Have great fun with your best friend this Winter. In this blog post, you will find more than 40 super fun Winter date ideas are perfect for you and your best friend. This is a pretty diverse list and the activities range from eating an ice cream to volunteering at the animal shelter. While this list is written for teen girls in mind, the activities are enjoyable for guys and girls of all ages.

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Fun Outdoor Winter Date Ideas for Best Friends

  1. Make a snow angel
  2. Have a snow fight
  3. Make a snowman (do you want to make a snowman?)
  4. Chill out at the beach (literally)
  5. Eat an ice cream
  6. Go to an ice sculpting festival
  7. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate outside
  8. Go skiing
  9. Go window shopping
  10. Stargazing
  11. Go people watching at your local park
  12. Ice skating!
  13. Check out the Winter Festival, if there’s one where you live.
  14. Go check out the holiday lights and other Christmas decorations
  15. Be festive!
  16. Take a stroll at the park
  17. Read a book. Yes, outside.
  18. Visit a museum
  19. Visit an art gallery
  20. Spend some time at the public library
  21. Have an ugly sweater contest between you two
  22. Shop Christmas gift for your crush or boyfriend

Fun Indoor Winter Date Ideas for Best Friends

  1. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate in your living room while watching the snowfall outside.
  2. Have a sleepover party
  3. Movie marathon! Bonus point if the movies are from same series (for example: Back to the Future 1-3)
  4. Make a todo-list for Spring
  5. Have a karaoke session
  6. Learn to make chocolate
  7. Bake cookies!
  8. Cook something together, then eat it no matter how it turns out
  9. Play dress up — then take endless wefies
  10. Play makeup — what style of makeup should you put on this Christmas?
  11. Do each other’s nails
  12. Read a book
  13. Make Christmas and New Year greeting cards then send them to your mutual friends
  14. Make a New Year’s resolution
  15. Brainstorm Christmas outfits
  16. Workout at home
  17. Find a new mobile game that you can play together
  18. Play Chess
  19. Go bowling
  20. Play board game

Other Great Winter Date Ideas for Besties

  1. Volunteer at the animal shelter
  2. Start a blog together
  3. Learn to paint
  4. Learn some dance moves from Youtube videos



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