Looking for a Friday meme? Come on in, we’ve got a few memes that will make your visit worthwhile.

Friday, that one day of the week that for some reason just feels a lot better than the rest. The day that puts Monday to shame. You know it’s there when you magically start to feel more at ease and tempted to just postpone your task for the weekend which would give you more reason to love Fridays and hate Mondays. It’s a day that both students and employees enjoy, and with that being said, you can’t deny the joy it brings in at least one phase of your life regardless of your current schedule. Below are some of the best Friday memes the internet has to offer.

1. The Unspoken Rule, and the reason why you’re excited to get up in the morning.

friday meme | it's friday, we

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2. You work the whole day but somehow you get even more energy after your shift

friday meme | sudden surge of energy

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3. You look like I could use a drink


4. Your liver is about as much of a hard worker as you are!

friday meme | friday is the beginning

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5. Saying goodbye to your colleagues after work on Fridays

friday meme | it's the weekend

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6. Working extra hard on Fridays to come up with an excuse to finish your task on Monday

7. It’s Friday, we’re invincible!

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8. Your smile leaves with weekend only to wait for the next Friday

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9. For all you introverts out there

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10. Well… it’s technically true.

friday meme | the office dwight

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11. When you’re trying your best to fit in

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12. Being a hero is a full-time job!

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13. It speaks to me on so many levels

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14. Holding back those manly tears

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15. Realizing you have terrible time management skills

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