Given all the great things that teachers do for their students, it’s only reasonable that we get these teachers some gifts to show our gratitude at the end of the year. But what gift is the perfect end-of-year gift for teachers? Well wonder no more, because this list will not only guarantee you a smile from your favorite teachers but also joy knowing that you made your teacher’s summer that much more enjoyable!

Best 15 End-of-Year Gifts for Teachers

Check out these gifts for students if you’re looking some cool end-of-year appreciation gifts for students.

1. Personalized Name Plate For Teachers

This cute personalized nameplate is perfect for those teachers that really helped the class grow! Handmade and hand-painted, this dinner-size plate is personalized with every student in the class’ name, and states that the teacher “Helped them grow” and is one of the best sentimental gifts out there for any teacher!

Personalized Nameplate | End-of-Year-Ideas-Gifts-For-Teachers
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2. Personalized Pencil Holder

Getting this adorable pencil-shaped pencil holder will definitely put a smile on any teachers face! Handmade with just paint and wood, this gift will work wonders to decorate and organize any teacher’s desk. The pencil holder is personalized to each customer with a name on the front! This makes it a cute gift with a sentimental feel to it; perfect for any teacher at the end of a school year and even as a back-to-school gift!

Personalized Pencil Holder | End-of-Year-Ideas-Gifts-For-Teachers
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3. Personalized Thank You Teacher Poem Gift

Want to give a gift that your teacher will cherish forever? With this poem, not only will your teacher understand your gratitude for teaching your child all the things that they know! This poem comes customized with the name of your child, and also the name of their teacher, giving it that personalized touch that every teacher will not only notice, but also greatly appreciate as well. This is an excellent thank-you gift for a teacher no matter what the occasion is.

Sentimental Personalized Teacher Poem | End-of-Year-Ideas-Gifts-For-Teachers
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4. Mug Warmer

This mug warmer will be sure to keep that precious coffee that the teacher runs on throughout the day! And trust me, cold coffee is almost as bad as no coffee. With an extended cord and a helpful on/off light indicator, your teacher will be able to use it anywhere and with ease! This end-of-year gift will definitely keep them in a good mood, and be able to have their favorite beverage stay nice and warm.

Mug Warmer | End-of-Year-Ideas-Gifts-For-Teachers

5. Customized Tumbler

Speaking of drinks, this customizable tumbler is a great end-of-year gift idea for those coffee or tea fanatics! Made in great colors like Reef Blue and Seafoam, these awesome tumblers are great for on the go teachers! And each tumbler is handmade, making each tumbler’s message customizable and made for each person. This not only gives your gift handmade touch, but is also made to last, making your gift last throughout the years to come! With this tumbler, you can say thank you to the teacher for all of their hard work throughout the year!

Customized Insulated Tumbler for Teachers | End-of-Year-Ideas-Gifts-For-Teachers
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6. Beach Tumbler

“Beaching not teaching.” Want to get them a tumbler with more of a beach theme? With this tumbler, you’ll be able to give your teacher something to sip on while they’re enjoying the summer vacation on the beach! You can also choose to have it personalized, which gives the tumbler a little engraving of your teacher’s name! A perfect personalized gift that your teacher is sure to love! This gift is also handmade — perfect if you’re thinking of giving a gift with that extra care and love!

Beaching Not Teaching Tumbler | End-of-Year-Ideas-Gifts-For-Teachers
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7. Funny Tumblers

Looking for a funnier tumbler? This tumbler is a great end-of-year gift to teachers who love wine! And since every teacher loves an “after school snack”, this tumbler is great for those who really put in their all and shined through the school year! Be sure to check out this list of funny mugs that are work-friendly if you like this kind of gifts.

After School Snack Wine Tumbler | End-of-Year-Ideas-Gifts-For-Teachers
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8. A Tote Bag

This tote bag is a perfect gift for that teacher on the go! It also is of course, reusable, making it a great gift for the environmentally conscious teacher. Made with built to last jute webbing and metal holdings to keep them in place, this bag is definitely made to last and will last for many summers to come!

Best Teacher Ever Tote Bag | End-of-Year-Ideas-Gifts-For-Teachers
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9. End-of-Year Gift Card Holder

Looking for a fun gift that your teacher will most certainly enjoy? This little note comes with a gift card holder which is perfect to personalize with any gift card of your choosing. This is a great gift for those who want to add a personalized touch. The teacher will love to get this gift from the class at the end of the school year.

Gift Card Holder Printable | End-of-Year-Ideas-Gifts-For-Teachers
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10. Teacher Makeup Bag

This makeup bag is great for those on the go teachers who don’t have time to do their makeup in the morning, and need to do it on the road or on the go. In a pretty and modest beige, it’s a cute and handy companion to any teacher’s makeup routine! Alternatively, it can also be used as a pencil pouch.

Teacher Survival Kit Makeup Pouch | End-of-Year-Ideas-Gifts-For-Teachers
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11. Last Day Blues (Mrs. Hartwell’s Classroom Adventures)

This book by Julie Danneberg is a great book to any elementary school teacher’s bookshelf! Armed with the many stories and adventures of Mrs. Hartwell, this book will definitely bring the classroom joy for years to come as a closing for summer vacation! This is also a great retirement gift for teachers.

Last Day Blues Book | End-of-Year-Ideas-Gifts-For-Teachers
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12. End-of-Year Teacher Appreciation Key Chains

These amazing keychains are great gifts that the teachers will appreciate. They will definitely be remembered as a thoughtful and sentimental gift for years to come! Giving this gift to a teacher at the end of the school year will definitely not only bring a smile to their face, but also let them know how much you care, which is a lot!

Teacher Keychains | End-of-Year-Ideas-Gifts-For-Teachers
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13. Hand Sanitizer Note

This funny end-of-year gift will not only make your teacher laugh, but it will also definitely come in handy, since teachers come into contact with students on a daily basis during the school year, making it a great gift to get ready for the new school year.

Thank You Note Hand Sanitizer | End-of-Year-Ideas-Gifts-For-Teachers
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14. Spa Gift Box

One of the best end-of-year gifts on this list is none other than this spa gift box! The box comes with a face towel, natural lip balm, an adorable red velvet-scented bath bomb, a soy candle, some lavender body oil, and lavender soap and shea butter, perfect for moisturizing! This gift will definitely be appreciated to any teacher, since chances are by the end of the year they’re wiped out and are in desperate need of a spa day!

Spa Gift Box | End-of-Year-Ideas-Gifts-For-Teachers
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15. Funny T-Shirt for Teachers

Lastly, this funny shirt which is in reference to the famous 90’s show Friends, is perfect for any young teacher’s wardrobe! As well as being a great end-of-year gift, it is also made out of 100% cotton, making it super soft and comfortable, as well as super light and great for the summer!

We Are on A Break Funny T-shirt | End-of-Year-Ideas-Gifts-For-Teachers
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With all these great gift ideas for end-of-year teacher appreciation, you’ll surely be able to please your kid’s teachers for years to come! From thoughtful to funny gifts, you won’t find yourself stumped anymore when the end of the school year comes around!