College is not always busy and exciting. True, on most days you are writing reports, doing assignments, or studying for exams. Other days are spent on catching up with your friends, part-time job, night outs, parties, or getting drunk and wasted. But sometimes it can feel like there’s just nothing to do. You might feel as free as a bird but as bored as your lamp on your desk. When boredom happens, here are some things you can do to wand off boredom without stepping out of your dorm room.

  1. Things to Do Alone
  2. Relaxing Things to Do
  3. Fun Things to Do
  4. Things to Do with Friends

21 Things to Do in Dorm Room When Bored

6 Things to do alone in your dorm room

Activities you can do without anybody else’s involvement.

Apply Nail Polish - Things to do alone in your dorm room

1. Do your nails.

Your hands aren’t only for writing essays and your feet aren’t just for walking. Make them more noticeable by popping some colors on your nails.

Fun things to do with your nails:-

  • Trim & file your nails
  • Remove old nail polish
  • Apply nail polish on your nails
  • Put nail stickers on your nails
  • Do some nail artwork – get inspiration from these cute nail ideas

2. Take a long, hot shower.

Your morning showers are probably either very quick or nothing at all. Use this time to scrub your whole body and soak your hair in the conditioner. Taking a long, hot shower will make you feel refreshed and relaxed — especially on a cold winter day.

As you wind down, take a moment to be grateful for this little oasis in time and life.

3. Take care of your face

We don’t always give enough love and care to our faces. Sometimes you’re rushing for assignments, other times you have to study for exams. When you’re busy, you tend to not pay attention to the skin condition of your face. Now that you have free time, you might want to give your face some love. We’ll need an entire article for this, but here is a summary of what you can do.

Start by examining your face in the mirror. How does it look? Are there signs of dryness or oily patches? Any new wrinkles or other skin conditions you should take note of? Do you observe any leftover makeup from last night, or worse, from last week?

If your skin appears to be overly dry or oily, you may have to change some of the skincare products that you’re using or watch your diet.

Cleanse your face properly. First, use some makeup remover (e.g. Micellar water) to remove makeup residue and stubborn dirt from your face. Next, wash your face with your regular face wash. Remember to take the time to wash properly. After that, it’s time to remove dead skin cells from your face by exfoliating. Chemical exfoliation is recommended. After cleaning your face, apply toning lotion and moisturizer.

4. Learn new make-up tricks

You are the artist and your face is the canvas. If you are new to the makeup game, learn the basic theory of makeup, everything from applying foundation to how to remove makeup. If you’re already wearing makeup, find out what are some tricks and trends on Youtube. Learn different styles of makeup for different occasions. Instagram and Pinterest are also excellent sources of makeup tutorials and inspiration.

5. Go online shopping.

Gone were the days when shopping can only be done at a physical store. Nowadays if you don’t have time to shop at the mall, you can do it in the comfort of your room. Take your time to plan your shopping list. Compare prices without leaving your bed.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the money. Virtual window shopping can be just as fun. Keep track of the things that you want to buy by adding them to your wishlist. Maybe an angel would take notice of your wishlist and make them your birthday gifts.

If you’re trying to save money, focus on buying only what you need. Having said that, it’s always a good idea to tend to your needs and spoil yourself once in a while.

6. Plan your to-do list

Take out a piece of paper or download a task management app on your smartphone. Think about the tasks you need to do this week and write them down. If you’re into planning, go beyond the week. Plan for monthly tasks and things to do next month.

5 relaxing things to do in a dorm room

Bored but not really interested in doing anything stressful? Here are some ideas to help you relax / laze away.

Listen to music - relaxing things to do in a dorm room

1. Bored in the dorm room? Take a nap.

College student’s favorite pastime. Nothing beats a good afternoon nap. Don’t worry if it isn’t the afternoon, you have nothing else to do anyway! A little nap after breakfast is a guilty pleasure many secretly enjoy. Anyway, napping is a great way to catch up on the sleep you missed when rushing through assignments. So tuck in under your blanket and enjoy the nap like a baby. You’ve been working hard and you deserve a good nap.

