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Question Game with Dad Part 2

If you’ve ever wondered about what kind of person your father was as a child or just wanted to get to know him better in general, maybe you should try asking him some questions. At first, you might feel shy or uncomfortable approaching him, but he may feel differently. After all, men often enjoy talking about themselves and most dads would probably love the attention. Besides this, you might think you know everything there is to know about him, but this is highly unlikely, especially since you didn’t know him when he was younger.

(This is Part 2 of the two-part question game with dad series. See here for Part 1: questions to ask dad about you)

Get to Know You Dad Better with These 10 Questions for  Dad

Here’s a list of 10 questions to ask your dad to get to know him better:

1. What did you lack as a kid that you’d like to give your own kids?

Plenty of parents have a tendency to talk about what they lacked as a child. For instance, you might have overheard your father tell someone else that he didn’t have any toys as a young boy and this is why he resolved to give you these types of gifts. On the other hand, this might not have happened to you and this could give you a reason to ask.

question for dad childhood

2. What jobs did you have growing up?

In case you haven’t noticed, fathers usually love to talk about their jobs. Not only can this give him an ego boost, but it can make him feel useful. Plus, asking him this question can give him a chance to relive some experiences that helped him mature into the person he is today. To illustrate, if he edited newspapers in his younger years, this might explain his fondness for writing. Or he might have designed and sold t-shirts in his youth, and this is what helped him know he wanted to open his own graphic design business when he got older.

3. Who was your best friend in middle school?

Understanding the type of best friend he had in middle or elementary school can help you gain insight into his childhood. For one, if he had a friend who he calls clever, maybe they enjoyed playing pranks on people. Or he might have had a nerdy best friend, which might cause you to wonder if your dad’s more intelligent than you think.

4. What was your biggest childhood dream?

Knowing what his hopes and dreams were as a child could be of interest to you. For example, maybe he wanted to be a superhero, or he could have been more realistic and dreamed of becoming a firefighter. And if he wished to become a superhero or had another highly imaginative dream, this can tell you that he was extremely idealistic. Moreover, you can consider how your childhood dream compares to his.

question to ask dad childhood dream

5. What experiences would you like to have in the future?

While you might think your father has experienced almost everything he’s ever wanted to experience, you could be wrong about this. Of course, he may have goals you don’t know about. Maybe he yearns to master oil painting techniques or would like to take classes to learn a foreign language. Alternatively, he could desire to purchase a boat when he retires.

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6. What were you like in high school and how would your classmates describe you?

Despite who he is now, your father may have been a completely different person in high school. Moreover, his classmates might have perceived him as someone other than who he was at the time. They could have misjudged him and thought he was a bad boy when in reality they might not have known him very well.

7. How did you and mom first meet and was it love at first sight?

Since the beginning of every love story can be exciting, you might like to know how your parents met. If your dad says it wasn’t love at first sight, all sorts of questions might pop into your head. You might wonder whether they ever belonged together in the first place, or you could begin to think about if love at first sight even exists.

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8. Who in your childhood helped shape you into the person you are now?

Everyone has someone in their lives who helped them become who they currently are, even if this person or people only affected them indirectly. This could be your dad’s own father, a teacher he admires to this day or someone else who had a significant impact on his life. Additionally, people who could have inspired and had an indirect impact on him include a celebrity he’s always looked up to, an activist or another person.

9. What are your favorite things about being a father?

Being a parent can be complicated, especially since there are high and low times. Although he may not express his feelings too often, your dad likely has one or more things he thoroughly enjoys about being a father. He could appreciate working hard for his family, or he might be proud of the kinds of children he raised.

10. What movies and books did you love when you were a kid?

Since he’s a dad, you might never have thought he’d ever do similar activities to you. But the truth is he was once a kid too and, in all likelihood, had his own favorite books and movies. After he answers your question, you might want to watch a movie he loved or read one of his beloved books. This can give you an opportunity to understand how he thinks and compare your favorites to his.

interesting question for dad

One thing with dads is they can be storytellers. Indeed, it’s important to be aware of this as he answers your questions. But even if he does have a penchant for avoiding the truth, this can also tell you about the type of person he is. On the bright side, you might like him more after you learn to accept him for who he truly is.


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