Being single on Valentine’s Day can sometimes make you feel a little bit lonely. But don’t worry! We have prepared a list of activities¬† for single men and women on Valentine’s Day that will help fend off that loneliness, keep you entertained, and for some activities, make you a better person.

Or perhaps you’re already attached to someone. Great for you! Be sure to check out our article on Valentine’s Day activities for couples to do at home.

Things to do on Valentine's Day for Single Women and Men 2018

Valentine’s Day Things to Do When You’re Single

      1. Do nothing at all. seriously, you aren’t obligated to do anything. Sometimes, doing nothing is the best thing to do.
      2. Hang out with other friends who are single. You may even find your next romance.
      3. Watch a movie at home (and chill by yourself, if you know what I mean)
      4. Play computer games
      5. Prepare a delicious home-cooked meal for yourself
      6. Bake a pie!
      7. Read a book
      8. Learn to make soap
      9. Learn to make candle
      10. Relax your mind to the music of nature
      11. Do your nails, Valentine’s Day style
      12. Practice handwritting
      13. Cuddle with your pet
      14. Binge-watch Youtube videos
      15. Meditate
      16. Dye your hair
      17. Enjoy a long and relaxing bath
      18. Tidy up your room
      19. Decorate your room. See Spring decoration ideas.
      20. Start a blog
      21. Start a Youtube channel
      22. Kill time on Reddit
      23. Study!
      24. Do some planning. Life planning, career planning, etc.
      25. Exercise!
      26. Sleep

      What will you do?

      Let us know in the comments. Did you find anything useful from the list of things to do above? Do you think they are helpful or they suck? Either way, I wish you Happy Valentine’s Day!

      Thanks for reading.