2. Things to try: do yoga.

If you want to sweat without doing cardio, yoga is the solution. This is also a good way to connect to your inner self and improve your flexibility. There are a lot of video tutorials you can follow on the internet. For example, here are some awesome yoga Youtube channels to check out. So, get your stress out, calm down, and focus on your breathing.

3. Call for food delivery

Even the best food gets boring if it is the same every week. The dining hall is convenient but the food can get a little too predictable. Since you don’t have much to do, you might as well have a little food party by yourself in the room by ordering your favorite food delivery. Pizza? Chicken? Chinese food? The only thing you need to do is pick up your phone, call the hotline, and wait for your food. Of course, you can also place the order online — the go-to way to order for people with social anxiety (which is more common than you thought).

4. Binge-watch your favorite series.

One TV episode usually lasts for an hour and you might not have that much free time on a normal day. Here’s some good news for you. Being bored means you have lots of free time at your disposal. This makes it the best time to catch up on all the shows you’ve missed. So, it’s time for Netflix.

5. Listen to music. Sing along.

Turn up the volume. Feel the rhythm of the music. Dance to the beat. Pretend you’re on American Idol. Sing (or scream) your favorite songs at the top of your lungs.

5 fun things to do when you’re bored in your dorm room

Here are some activities that will stimulate your creativity.

Photo shoot: fun things to do when you're bored in your dorm room

1. Plan for a dorm room makeover.

You’re probably bored of the look of your dorm room. Scroll through Pinterest, get some room decor ideas, and create a new layout for your room. If you have a roommate, get her on board, too.

2. Watch a tutorial on Youtube.

What’s something you’ve always wanted to learn? Painting? Knitting? Go on Youtube and watch some tutorials. If you have the materials that are waiting to be used, it’s the perfect time to try them out.

3. Make a vision board.

Try to set your goals for the year, for the next 5 years, or even for the next ten years. Prepare a board, an old magazine, scissors, and glue. Cut out all the things you want to have and make a collage out of it. Not sure where to start? Check out this article for some vision board ideas.

4. Start a vlog or Youtube channel

If you don’t have a good camera, start with your phone. Record yourself and talk to the camera as if there’s an audience. Even if you don’t plan to post it, you can use this opportunity to improve your speaking skills. If you want to post it, go ahead! This might be the start of your new career.

5. Do a fashion show.

With all the assignments and exams, you might not have noticed that you’re wearing the same clothes day after day. Use this time to go through the back of your closet, find your lost clothes, mix n’ match, and plan your outfits for the rest of the week.

6 things to do with a friend or roommate

Not alone? Check out these fun activities to do with your roommate or friends.

1. Play a game.

Any kind of game will be fun. You can play a board game like Scrabble or Monopoly. You can play card games or even trivial games with each other. If you have none of those, you’re likely to have access to a smartphone. Find some multiplayer mobile games and play with your friends.

2. Have a drink

We aren’t telling you to break the dorm rules, but if you can sneak in some alcohol into your dorm room, it would be great a time to drink with a friend. There’s nothing better than a cold beer in your safe space. Unlike house parties, there’s no rush and there’s no crowd.

3. Learn from each other

You can discover new things through each other like your major, hobbies to try, music to listen to, favorite restaurants to dine at, movies to watch, or professors to avoid. Find out what their zodiac signs are.

4. Plan your next trip

Planning an itinerary takes up time. So, do it now while you’re bored. Whether it’s your spring break or winter break travel, don’t go unprepared. Discuss with your friend all the activities you want to try, and sight-seeing places you want to visit. It works better if your friends will be participating in the trip. It can get a little strange if you’re getting them to plan for your solo trip.

5. Things to do: do a photo shoot.

There’s nothing to post on social media and selfies aren’t enough anymore. Since your friend’s here, do a photoshoot together. Take turns in taking each other’s pictures and direct each other’s poses.

6. Talk to your friends

Here are some conversation topics to get you started.

What would you do if you’re bored in your room?

What is your go-to activity when stuck in your dorm room?

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