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Question Game with Dad Part 1

One thing you might wonder about is how well your dad knows you. In fact, this could give you insight into how close your bond is. On the other hand, you might not care so much about gaining inner depth, but maybe you’d rather just have fun with it. No matter what, asking him some serious and not-so-deep questions can help you understand his feelings about you a bit better.

(This is Part 1 of the two-part question game with dad series. See here for part 2: questions to ask dad about him.)

10 Questions to Ask Dad About You (His Son/Daughter)

Here’s a list of 10 questions to ask your dad to see how much he knows you:

1. What was the first pet I ever had?

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If you’ve had pets since childhood, then your parent should remember this one. This can be particularly true if your father was the one who helped you potty train your puppy or drove you and your dog to the veterinarian. Of course, almost nothing is more loved than someone’s dog, cat, hamster or whatever type of pet you may have had. So, if your dad answers this one correctly, he might actually have been paying attention.

2. Which dream career did I have growing up?

Every child has a dream career and they usually never forget it, even when they become adults. For example, you might have wished to be an astronaut, video game designer, kindergarten teacher or something else entirely. The career you dreamed about in your youth was in all probability something that helped mold you into the person you are today.

3. What was my favorite childhood book?

question to ask dad about you

You probably had a children’s book you cherished and always remembered. Indeed, you might have carried it with you on family trips and anywhere else you were allowed to read a book. This book possibly even took you to imaginary islands and other planets where otherworldly creatures roam and in some cases talk to each other. Some classic favorites people tend to adore include Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, Are You My Mother?, Charlotte’s Web and The Story of Ferdinand, among others.

4. What was my first job ever?

Since your first job was doubtless one of the highlights of your life, you might spark your dad’s memory by asking him this question. It was in all likelihood important to you, even if you didn’t work particularly successfully. For one, you could have worked as a cashier at a fast-food restaurant, pet sitter for the neighbor’s dog or gift wrapper for the holiday season, among others.

5. Who did I look up to as a child?

There are plenty of people your male parent could say you looked up to as a youngster. For instance, you might have idolized a famous actor, respected a particular teacher or appreciated your father a whole lot. No doubt, whoever this person was, he or she must have made the utmost impression on you.

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6. What are some of my proudest accomplishments?

You might be proud of the time you won the spelling bee in the fifth grade or another time when you helped your team win the basketball championship in middle school. You may have a cabinet full of trophies or a wall display of blue ribbons to show for your efforts. Besides this, you could glory in a single accomplishment or multiple victories. If your dad remembers even one of these, give him extra points.

7. What pizza toppings do I like the most?

food question to ask dad

Although it might not seem to matter whether your father recalls the pizza toppings you prefer, it might say plenty about how much attention he pays to your preferences. For one thing, maybe you’re a vegan and your favorite pizza toppings are pineapple, mushrooms and garlic. But if your dad doesn’t remember this, he might have forgotten you’re a vegan. And this could reflect poorly on him in your eyes.

8. If I won the lottery, which family member would I share my winnings with?

Each family member has a secret, or not-so-secret, person they favor over others, mainly when it comes to certain situations. In this instance, you are as likely as not to know who you’d share your lottery winnings with if you won a large amount of money. If you know who this person is, then everyone else in the family could probably guess who it is too. This family member could be someone who has a similar personality to you, or maybe you trust him/her more than everyone else.

9. Which parent do I go to when I need help (car trouble, homework problems, etc.)?

Ten to one, the parent you go to when you need help is the parent you favor. This means you might trust this person more than the other parent. While you might love your mother to death, your dad might be a more understanding individual. Despite the fact that you may or may not say whether it’s one or the other, both of your parents can perhaps answer this one with ease.

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10. What scared me most when I was a kid?

This could be one of the easiest questions to answer. This is because when you were afraid of monsters in the closet, the boogeyman, or just scared of the dark, your mom, dad or both must have come running to your bedside. As this was something they also had to worry about, they both probably remember what mythical beast or other imaginative figure frightened you out of your wits.

Whether your dad gets every question right or not doesn’t have to matter too much. After all, he’s only human and probably won’t remember everything about you there is to know. So if he isn’t perfect, try not to hold it against him. Instead, maintain a positive mindset. At the same time, if it bothers you that he doesn’t know you well enough, it can be helpful to remind him that you want him to remember the details of your life more often.


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