The best, most complete Yoga channels on YouTube you should be watching. Below are 10 YouTube channels create some of the best Yoga videos. Learn new pose, improve your existing Yoga skill, or watch for entertainment and relaxation — the choice is yours to make.

best yoga channels on youtube

Best Yoga Channels On YouTube: Yogi Youtubers You Should Subscribe To

Since not everyone is willing to enroll in a formal, studio-based Yoga class, YouTube has been mobbed by lots of Yoga instructors from all parts of the globe. Each has their own style in teaching, so it will be your prerogative to find out which instructor best suits you.

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To help you narrow down your choices, we’ve done our research and gathered the best and most popular Youtube channels made by gurus in the world Yoga. Feel free to check them out!

1. Yoga with Adriene

Adriene is not only an international Yoga teacher, but she’s also an actress, writer, and an entrepreneur. Talk about powerful women! She has managed to garner various recognitions for her craft including the most searched workout of 2015 by Google and was awarded a Streamy in Health and Wellness in 2016 by The Wall Street Journal. There’s no question why she has millions of subscribers all across the globe.

Find Yoga with Adriene on Youtube

Adriene’s Yoga For Beginners video playlist:-

2. Yoga with Tim

Aside from looking like a scrumptious piece of a human being with an oh-so-yummy bod, Tim is truly an inspiration. He used to be overweight and lost confidence in himself. Though he has gone through a lot of emotional distress, he found the inner strength to turn things around and become better. Tim has videos for everything and you’ll be entertained to watch his diversity when he practices in a studio or outdoors.

Find Yoga with Tim on Youtube

Tim’s Yoga For Back Pain video:-

3. Kino Yoga

A head-turner instructor who started Yoga at an early age of 19. Also known as Kino MacGregor, she’s very fond of the beach and always had a heart for writing. In fact, she’s an author and a poet too. With more than 20 years of experience in Yoga and 15 years in meditation, she had the prestige to receive the Certification to teach Ashtanga Yoga by its founder. If you’re looking into a deeper Yoga experience, this girl is definitely the go-to person.

See the Kino Yoga channel on Youtube

Beach Yoga:-

4. Tara Stiles

The creator of Strala, Tara combines the wisdom of Tai Chi and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help people unwind, heal and be more mobilized. Aside from her Yoga sessions, she also shows videos of healthy and delicious recipes. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone, Yoga and a perfect meal plan! Elevate your Yoga experience with Tara’s unparalleled style.

Find Tara Stiles on Youtube

Wakeup Yoga:-

5. BrettLarkinYoga Youtube Channel

With Brett’s soothing voice, Yoga feels much more relaxing and serene. Makes you want to sleep instead! Just kidding! Everything is explained very well, the patterns and the pacing are perfect for everyone’s needs. She also has a prenatal yoga course which helps expecting moms empower their bodies more during their pregnancy and builds up the confidence to face labor. If you’re into mind over matter, go for Brett.

See BrettLarkinYoga on Youtube

Kundalini Yoga for women:-

6. SarahBethYoga

Despite having one of the most beautiful faces in the Yoga community, she also had to go through the lowest point of her life. There was even a time that she thought she had nothing to offer and she’s just another pretty face. She was lucky enough to have her man around to support her. With his help, she found her path and made her way to what she is today. Her style is influenced by everyday practice and the body’s functional flow.

Check out SarahBethYoga’s channel on Youtube

7. Yoga by Candace

Also a writer at heart, Candace is the author of the best-selling book, Namaslay. She likes to keep her students engaged which makes her class more fun. Candace works on different skill levels and her lessons are very informative, making you discover those muscles that you didn’t even know existed. By the way, she’s a masseuse too, incorporating her moves with her lessons. Imagine yourself getting a massage after a Yoga class. What a great combination!

View this channel on Youtube

8. Fightmaster Yoga Channel

At first, you’ll hear yourself asking “Who is this Fightmaster”? Sounds like a tough dude with kick-ass Kung-Fu moves. But no, Fightmaster is Lesley’s last name. A Yoga instructor that leads a breath-focused class and tops it up with some heartfelt humor. Aside from her lessons, she also heads a very supportive community which will make you feel welcome regardless if you’re a newbie or if you’ve been practicing Yoga for quite some time.

Find Fightmaster Yoga on Youtube

9. SeanVigueFitness

Another well-renowned instructor, Sean’s Yoga class has been named as one of the “Top 50 Online instructors” by the Huffington Post. He also teaches Pilates, and his style is mostly power yoga and yoga for athletes. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not only focused on patterns that will highlight strength, but he also offers other Yoga lessons which will match your skill set. He even has Yoga for kids!

Check out SeanVigueFitness on Youtube

10. Ekhart Yoga

Born in Nigeria, she was inspired by her mother who was also a Yoga guru and therapist. At first, she tried posting a few videos on YouTube, never knowing that it would right away be a huge success! Her Yoga channel offers high-quality lessons with the great support of her fellow EkhartYogis. As her community grew, so did the need for more professional instructors who had their own style. This made it more interesting knowing that it’s like a one-stop shop where you can check and try out different Yoga techniques from several masters of the art.

Find Ekhart Yoga on Youtube

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A Few Words About Yoga

What is Yoga? It’s a form of practice that stimulates the physical, mental and spiritual state of a person. I bet not everyone knows that it originated in India. Yes, you heard it right. It came from the country where girls are so good at using their eyeliners.

The second question is, why Yoga? Why not Zumba or Pilates? The answer is simple. While Zumba involves dance and aerobic moves, and Pilates focuses more on posture, strength, and balance, Yoga is like everything rolled into one. You may not be dancing, but you can also choose to have music. As a matter of fact, no one can tell you what kind of music to use. Though most prepare the serene, relaxing ones, you’re still the boss of yourself. Should you choose to listen to metal rock while doing it, it’s totally up to you.