it is, make yourselves comfortable by sharing these inhibitions and how to overcome them.

40. Dreams
These series of images or thoughts would also give you a glimpse of one’s being. Have a healthy chit-chat about it, act cool, and try to interpret what they mean. It’ll make your heart skip beats when you see that amused or amazed look on his face afterward.

Don’t limit yourselves to these topics, you can always make up your own. Remember to let if flow naturally and you’ll surely get the ball rolling. All you need is a little faith, a bit of creativity, and a pinch of courage. Put them all together and voila!