In part one of the question game with mom series, we shared with you some questions to ask mom about you as her son / daughter. In part two, you’ll find a list of question to ask your mother about her instead. These questions are a great way to kill some time and they will help you to learn more about your mom.

ask mom these questions to get to know mom betterYour mother is the only person who can honestly say she has known you your whole life. She knows many of your secrets and idiosyncrasies. Your mom can recognize your laugh from across the room and usually is the person who knows how to comfort you when no one else can.

The lifelong mother-child bond is very strong for many. It is built on years of memories, laughs, heartaches, victories, and tears. However, you were not part of her story in her childhood and pre-motherhood years. Also, moms always want to be a strong, steady, safe place for their kids, so you are likely shielded from your mom’s vulnerabilities.

❓ Question Game with Mom Part 2 ❓ Get to Know Your Mom Better By Asking Mom These Questions

Here is a list of pointed questions to ask your mom to help give a glimpse into the parts of her story that may be a mystery to you.

1. What is one of your greatest fears?

This immediately opens a conversation that requires vulnerability. It may be difficult for her to answer because it is allowing you access to a part of her you may have never seen before. The answer to this may explain some choices she has made that you previously did not understand. Opening with this question may start to break down barriers and allow her to feel more open and comfortable in a very personal conversation.

2. What is a fond memory of your childhood that can still make you smile when you think of it now?

question about mom's childhood

This will be like taking a trip back in time for your mom. Hearing this story will hopefully introduce you to special people and places in your mom’s past. It can open the door to strolling down memory lane through photo albums and fill in the blanks in those early chapters of your mom’s story that you don’t fully know.

3. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?

Mothers want their kids to see them as close to perfect as possible. By asking this, you are in a sense saying to your mom “I know you have flaws, faults, and doubts and it’s OK.” You are giving her permission to take off her superhero cape. Knowing the answer may give you an opportunity to support your mom in working toward self-improvement. It is a good way to grow and strengthen your relationship.

4. Who is a historical figure that you admire?

Is the person she lists adventurous, an intellectual, a fighter for social justice? It is likely some of the characteristics this person has/had are traits she would like to have herself. Also, having a better understanding of qualities she finds commendable in others may illuminate why she chooses the people who are her closest friends.

5. What is one thing that has happened in your life that has been a surprise?

Most people have a “life plan” in their late teens and early twenties and, inevitably, it doesn’t pan out that way. Learning what unexpected twist or turn has been part of your mom’s journey can really show her flexibility and her resilience. Also, moms enjoy imparting wisdom to their children, and this is an opportunity for your mom to share what life lessons she has learned when she encountered the unexpected.

6. What do you think changed the most when you became a mother?

question about motherhood

Maybe your mom changed her career path, made financial sacrifices, or quit smoking when she learned she would soon be a mother. Perhaps her whole outlook on life changed. Knowing what she chose to change, shows you just the level of sacrifice your mom made for you even in your earliest days of life.

7. What is your most embarrassing moment?

This is a great chance for some good belly laughs. This question combines a bit of vulnerability with light-heartedness and keeps the conversation from becoming too heavy. So many times, we see our parents putting on their best faces in front of other parents, their bosses, their in-laws etc. Moments like this let you see mom in a rare, silly and natural moment usually not seen by children during their childhood.

8. What do you think is the most difficult decision you have ever made?

Many people have a very memorable and pivotal decision in their lives that changed the course of their personal history. What the decision was and how she arrived at the eventual choice she made can be eye-opening. While listening to your mom explain this answer, you may learn how she deals with stress, disappointment, and self-doubt.

9. What is an accomplishment in life that you are proud of?

Moms are always bragging about their children and making sure they are in the spotlight. However, when it is their time to shine, it is probably a humble moment with little to no fanfare. Give your mom an audience. Give her a chance to shine and be in the spotlight, as she assuredly deserves.

10. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

where would mom travel to

People’s dream destinations are usually an indicator of what’s important to them. Would your mom want to go to the homeland of her ancestors to learn more about where she comes from? Is she adventurous and wants to zipline across the rainforest or go on an African safari? Her answer could surprise you because it’s more like your answer than expected. Conversely, it may surprise you because it tells you about an interest you never knew she had.

Question Game with Mom

Because she protects you and wants to be your safe place and strong tower, your mom has probably put up some walls or drawn distinct boundaries between the two of you over the years. It may be difficult for both of you to transition to a relationship where you are both open, vulnerable, and authentic. Hopefully, this list can be a jumpstart for tearing the walls down and deepening your connection with your mom.

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